We're working on fixing the server list. Stay tuned.

*Full Steam ahead*. With battleye dropping support for pre-steam arma2 servers, we've now focused full support on steam-only arma2. An update of DZC has been released to reflect that.


And.... Update 3 for Steam.

Update 2 for Steam released - should fix some of the issues you've been having.

Update 1 for Steam is finally here... enjoy, even if it's a bit late.

An update is coming soon to support the Steam patches for Arma2OA.

DayZ MOD 1.8.1 released on DZC !…

DayZ Mod 1.8.1 - posted in Mod Announcements & Info: USE THIS ARMA 2 OA BETA: 112555   The ideal place to post bugs is:   Please make sure they are listed to the DayZ project. Feature requests can also be made through this system.   Full D…
When is the next update on stable? 0.37 will be deployed to Stable during scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, 5 March 2014 GMT. Changelog will be distributed at that time. Bug Fixing progresses This week most of the team has been focusing on key bugs, and some of the team have started our first new…
A short 'n' sweet devblog with a little bit of what the team has been working on heading towards the next update to Experimental Branch. The development team...

"DayZ Epoch Panthera" now available directly on #DayZCommander

DayZ Battle Royale 0.9 released

Top 5 DayZ mods by number of active servers:
5. DayZ Namalsk (83)
4. DayZ Overwatch (221)
3. DayZ Origins (410)
2. DayZ Official Mod (1549)...
1. DayZ Epoch (3564)

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New Mod - "DayZ Escape" released on DayZCommander!

DayZ Standalone Alpha is now available on Steam - Congrats to rocket and the rest of the team.