We now know, with certainty, that fire is not necessarily our worst enemy on the fireground. Its by-products are! Whether you’re a career, volunteer or paid-on-call firefighter, means that you can no longer approach what you do as a casual job or hobby.
In this, our 51st episode of “5-Alarm Task Force,” Chief Anthony Correia joins us to discuss the specific physiological and mental stressors of fighting fire. His explanation begins with your visceral and mental response to a ...dispatch, through your actions and your body’s physiological responses on the fireground and what occurs when you think you’ve finished.
Chief Correia paints for you with a “broad stroke of the brush” to cover some of today’s most important characteristics of firefighters, including your wellness, fitness, fitness-for-duty, your mental and emotional health and the Cancer Initiative.
Join us for this very important examination of what we face when we do the job we love to do! Tune in at http:/ or on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify!

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If I asked you what is the most important character trait for a firefighter, what would be your answer? Bravery? Strength? Stamina? They all sound imperative, right? Perhaps, but there is more to it than those. What could outrank those three aspects?
Our guest on this, our 50th episode, is Captain/Instructor Chris Baker. In this podcast, Chris explains that it is your desire, no, hunger to learn, that will dictate the type of firefighter you are or will be. And mind you, t...his has nothing necessarily to do with climbing rank.
Chris' resume demonstrates that he "practices what he preaches." Moreover, he teaches it, as well. So join us as Instructor Baker, discusses education in the fire service, mentoring and what he sees for the future firefighter.
Tune in our our website at, or you can find us on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify!
Enjoy and we'd love to hear from you!

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