For those of us who use Zoom for online meetings - you'll notice a weird size for your recorded videos. Well here is a tool for you to adjust the aspect ratio to include the thumbnail that's added to the side of the screen on the video. Simply put in the original width and height and then add a new width - and the calculator will give you the proper height. Here's the link as well:

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Double Your Leads With Bread Crumbs
How To Get To The Top Of The Search Engine Result Page Like Magic

Did you know that I can nail the top of the search engine page and stay there for years.....and just suck up internet traffic for my home based business? Did you know that it's real simple and works for just about any type of business? Well tonight - January 25, 2018 - I'm going to share this strategy with some of my friends. And because you follow me here on my fan page - I include you as a friend. Now - there is only 100 seats available tonight....not the usual 4,000. the link and get registered quick. And.....make sure you arrive early too. Click here:

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I am hosting a free webinar on Thursday - January 25th. This is actually a kick off webinar that will be the starting point for an entire series of webinars to help you build your business - by harnessing the power of the internet. You can learn more about it right here:

Webinars listed on this page are for your convenience and will change week by week. So if you check out this page often you'll find webinars on new topics.

It's Not What You Know.....It's What You DO With What You Know

They say #KnowledgeIsPower but with in-action it's meaningless. And if you are a #WorkFromHome entrepreneur like myself - sometimes we have to really push ourselves to put into action - what we know.

I am actually amazed at the skills and attributes that so many people have - and never use to build their own business. They might work like a dog for someone else using those skills. But when it comes to building a... #HomeBasedBusiness for themselves - they sort of don't know where or how to begin.

Spend some time this weekend thinking about your skills. Think about your talents and write them down. Then start to think how you can take What You Know - and DO something with those skills.

You CAN build your own business. You CAN be successful. can DO IT starting today!

You can build your own business in something.

It may be in #AffiliateMarketing or maybe in #NetworkMarketing or #ReferralMarketing . Maybe #Blogging or #VideoMarketing . What ever your talents and skills are - take those skills and carve out a niche for yourself - and for your family.

Go forth and prosper.....and DO something!

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You Were Designed For Accomplishment, Engineered For Success, and Endowed With The Seeds Of Greatness! ZigZiglar

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If People Like You, They Will Listen To You, But If They Trust You, They Will Do Business With You. By Zig Ziglar - who constantly showed us how by being yourself, by being up front and honest - and by helping others achieve what they want - your success would increase as well.

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Merry Christmas to all our Friends and Family!!!

Merry Christmas from Dave and Carleen!

Hey Mom's - did you know that in this type of business - women traditional make MORE than men?

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In your Work At Home Business - you don't just win by filling out an application and joining an opportunity. You must plan, prepare and then Expect To Win!

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"Make As Much Money As You Can With The Least Amount Of Effort." Everyone does a small amount of work - and everyone benefits. The perfect business for the average person.

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Network Marketing is perhaps the most mis-understood business in the World. But when you come to Understand it - you can crack the code!

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Are you happy with your LifeStyle? A Full Time Life - LifeStyle - is a LifeStyle where you have a Full Time Life - instead of a Full Time Job.

This particular page is one of the pre-made website pages that we made for our Network Marketing Team. As soon as a person joins our team - we give them their own customized page. And once a person views all of the videos on the page - they are ready to start sponsoring using our System - and our Tools. ...And of course this is one of our Tools.

The concept is simple. Most people don't understand Network Marketing to begin with and when they are brand new - they wouldn't know how to answer the typical questions anyway.

So we created the page so that all they have to do is hand a friend or someone they meet - a Business Card. Then tell the person to visit their website.

That's it! Sponsoring made easy!

Then when a person see's the videos and comes to one of our webinars or private coaching sessions - we can show them our system and they in turn can see that they can actually succeed in building a business.

Anyway - check out my page and if you want to learn more about our system - I can show you how to easily implement it into your own team.

Or - if you are interested - I'll show you how we cracked the code with one company in particular.

So if you ever struggled to make money in this business - you have got to see this - because this is the answer for all of us.

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If you had Time Freedom……would you spend your time with your kids and your family? Would you take up a new hobby….or travel?

I have dreamt of having a system for brand new people who get started into Network Marketing - to take off and be able to sponsor people right away. AND - to be able to answer some of those questions that always come up. Well - I have the system and now I am in the middle of creating a website page for my entire team. ESPECIALLY the newbies. Here is just one video from that new site. What do ya think?