Capitalists protect themselves with tactics such as copyright laws that don’t “allow people to fix their own equipment or take them to independent repairers.” ...
I think the man interviewed in this piece has a good point: by repairing your items instead of buying new ones, you are engaging in a political act. What do you think?

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When fixing items is actively discouraged by manufacturers, recycling becomes a political act, say Repair Cafe volunteers
Jobs are precarious, health-care costs are skyrocketing, and wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living—no wonder young people are organizing.
Subject: Call for Workers' Cooperatives legislation
A study by Rutgers University found that worker-owned co-ops are 4% more productive and 14% more profitable on average than equivalent traditional corporations. They have fewer layoffs in downturns and address workers' rights better as well as being more responsive to the community. Such bills have been passed recently in 5 states with the latest being H6155 in Rhode Island, and supportive legislation was submitted in 2017 to the U.S. House and Senate. It's time to advance democracy at work.
That's why I created a petition to The Oregon ...

"Walmart is not permanently investing the estimated $2 billion it will receive annually from Trump’s tax giveaway to its workers — it is keeping almost all of it.”

The retailer is the latest company to give a least some of the credit for new worker benefits to the recently passed tax plan.|By Todd C. Frankel

More states considering legislation that favors worker ownership is nothing but a good sign.

With 60 percent of businesses owned by baby boomers, job losses associated with the generational transition are expected to increase. Employee-ownership is the natural solution to this “Silver Tsunami” of retiring boomers.

A society as rich as ours that permits 41 million of its own citizens to live in poverty needs, beyond any doubt, a radical change.

The UN’s Philip Alston is an expert on deprivation – and he wants to know why 41m Americans are living in poverty. The Guardian joined him on a special two-week mission into the dark heart of the world’s richest nation

The video of prof. Richard D. Wolff's event from last night is now live!

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Britons were warned they are on course for the longest fall in living standards since records began 60 years ago after the U.K.’s fiscal watchdog took the ax to its outlook for economic growth.

And he's doing it very well indeed.

Author Naomi Klein argues Donald Trump's rise is not an aberration, but a cultural shift that's made a "megabrand president" possible.

Check out this report from our group down in Puerto Rico. Wonderful analysis. Solidarity with PR after the horrific hurricanes that have left the island devastated and without power.

An alternative to depending on state or federal help is membership in a Shelter Cooperative

Happy to be featured in this Fast Company piece today on our movement for economic democracy.

One of America’s foremost Marxist economists has never felt so optimistic in his 50-year career. - Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell is reporting to jail at 4 p.m. today in upstate New York after he was sentenced to a week beh...
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from David Ruccio Russia is back in the news again in the United States, with the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election as well as a growing set of links b…