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At Wednesday’s council meeting, Mayor Nicole LaChapelle said that councilors contacting department heads has been a problem in the past.

“It just takes them off task,” she said.

EASTHAMPTON — The city’s mayor this week instructed city councilors to direct questions meant for city employees through her office.Mayor Nicole LaChapelle said the directive is meant to allow employees to focus on their jobs. At Wednesday’s council...
Easthampton edges Hampshire
Snow for Sand: Outdoor Volleyball a New Year's Day Tradition
Encore! Hot Chocolate Run 2017
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Paul Dutra
· November 23, 2017
I cannot comprehend how this paper receives the awards they claim to receive. The advertisements must account for 80% of the footprint, articles written by Gazette writers are poorly composed, and gra...mmar, printing and editing are laughable. But the really fascinating part of this poor excuse of a business is they haven't yet mastered the truly simple part - actually delivering it to their customers! Sometimes we receive it 5:00AM, sometimes 7:30, many times not at all. In wet weather, instead of double packaging it in those cheap little bags, the paper is soaked and unreadable. One day it's in the driveway, the next down the street. When you call them for service, the standard response is, "we subcontract that service out, we don't even know who delivers your paper, but we'll call them and complain." Isn't that what YOUR "customer service" line is for???? They should win an award for the poorest run paper in New England, and THAT I would believe! See More
Mary Lou Conca
· January 26, 2018
The article on Shutesbury solar project reports incorrectly in allowing its readers to believe residents will benefit from power the arrary will generate. Shutesbury residents will not receive any ele...ctric power or any discounts to electric bills from this project. Matter of fact-the solar installation is being laid over Native American Burial Places and sacRed land. See More
Susannah Fields
· January 31, 2018
Sounds like the publisher of the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Mike Rifanburg, isn't interested in supporting 50% of his readership. This "girl" is calling him out...

"Jeffrey Good, executive editor of N...ewspapers of New England's Pioneer Valley Newspaper group, said he's been fired for advocating equal pay for women employees." See More
Erica Damon
· July 15, 2017
We're now on the 2nd week of not getting the full Saturday paper. Thanks DHG, always an excuse too. What about people who pay for ads in that section that doesn't get sent out? Will never be here ourselves. Not sure what the point of a subscription is when we have to go out and buy one anyway. See More
Dick Fish
· October 19, 2017
It's wonderful that we still have a local newspaper, and a high-quality one at that!
Kim Watts
· August 1, 2017
I think we are lucky to still have a local paper. Some thing special about the written word on paper.
Megan Kapinos
· April 20, 2016
I was very interested in a certain article and was having trouble finding it through my iPad. So I messaged the Gazette, within minutes I received a message back trying to help me locate it. After a f...ew messages back and forth I asked if it could just be emailed to me because I'm technologically challenged and just couldn't figure out how to find it. It was messaged to me through Facebook! Whomever was on the other end of the messaging, thank you, again!! ☺️☺️ See More
Shannon Synan
· November 13, 2017
Excellent community reporting. I appreciate their support of local sports and actvities
John Averill
· May 18, 2016
I've been a subscriber for 20+ years, and have been having trouble lately justifying continuing my subscription. The Quality of the reporting has gone downhill, people are frequently misquoted, biased... coverage, questionable content, etc.
I can usually finish the paper in five minutes every morning, with the Monday morning edition so thin I have trouble lining the birdcage.
Since you asked…
See More
Rhine Logan Merten
· November 6, 2016
By taking a stand for charter schools and against marijuana legalisation they have transformed me from apathy to active dislike. The stance of the paper is confoundingly illiberal and absent of any c...lear rationale. Just follow the economist and Only in Northampton. See More
Jay Ferrara
· July 14, 2015
Can't understand the Gazette's missed coverage the 2015 Baystate Games Baseball last week with 25 exciting players from around the area taking the Bronze medal while tying for best win/loss record in ...the tournament. See More
Micky Bedell
· June 5, 2015
A collection of dedicated journalists who work tirelessly every day to cover the communities they live in.
Brian Hale
· October 4, 2013
Super amazing publications! ...and the people who work there are really nice. They do award winning journalism!!!
Joe Palapino
· August 1, 2015
Excellent writing from a reliable source. The Daily Hampshire Gazette delivers news that has consistently served me well.
Demetrios Kanavaros
· March 10, 2014
Known to be a local rag, they do their level best to make provocative stories out of mundane local news.
Robina Lee Glaszcz
· November 10, 2014
Love the Gazette, living in Virgin Islands for 20 yrs. and miss my home, KEEP doing a great job..
Neil Brick
· June 23, 2015
Great Newspaper

“We’re very happy to be in this country because we know it’s a country that has rights, that has equality and dignity,” Mateso Kagenyekero said.

NORTHAMPTON — Mateso Kagenyekero didn’t want to stay in a country where wars happened at every moment. He wanted a different life for his wife Asani Furaha and their 5½-year-old son, Divin Mwami Heri.On Thursday, that life began when the family of...

The lawsuit names the commonwealth, Gov. Charlie Baker, Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, Attorney General Maura Healey, Massachusetts State Police Superintendent Kerry Gilpin, seven district attorneys and others as the defendants in the case.

Three individuals who had their convictions overturned due to the misconduct of former state chemist for the state lab in Jamaica Plain filed a class-action lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Boston on Friday.Stacy Foster, Jamie Kimball and Jonathan...

A kickoff meeting to provide more information about this effort, and at which people can begin renting plots in the garden, will be held at the elementary school beginning at 6 p.m. Monday.

HATFIELD — In some cities and towns, including Northampton, community gardens have proven so popular that there is a waiting list for people interested in using them to grow food.Beginning in May, a portion of a 4-acre site on Billings Way, near the...

Those Obama-era net neutrality rules were swept away in a December vote led by Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Republicans had argued the rules were too restrictive for the industry, while Democrats said they provided a vital consumer protection.

BOSTON — As rural communities in western Massachusetts struggle to complete the “last mile” to create municipal broadband service, the Federal Communications Commission has created uncertainty about the future of accessible and equitable internet...

Opinion: Columnist Clare Higgins accuses Republicans of making a deal with the devil, in the guise of Wayne LaPierre and the NRA.

There is coldness at the heart of the modern GOP.It’s dispassion that proposes eliminating fuel assistance, and sending poor people food in a box.It’s an amorality that gives a massive tax cut to the rich and then blames the resulting deficit on...

“We all deserve to learn medically accurate, age-appropriate, unbiased information about our bodies. Everyone deserves to know how their body functions,” said Ailish Doherty, a member of the Get Real Teen Council.

BOSTON — Around the country, young people are raising their voices for increased gun control in the wake of yet another mass shooting. In Massachusetts, many are using their midwinter break to make their voices heard on other issues.Inside the...

Editorial: It makes sense for everyone to specify their instructions ahead of a medical catastrophe

Many people are uncomfortable thinking about the consequences of a catastrophic accident or illness.Nevertheless, medical experts and religious advisers say it makes sense for all adults to have what is known in Massachusetts as a health care proxy....

In their first spring activity since entering into hibernation garter snakes gather just outside the entrances to certain underground cavities for a competitive and chaotic mating frenzy.

In nature there are many signs that spring is approaching. Beautiful sights (such as blossoming wildflowers) and sounds (like the increasing variety of bird songs) fill us with happy anticipation of the warmer weather and longer days to come.But...

When he arrived at the scene, Police Sgt. Michael Pollender was approached by Armando Olivares, 24, who told Pollender that he had been shot, according to court documents.

BELCHERTOWN — A Springfield man was arraigned in Eastern Hampshire District Court on Thursday in connection with a Feb. 4 non-fatal shooting at Anthony’s club in South Hadley.Omega Walker, 21, pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder, assault...

Opinion: Columnist Susan Wozniak explains how creating a will reveals the rough patches and the empty spaces in your own life.

The baby boomers, who appeared on the scene after the Second World War, are now standing at the door of old age.Aging means more than thickened waists, graying hair and joint problems. It means no longer looking for work and, perhaps, empty nests, but...

Northampton City Councilor William Dwight said Kocot was effective in transmitting the progressive ideals of Northampton into legislation, and was also successful in advocating for the city’s needs.

“He will be dearly, dearly missed,” he said.

NORTHAMPTON — State Rep. Peter V. Kocot, a longtime Northampton Democrat who has served as the 1st Hampshire District’s representative since 2002, died Thursday. He was 61 years old.“He was a good man, he was a good state rep,” said William Nagle,...

Editorial: We applaud Ken Johnston for his passion and energy, and wish him well on his mission to promote civil rights.

When Ken Johnston has a mission to accomplish, he gets on his feet and starts walking.Last summer, Johnston wanted to get an up-close look at Massachusetts and its residents, so he spent weekends walking almost 300 miles across the state.Starting...

Writes Carl Vigeland about the co-working space AmherstWorks: “Surrounded as I was by a diversity of professionals who included a Bitcoin software expert, an investment entrepreneur, and several other writers, I felt in the act of my own writing that I was not alone.”

‘What’s with the old bank in the center of town? What do people actually do in there?”Around Amherst these days, you often hear some form of these twin questions. I was asking them myself one afternoon early last spring as I sat outside Amherst...

“After four years we asked ourselves, ‘Might our future include children? Might it include aging parents? Might it include subletting?’ Regardless of the answer, we realized we needed more space.”

“We live in the Bermuda triangle of coffee,” says Tess Poe, of the Masonic Street perch she shares with her husband, Carson Poe. Seven years ago when the couple moved to Northampton from Cambridge, they bought a 750 square foot condo, steps from the...