What a fun weekend with all my new little friends. Couldn't be better weather!

Dec 2, 2017 - Dec 3, 2017Barrie, ON, Canada

Christmas parties are starting to book in.

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Gearing up for Christmas parties.

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Do you paint? folk art? on wood? are you crafty? Well we are hiring again....
PM for details
Must be an adult, working with children & criminal references an asset

Doing a fundraiser hot outside ....but the kids are smiling and so are we. We love spring and summer outside fairs.
Saturday May 28th 2016

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Christmas 2015 doing this!

Old photo's dating all the way back to 1991. Crazy how much Daisy grew over the years...same heart different wig!


The ALL inclusive party
Includes - 1 fun filled craft -good for boys and girls- full face painting or cheek painting, PLUS animal balloons, goody bags, Tattoo's

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(print this page out for easy reference
while planning your party)

Outdoor Parties
Have alternate indoor plans in case of rain or extreme heat [33°C (85°F) and up]. If your party is outside please provide a shady area. If you cannot provide a shady area or it is raining, move your party into a basement or air-conditioned room. Please keep in mind Daisy the Clown is in 3 layers of costume. Imagine wearing your winter jacket in 35°C!!!


Number of Guests
If you don't want 20 children at your party, don't invite 20 children and expect only 10 to show up. There is an increase in price if more than 15 guests arrive at your party.

Recruit Some Help
Do not leave children unattended!!! Daisy the Clown is not a baby-sitter. Yet Daisy can handle the children with no problem for short time slots. Grandmas, Grandpas, aunts, uncles, parents of the guests, children 16 yrs.+ and zoo keepers can usually help in these matters. However, please try to keep adult noise/conversations down to a dull roar.

Party Area
You will need an area big enough to enable your guests to sit in a circle on the floor or ground. Please pick up and/or remove toys & opened presents from the party area. Move breakables out of reach. When playing games we will need an area cleared of tables, chairs, small area rugs & doggie doo-doo (if your party is outside) to avoid accidents.

Food & Candy
Keep food or drinks in open containers away from the area you have designed for Daisy the Clown, as food is less abusive on your carpets. Food should be eaten while sitting and under supervision. Serving food like this will also lessen the threat of a child choking at your party. Children who need something to drink or eat will have to do so away from the games or show. Your guests will most likely be hungry or thirsty after Daisy is finnished.

Party Bags
If you are supplying goodie bags or blow horns, hand them out at the end of your party. In doing so, tiny treasures will not get lost or broken & more importantly you won't go prematurely deaf!

Taking Pictures
Take any group photo's at the beginning of your party or as Daisy arrives. Children are more likely to sit still for a picture at the beginning of the party.

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