I've just had an upgrade. Not looking to shabby. Happy release day to Ashley Whitman and Jacob Sanders - always knew there was a reason Ashley painted Jacob as the bad guy

Watching the Sox game - teaching Rochelle the finer points to the game. All she wants is ice cream.


Really the Kings have 6 goals! Bad enough the Bruins lost but now the Ducks. Maybe I should follow Australian rules football like Rochelle says I should.

Very true!

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What can I say. I'm not going to do a Tom Cruise and jump on the couch - I've got too much class for that. But I'm very, very happy

Somebody posted this to my page - I've no idea what they're talking about

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There is way too many couples here in Emerald Springs! And one couple which, well I can't say. I don't understand it. My baby brother Chad seems to be bitten by the love bug. What the hell! No way is that happening to me.

It is way to early to be awake on a Saturday morning. Might go for a run. Got a lot to do, preparing a presentation for Dad to show him it's time to expand the resort.

Couple of good games on the TV tonight. What to watch. Baseball or Basketball? Guess I could watch both. Baseball's on at the moment. Sox or Rangers? Who should I go for?

So Chad's book is out. Have you got your copy yet? All these people falling in love around me is driving me insane. I think I need to get away from it all. Somewhere far, far, far away.

It's Friday night and I'm sitting in my office dealing with marketing things. Great time for my marketing manager to up and leave on me.

It's been a busy couple of days. Things happening at the resort that I'm not happy about.

Who forgot to change their clocks? I didn't but man the day seems to be slipping by quickly. That lost hour!

I've spent the morning working out and now I'm about to head to the office to do a couple hours paperwork.

It's Friday people! What's the plan for the evening? I'm going to finish up paperwork and then head to Chad Whitman's diner for a bite to eat and to see if I can lure him to let his manager close up and we go back to my place for some beer and watching the game on TV tonight.

It's a beautiful day in Emerald Springs. I think I might take a walk. Go sit by the lake - I need to do some thinking.

Working on expansion plans for the resort. Hoping to get a new crowd of people to the resort. Feels good and I can't wait to share it with my dad. But not until it's ready.