Democratic Party of Virginia friends, I hope you can join me and others for a DPVA Tech Working Group on Saturday, June 17th in Richmond (in between Central and JJ). And feel free to share widely!

Be there!

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I'll say it for the 1001st time: keep your email lists clean!

As companies like Yahoo and Google clamp down on spammers, nonprofits are finding ways to ensure their messages reach people who really want to hear from them.

Part 3 of my series (leading up to the next DPVA meeting) examining how DPVA can be the best state party possible.

Even in such a less-than-perfect world, DPVA can still have a major part to play. DPVA can remain relevant by concentrating on what it's best at.

Part 2 of my series (leading up to the next DPVA meeting) examining how DPVA can be the best state party possible.

Let's talk about how we can recruit the best candidates to run locally and how we can foster and develop talent.

Because occasionally, when required, we must speak up.

Given repeated opportunities over the past few years, Mayor Dwight Jones has consistently refused to endorse marriage equality. LGBT Democrats of Virginia is extremely disappointed with the consideration of Mayor Jones for Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia. We oppose his nomination and call…

With the upcoming election for the new Democratic Party of Virginia Chair on March 15th, it is critical for VA Dems around the Commonwealth to have their voices heard.

Learn more about DPVA Forward.

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In which I embark on a multi-week (leading up to the March 15th meeting) in-depth examination of how we can make the Democratic Party of Virginia the best it can be. Part 1: Money.

Part 1 of my series (leading up to the next DPVA meeting) examining how DPVA can be the best state party possible.

This is what I've been saying for quite some time. If Democratic Party of Virginia doesn't make itself stronger and more able to competently execute on relevant goals, then it will find itself (and the smaller, weaker local committees) shut out entirely. This will in turn cause a further imbalance in statewide and local political control (i.e. Dems control statewides and Republicans dominate House of Delegates). We need strong, centralized leadership from the DNC and the state parties.

For many state parties, the party may soon be over. State party officials across the country say the explosion of money into super PACs, nonprofit groups and presidential campaigns has made fundraising more difficult. And some of those outside groups are starting to take over the traditional local r...

I wrote a thing on the blogs... about IRV. Read it.

Arlington Dems conducted a successful party nomination caucus yesterday using Instant-Runoff Voting (IRV). It should be used more.

With the news of Delegate Herring stepping down as DPVA Chair, I wish her the best. Here's some suggestions about what we can do to improve the party as we move forward into 2014.

VA Dems can once again be great. Here's how we can get there.

Bringing the OfA analytics machine to state races has to be a key tenet of the Democrats' tech platform moving forward.

You’ve heard the legend of the Democratic data machine: the vast apparatus constructed by dozens of analytics wizards in Chicago and funded by Barack Obama’s billion-dollar campaign that gave the president’s party a dominant edge in political intelligence last cycle. Now, heading i...

I want to give a special thanks to Jim Southworth For Democratic Party of Virginia, Vice Chair For Technology. Jim ran a great campaign, and we had a good exchange of ideas over the last month. I'm looking forward to working closely with him to incorporate many of his objectives into the Party's agenda. Thank you, Jim!

Thank you everyone for your help and your support. We did it!

Now it's in the hands of the voters!

Off to Richmond! Thanks to everyone for your help. I'll see you tonight at Steering or the YD reception, or tomorrow morning at Central!

#28 Dave. I've been doing these posts throughout the entire month of June, and now we're down to the final one. So I saved the most important one for last: me! If you truly want to improve DPVA technology and communications, then tell your friends on the Central Committee to vote for me tomorrow!