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Jessica Mildwurm
· February 5, 2016
My daughter and I just attended another wonderful Preschool Series performance at the Village Theater. We look forward to the great children's performers each month. I really like how the children are... allowed to be toddlers. It's okay for them to make noise, wiggle, and stand at the base of the stage. Because of that freedom, everyone enjoys the show! I highly suggest it as a fantastic way to spend a morning- and for $5 a person, it can't be beat! Thank you Village Theater staff! See More
Chris Hopkins
· December 5, 2016
Steve Simpkins Challenge
Let’s help Steve Simpkins and help disabled children at the same time. On November 4th, 2014, Somone was apparently “Riding a Unicycle on the Highway (680)” in Danville, CA. ... Chris Hopkins “The Unicycle Guy,” was arrested and accused of this crime. Steve Simpkins refuses to say where this happened, who witnessed it, or if it actually took place at all! I Chris Hopkins, will pay $150,000 to any witness that can prove this claim on the arrest report ever took place at all. This was revenge from the Danville police, who attempted to steal Chris Hopkins wallet for almost three months. Chris Hopkins secretly recorded the Danville police lying and stealing a few weeks before and they were BUSTED on a hidden video. Chris Hopkins was arrested for the Danville, CA police special “DUI.” They claim Chris Hopkins was “DUI on a unicycle.” Chris Hopkins was in Danville PD Police station again, trying to retrieve his wallet… The video of that hidden camera will be out on December 6th or 7th again. Chris Hopkins, Chris Hopkins Seminars. See More
Rob Cunningham
· June 1, 2014
Got to love Danville, great restaurants, nice people and the closest thing to a generation gone by small town, in a very busy modern Bay Area.

Today we stopped at Costco and purchased several items... including Gift Cards for a local restaurant. When we arrived at home, we realized the gift cards had fallen out of my pocket. (Probably when I pulled the receipt out to place it in the center console of the car). We went back to Costco and sure enough someone had turned them in to the lost and found!

Thank you to whoever found them! May good karma come your way...
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Shirley Rubick Freeman
October 28, 2012
Just have to comment on the recent Arts and Crafts event...along with my friends who came along with me, we were rather disappointed.....too commercial, and too pricey, too much of the same sure these were local??? arts and crafts ....and if I never see another glass blown pumpkin, I will not be disappointed. Hope next year sees an improvement, because the walk through town and visiting the merchants was the best part.! See More
Doreen Premila Rajamoney
· November 15, 2016
The best of the best! Just love the simplicity of the scenes and experience.
Liz Ferris
· May 7, 2017
Its Awesome. Its my home town.I love it. The people are great. Everything you want is there except the ocean and the ocean isn't that far away.
Carol Grant Franco
· October 13, 2015
Fun place to live, shop & eat... I love The Charming "Old" Downtown Danville !!! & I've really enjoyed having my business here for 15 years !!! ( TERREAUX Decadent Decor )
Shawn Ritner
· April 11, 2017
Employee at Danville Wine and Liquor we have a wide range of fine wine and deliver to only Diablo after hours. - (Diablo Night life.)
Michael Magee
· June 13, 2017
Got a new telephone and i keep getting callsl from danville ca (925 854 6800) , so one day i answered the phone and the guy asked me where i lived, if i own my house or rent etc, i told him nothing. I... did ask him if he was a pervert or a child molester, he did not answer so i will take that as a yes. See More
Tara Samuels
· May 26, 2017
Safe haven for school bullies, apparently. I am horrified.
Toni Hatamiya
· November 24, 2016
Love living in such a caring and close community.
James Busch Sr
· March 22, 2017
Geat People in the Planning /Permits Center, Always Enjoy People, all very friendly
Phen Waitforit Schlett
· June 24, 2014
We should have a pep rally before the USA game thursday morning!!!
David Doubet
September 7, 2013
If you are hearing buzzing in your ears; It is the Atheist/ tellapaths/ Neo-NAZIs driving over speed bumps or potholes. Text message cops' fax number.
Roberto Abendan
· October 10, 2016
Great Place Great People...
Design workshop for possible Danville Skate Park. Veterans Memorial Building.
MCE Clean Energy Info Session - Danville/San Ramon joint session to inform the community about MCE. #livelocallydanville #mce
SRVHS Choir at the Lighting of the Old Oak Tree.

Let's #flashbackfriday to two weeks ago. Lots of fun was had at our May the 4th Be With You event! #danvillelightside #danvilledarkside #jeditraining #familyfun

Do some stretching exercises before tonight’s show, we don’t want anyone pulling a muscle from laughing! 😀 @lizgrantcomic is bringing the funny to the #villagetheatreartgallery tonight with Comedy with Liz Grant & friends! Dinner downtown and then an evening of comedy. #heaven #ticklethefunnybone #comedy #lizgrant #vtag #livelocallydanville @danvilleparksca @livelocallydanville

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