OK...Here is the video! Enjoy!

1,489 likes this is amazing. Look for some Dance Walking events for the fall and winter months. Those who are running events please post and send private message. An event will be created here for people to join!

Wow over 1,000 likes...AMAZING.Now get outside and show us your snow dancing!

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Post your winter snow storm "Hercules" Dance Walking pictures!

Time to Dance Walk away all the holiday pounds.

Still waiting on all those fall dance walking pictures.

Such beautiful weather this September in NYC. Get out and dance walk people! Post your fall Dance Walking pictures here!

Ben is crazy, enjoy!

Your Tuesday afternoon dance party...Enjoy!
A lot of the right exercises for your body can become wrong if you don't know how to turn on the right muscle group or perform them correctly.

Thinking of holding a NYCD Winterfest December 26-30, 2013 in New York City. Anyone interested?

New York City Dance created a poll.

Thinking of holding a NYCD Winterfest December 26-30, 2013 in New York City. Anyone interested?

OK Dance Walkers I have 13 people that liked the post about being volunteers. I will set a date in the next 2 weeks for us to meet and go over strategies. Looking forward to this team building!!!!! I feel T-shirts are also needed!

Dance Walkers I need your help. We currently have 856 friends and this is unbelievable! I would like to set up some dance walking sessions for the next 3-6months but I cannot do it alone. Please like this post if you are interested in volunteering with Dance Walking NYC to be group leaders. More info to come. Also comment if you would like. I love to hear from all of you!

Ok Dance Walkers we will be dancing down the streets of NYC in June. Stay tuned for dates and times!

Ok Dance Walkers, we need to set our spring dance walking event. Have been procrastinating. Any thoughts?

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When should the first NYC Spring Dance Walking event take place?

Boston our thoughts and prayers are with you. Be safe.

Stay tuned for the first NYC spring dance walking event!