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May 1940: Shot down and desperate to evade capture, Harry, an RAF pilot teams up with Solange, a French nurse, to rescue two wounded comrades and take them to the Allied evacuation at Dunkirk. Roads crowded with refugees, fleeing soldiers, enemy action, and mechanical problems delay their harrowing journey. Will they be able to make... it to safety, or will the enemy triumph?

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Thanks everyone for the fantastic reviews coming in!

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Jess McArthur
· August 25, 2017
good read! my husband hates reading but he is reading this book and loves it


A huge thank you to the 450 plus readers who have read and enjoyed, #DashforDunkirk! This achievement couldn't of been possible without you!

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Only 3 days at $0.99 before the price goes up! Amazon:

Not every solider made it back... This highlights the lesser known story about what happened to those who were never rescued.

Allied POWs faced five years of brutal captivity, forced marches and executions

Just got in the first batch of the paperbacks! They look brilliant. Much of the credit goes to Sarah Orr.

#dunkirk #dashfordunkirk

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Dash for Dunkirk is feeling lucky.

What a lovely custom briefcase my co workers gave me to celebrate the launch. Many thanks to everyone who had a hand in crafting this special gift.

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HUGE thank you to everyone who's gotten their copy so far! Been getting some fantastic feedback and reviews! If you haven't got one yet, you can grab yours from Amazon here ➡️

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Early reviews coming in!

This effort by Denis Caron is a fine piece of work. Denis has us follow Flying Officer Harry Fitzpatrick of Belfast, from the mission that should get him home, to his harrowing shootdown and escape thorough German-held France. He finds his squadron mates shot up and stuck in a chateau. With the help...

I know a lot of people are wanting a paperback version of the book. At this time its only available through the US Amazon. You can still purchase it through the .com site!. I'm being told it'll be ready to order through the Canadian site 'within' the next 30 days!

Since today is my birthday, why not break out a copy of my favourite book.

Available on Amazon in 5 days!

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Here it is! The book description and cover are finalized. #dunkirk #dashfordunkirk

No man is an island… and no man is left behind.

May 1940: Royal Air Force pilot Harry Fitzgerald is one of millions of heroic Allied troops fighting against Nazi Germany. In the pitched heat of battle over the skies of Northern France, Fitzgerald is shot down by an enemy plane and captured. Miraculously, he escapes certain death but must make his way back to the Allied evacuation at Dunkirk to ...get back home.

However, Fitzgerald is in the middle of a warzone. At a chateau turned hospital, he encounters two of his wounded comrades. Too sick to reach Dunkirk by themselves, they helplessly lie in wait as the German army advances. Fitzgerald knows he must save them, and with the assistance of the French nurse Solange, the refugees attempt to reach Dunkirk-before the Nazis can reach them. It’s a life-or-death mission through dangerous territory where nothing is guaranteed.

In Dash for Dunkirk, authors Denis Caron and Fran Connor explore a world where loyalty and bravery face off against an unforgiving enemy. Bound together by duty and honor, war heroes push themselves to the limit through refugee-crowded streets, mechanical setbacks, and enemy attacks. Will they reach safe harbor, or will the ultimate evil finally prevail?

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Dash for Dunkirk was drinking coffee.
July 4, 2017

Final edit stage. 17 days until launch day! #dunkirk #dashfordunkirk

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