"Talus Studios are working on a little game of theirs called Dark Meridian, which, has made one of our staff say “this is everything I’ve ever wanted in a game” after watching the trailer."

-Chris Priestman, IG Magazine

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Dark Meridian is a unique fusion of RTS, FPS, and RPG that brings together action and strategy in an all-out battle for supremacy.

Game Breaker Televison Segment On Dark Meridian:

Talus Studios Brings Dark Meridian To Kickstarter

Dark Meridian Trailer:

Dark Meridian is an exciting new fusion of RTS, RPG, and 3rd person shooter. It gives you a persistent RPG-like character with attributes, skill trees, and e...

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An exciting, innovative new pc video game from Talus Studios combining real time strategy, first person shooter, and role playing game elements.