We decorated the store today at 7715 Tezel Rd in San Antonio.

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David's Garden Seeds Late Bloomer Wildflower Mix includes both annuals and perennials that will make your spring garden vibrant with color!

Easy to grow. Great selection of colors for late season. White Yarrow Cosmos Sensation Mix Snapdragon California Poppy Orange Cornflower Purple Coneflower Painted Daisy Larkspur Giant Imperial Mix Sweet William Shirley Poppy Sunflower Dwarf Sunspot New England Aster Godetia Gayfeather/Blazing Sta...

Beautiful orange beets but they are yellow inside! Your family will love Boldor Beets fresh from your garden this summer. Get the seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Beautiful, bright yellow flesh. Boldor has smooth, dark golden skin with a brilliant yellow interior. Seed has better germination and vigor than most golden beets. Keeps its color when cooked. Excellent, sweet flavor. Green leaves and petioles. David's Garden Seeds is a Veteran owned business tha...

These gorgeous glitter pastel elastic hair ties by TrendyTreasureTrove on Etsy are a great gift for any gal with long hair!

This listing is for our Glitter Princess Set of five elastic hair ties to hold your little girls ponytail in place. The hair tie colors include glittered turquoise, glittered hot pink, glittered magenta, glittered purple, and glittered royal blue. The glitter is clear. The ends of

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David loves to garden so he turned his hobby into a business, David's Garden Seeds And Products. Homegrown tastes better. No GMOs, no worry, just healthy food.

Do you ever wonder why your garden did not do well? Some plants hate each other. They won't grow well next to each other. David's Garden Seeds now has Companion Planting Seed Sets. They are on our website here:

This page tells how to buy companion planting seed sets from David's Garden Seeds.

There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.~ Mirabel Osler

David's Garden Seeds will be at the 29th Annual Earthwise Living Day in Leon Valley next Saturday, March 3, 2018, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Community Center on Evers Rd. Come by and say hi!

Welcome to David's Garden Seeds! Here you will learn about a wide variety of seeds and gardening tools and equipment to be a successful gardener.

Ruby Streaks Mustard Greens seeds by David's Garden Seeds grow sweet greens in spring gardens.

Excellent dark green and maroon leaf color. Ruby Streaks' leaves are finely serrated at baby size and mizuna-shaped at full size. The color ranges from dark green with red veins to dark maroon at either size, with the maroon color being darker in cooler weather. The flavor is sweet and slightly p...

David's Garden Seeds is run by David & Juanita Schulze. They have a small store in San Antonio at the front of the business. They love it when folks across the San Antonio area come in to say hi. Hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm. Located at 7715 Tezel Rd.

Get your children excited about gardening with Cosmic Purple Carrot seeds by David's Garden Seeds. They will be thrilled to plant and then grow awesomely cool purple carrots!

Smooth purple skin with yellow/orange flesh, Cosmic Purple Carrots offer a sweet flavor and dinner plate appeal. Tapered roots are best harvested at 7". David's Garden Seeds is a Veteran owned business that has been providing quality seeds since 2009.

Scarlet Flax by David's Garden Seeds blooms in mid season. Blue Flax blooms early.

A stunning diminutive wildflower, Scarlet Flax is a stunning addition to any wildflower garden. Unlike its blue cousins, Scarlet Flax tends to bloom in mid to late season. Plant them in tandem and enjoy flax throughout the season! David's Garden Seeds is a Veteran owned business that has been off...

Hot pink headband with light pink bow for baby girl! HandmadeByJuanita

Add cuteness to your baby girl with an adorable handmade stretchy elastic magenta ribbon headband embellished with a light pink bow. Your baby girl will look adorable! The headband is designed to fit ages three to twelve months. The headband is approximately 14.25 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. T...

Grow beautiful dark orange 6 to 8 inch long carrots this spring in your veggie garden with Danvers Carrot seeds by David's Garden Seeds. They are a cook's delight and are great with pot roasts, roast chicken, and make the perfect snack.

Market gardeners in Danvers, Massachusetts, developed this variety. The root is a rich, dark orange and 6-8" long. A first-class carrot for all soils. Organically grown heirloom seeds. David's Garden Seeds is a Veteran owned business that has been offering quality seeds since 2009.

Painted Daisies are colorful daisies to grow in your yard with seeds by David's Garden Seeds.

Painted daisies are not your average daisy! Painted Daisy Seeds produce 3 inch flowers in bright shades of yellow, red and white which have rings around the center in mahogany, orange, scarlet or rust. The unique Painted Daisies are sure to impress all who visit your garden or stroll through your...

Do you want to grow the sweetest cherry tomatoes you have ever tasted this spring? David's Garden Seeds has Sweetie Cherry Tomato Seeds right now! They are incredible and they will go fast.

Fabulous cherry-sized tomato, Sweetie Tomato is, well, sweet! So sweet, that its high sugar content can be used for juice or preserves without adding sugar. Perfect home garden variety, Sweeties are ideal for eating fresh in salads, relishes and canning. Continuous producer until the first frost....