Exactly one year ago, the first public beta of my Clash Royale Card Maker was released.

Happy Birthday, Card Maker! 🎉

Giorgio Garasto aka Dabolus' official app. Beware of imitations.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, these are the features you should expect from the CRCM 2.0

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Completely reworking the card maker. How would you prefer the new one? With the fields on the side of the card like the old one or directly on the card? Let me know in the comments

Clash Royale featured me again, thank you guys

Featured Fan Site: "Clash Royale Card Maker" - design your own cards!

Guys, right now I'm working on an awesome major update for the card maker, stay tuned!

Just updated the Card Maker! It features lots of bugfixes and improvements, as well as the possibility to change the website language!

Thanks to Supercell, my CoC Troop Creator has now a dedicated shortened url:
That's awesome

Welcome to Clash of Clans Troop Creator! With this simple online tool you will be able to create your own custom Clash of Clans troops!

Completed the awesome double elixir challenge 😀
And you? How far have you managed to go?

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And finally, I'm proud to present you my brand new creation, the Clash of Clans Troop Creator!
You can find it here:
Let me know if you like it and how can I improve it

Welcome to Clash of Clans Troop Creator! With this simple online tool you will be able to create your own custom Clash of Clans troops!

The button to upload the card directly to imgur has been temporarily removed because people abused it. 250k posts in a day are way to much.

Se siete italiani, allora non dovete assolutamente perdervi il video che DragonSteak ha fatto sul Card Maker!

Dabolus updated their cover photo.
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Guys, I'm telling it once and for all, I'm NOT part of the Supercell team, I WON'T add the cards you send me into the game! I'm just a Clash Royale fan like you that decided to make a funny website and Supercell liked my idea, that's all.

Hey guys, you may have noticed that the "Upload to imgur" button didn't work for a while. The problem was that imgur gives a limit of 12.5 thousand posts per day from a single website, but thanks to Supercell that featured my website, that limit has been LARGELY exceeded (there have been more than 30 thousand visitors yesterday). Anyway, I managed to fix it now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks a lot to Supercell for supporting me in this way, I love you guys

Featured Fan Site: Clash Royale Card Maker!

Design your own card

Hi guys!
I decided to make this page so that you can contact me more easily, so if you have any idea/suggestion/problem, please contact me.

Dabolus updated their profile picture.
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