"No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks." -- James Allen

We need more than just one day for us to honor and celebrate all men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. We owe you so much! "

#GA07 #armedforces

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My best endorsement yet:
"My daddy will make a great congressman because he plays pretend make-up with me and we both love chicken nuggets. He is super silly and kind. Oh, and he knows everything." - Jacqueline

I hope she always thinks I know everything! My family has been amazingly supportive throughout this process. Anybody who has ever run for office knows that the whole family runs, too, in a sense. I'm so grateful and blessed.

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Last Friday was an emotional day for me and my family. My wife, MJ, became an American citizen. We went together as a family to watch her take the oath and get sworn in. Like so many naturalized citizens before her, the process is long and daunting. There were times we feared Trump would deport green card holders. We are relieved she has the full rights and privileges that citizenship affords. At the same time, I know that this is a dream that is too difficult and distant for too many. As your congressman, I will fight for DACA and the dreamers. I will fight for a path to citizenship for them. And I will fight to reform our archaic and broken immigration system. And I'll have one of our country's newest citizens fighting by my side! #ga07 #gapol #KimToWin #immigration
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