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Amanda Strombom
· October 7, 2017
You're doing great work, but I'm disappointed that you're not telling women about something they can all do for themselves to lower their risk of developing breast cancer, and that is to eat more frui...ts and vegetables, which protect the DNA against toxic chemicals, and eat less animal products, in which the toxic chemicals accumulate to a much higher degree. See More
Cathy Sherman Ostrow
· August 14, 2017
My sister has recurrent metastatic TNBC stage iv. We did not carry BRACA I or II, not sure about PAB II what I do know is that we do have breast and ovarian cancer as part of a family history. Rese...archers are now looking at "genetic features that are linked to cancer, to compare the genomes of people with cancer to those without". This is positive movement since we have to walk before we can run. I have not walked in my sisters shoes, I have walked beside her the last 10 years both knowing that she was non-curative. Longitudinally, it seems that originally researches were chasing after pink ribbons not with those with metastatic disease, yet over the last 3 years a great deal of time and energy has been focused on metastatic disease. My desire is to see a period in time where people do not have to go through what my sister has gone through. She is the best mom, sister, soon to be grandma, friend, and nurse. She is a real hero on waging a positivity war on cancer, never letting it drag her down and always focusing on living her minutes. So, I disagree with others and see this as a positive move. I thank the researches for caring enough to work through this genomic puzzle. See More
Erin Lee Shane
· December 27, 2017
Shame on you for silencing experienced medical professionals attempting to ask questions and advocate on behalf of those of us actually DYING of breast cancer. #dyingforacure
Damita Freeman
· June 13, 2016
It's disgusting to me that you think that rather than fight to cure the only type of breast cancer that truly does kill, that you'd want us to curl up and die. I'm 34 years old. I have my entire life ...ahead of me and refuse to believe that I am selfish for wanting a cure and better research for a cure for me and so many of my friends. Cancer has taken my self esteem, my ability to have children, and a whole lot more. I'll be darned if I'm gonna let it take my life without a fight. You should be ashamed of yourselves. See More
Julie Franz
· June 11, 2016
30% of those diagnosed in 1970 and 1990 and 2010, like me,, will become metastatic and die of this, so there's been no progress at all in addressing breast cancer. You are happy to serve us up as guin...ea pigs for the development of new, early stage drugs, but you are not serving our needs. I have zero risk factors for breast cancer yet here I am. See me. Value me. Give a crap about me. And stop emailing me and snail mailing me asking for a donation. See More
Bethany Souther Zell
· June 10, 2016
The National Breast Cancer Coalition has paved the way in intelligent breast cancer advocacy. Not only do they develop and implement strategies for ending breast cancer once and for all, they equip t...he advocates needed to accomplish their ambitious and honorable goals. I am honored to be part of their courageous and innovative grassroots movement. Thank you NBCC for investing in me and for giving me a voice in Washington, DC on behalf of the people living with and dying of breast cancer in the state of Maine. See More
Kristi Stone
· May 2, 2016
When are you going to acknowledge us dying metastatic patients????? Why do we not matter to you?? I will become a statistic soon...another one dead of metastatic breast cancer. Until I die, you will c...ontinue to hear from me!!!!! I will never stop advocating for those of us who are dying. It's just too hard, right? That was what I read. We are too difficult for you to deal with. And when one of your mothers, sisters, friends, get it, and 30% of early stage breast cancer patients will end up this way, you might start to care. When soneone you love is dying. See More
Peggy Anderson
· September 14, 2017
The greatest organization in the United States. They train advocates. I have learned so much over the years! They are amazing!
Susanne Kraus-Dahlgren
· July 27, 2016
True facts are presented to her from SEER, and she ignores it. The people she champions holding space for, she treats them like garbage! And that's what she is, the Queen of Refuse! So bow down to her... if you want, bow to her!w to the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the Queen of Murder! For that is what she is doing! Murder most foul! Murdering us! On a level far more depraved and vile than even Ted Bundy ever achieved. At least he was involved in his work! The people she murders, she is bored with them. She doesn't even acknowledge them. They are her dinner entertainment, and she's playing PokemonGO and not even looking up as they die! Depraved indifference! Murderer!

Yes, Frances M. Visco is a murderer. As is anyone who stands with her, ignoring the NCI's own evidence that for years, decades, the de novo cases of metastatic breast cancer have been on a steady, undeterred rise among women far below screening and diagnostic ages, in their twenties and thirties. The daughters they want they save, in their own words, will reach those ages long before Artemis Project will be viable. And they are at risk. Will you be so smug then? So assured in your disregard, your depraved indifference? We do NOT scream for us. Many of us are aware that what might get discovered will likely come too late to help those of us here and now. But we DO care about those yet to come. We DO care about YOUR daughters MORE than you do.

And you are murderers.

And Kiki Mason, dear Kiki, said it in beautiful, glorious, fitting words that cut hard and deep to the brutal truth of a situation not unlike our own. As he once called out them, I and countless others see the parallels with you, and I call you out now.

"I am not dying: I am being murdered. Just as surely as if my body was being tossed into a gas chamber, I am being sold down the river by people within this community who claim to be helping people with AIDS. Hang your heads in shame while I point my finger at you.

'Activists' now negotiate with drug companies just as the Jewish councils in the Warsaw ghettos of World War II negotiated with the Nazis. 'Give us a few lives today,' they insist, 'and we'll trade you even more tomorrow.' AIDS careerists--both HIV-positive and HIV-negative--have exchanged their anger for an invitation to the White House. It is their megalomania and the illusion of power that buys the silence of these so-called community leaders. And where does that leave the rest of us? We're left fighting for our lives while a group of well-educated, affluent white 'homo-sexuals' sit on community boards and advisory councils while we're left to die on the streets."

So bow to her if you want. Bow to the queen deciding which lives matter... deciding not all lives do. Murderer.
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Gloria R. Wakefield
· June 10, 2016
The National Breast Cancer Coalition's Deadline2020 is changing the research status quo right now via the Artemis Project. The project developed a meaningful action plan & presented the plan to a grou...p of scientists & patient advocates who have accepted the Deadline2020 challenge. The plan includes two specific goals for scientists to work toward that are measurable for progress & accountability within the 2020 timeline. The first goal focuses on prevention & knowing once & for all if a vaccine will prevent any of the known types of breast cancer. NBCC’s focus on prevention is not for those of us who have already been diagnosed but for those who have yet to be diagnosed now & in future generations. The second goal relates to a specific element of metastasis, tumor dormancy. NBCC challenged scientists to better understand why tumors lie dormant for 20+ years & then reappear as a metastasis. This goal is for all of us who have already been diagnosed in all stages of diagnosis. Metastases can respond to drug therapies for many years only to experience a relapse. Early stage can become metastatic at anytime and as long as 25 years later. If scientists better understand why this happens, can they stop it from happening & prevent metastasis from ever occurring. This is the only true way to save lives. To accomplish these goals NBCC recognized that public policy is needed & wrote the Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act. The Act provides a Presidential Commission to identify the most promising research that’s happening NOW throughout our country & ensures that the best research is adequately funded & accountable. I am proud to support Deadline2020 and to be a part of an organization that has significantly improved women's lives for 25 years. See More
Nancy Greene
· June 11, 2016
The National Breast Cancer Coalition views breast cancer, not as a medical problem, but as a political one. That is why NBCC breast cancer advocates lobby for money for research from the biggest sour...ce of money, the federal government. A huge success for NBCC is the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program. Any DOD research, whether it's on autism, Parkinsons, epilepsy, Alzheimer's, prostate cancer, breast cancer, whatever, is allocated separately from the military budget.
At least one of the following "Overarching Challenges" must be met in the research--preventing breast cancer, identify what makes the breast susceptible to cancer, determine why some, but not all, women get breast cancer, distinguish aggressive breast cancer from indolent cancers, conquer the problems of over diagnosis and over treatment, identify what drives breast cancer growth and determine how to stop it, identify why some breast cancers become life-threatening metastases, determine why/how breast cancer cells lay dormant for years and then re-emergy (recurrence), revolutionize treatment regimens by replacing interventions that have life-threatening toxicities with ones that are safe and effective, and eliminate the mortality associated with metastatic breast cancer.
This effective research--never a duplication of other research and always "open" to inform other breast cancer researchers--done through DOD, is thanks to the NBCC lobbying.
NBCC is no nonsense; has nothing to do with pink; has no corporate sponsors; trains advocates to know what questions to ask and to understand some of the biology of breast cancer; alerts advocates when to contact their senators and representatives for their support; brings together scientists and other stakeholders to brainstorm ways to approach the problem of breast cancer.
Many advances in breast cancer knowledge have been made yet we at NBCC know we're doing our advocacy work for the next generation. We want "breast cancer" to be found ONLY in medical history books. I am proud to be doing my bit with NBCC along with women and men across the country who share the same goals.
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Joy Simha
· June 10, 2016
The National Breast Cancer Coalition is the organization for critical thinking smart advocates who want to make a difference for everyone affected by breast cancer. They taught me how to read the sci...ence, how to understand the data and how to evaluate evidence to best understand how we make a difference for everyone affected by breast cancer. I have been actively volunteering with them for almost 20 years. They are responsible for giving me the knowledge and information necessary to sit at decision making tables and help change the future for millions of people affected by breast cancer. Their mission is to end breast cancer and I believe they will be the organization to lead the way in this effort. I take great pride in all our achievements in the past 20 years both scientifically and legislatively. If not for NBCC, the cdc screening program would not have been expanded to be the screening and treatment program. The DOD BCRP would not have happened and continue to happen. Survivors would not be educated and given a seat at the table and so much more! Cheers to NBCC! May we go out of business by accomplishing our deadline soon. See More
Mark Anthony Baker
February 19, 2013
Positive thinking isnt enough you have to believe that you will beat Cancer! and you can, If you dont believe you can beat this at a subconscious level you wont as the subconscious always comes out on... top of conscious level talk, positive thinking is good, but positive belief is what is going to make you the ultimate victor over Cancer, even if there is no cure for what you have.
You don't need a cure you just need time and maybe not even that much time as medical science makes more ground on Cancer in 12 months than it did in 5 years now.
Feel free to message me and I will send you articles that will help you. Mark Baker
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Jodi Schmidt
· June 10, 2016
The NBCC wants metastatic patients to die - they have gone so far as to call those with Stage 4 selfish for wanting to live - explain to me how that is selfish?
Judi Hirshfield-Bartek
· June 11, 2016
The NBCC is a coalition of MANY breast cancer advocacy groups all working together towards one mission, ending breast cancer. The smart, educated and motivated members understand the challenges in t...he breast cancer world and are dedicated to all with breast cancer and to those that will be diagnosed. See More
Brandy Neumann Francisco
· June 10, 2016
Metastatic breast cancer patients are people who have family and lives that matter too and you need to acknowledge us and include us!
Sharon Anne
· October 17, 2014
Here is my contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Two years ago this month I began my fight to survive my breast cancer. Most people recognize the pretty pink ribbons as a sign of hope but do... we really know where all that money is going for research? My question for you is, why are they not researching all natural cures for cancer? The answer is simple, there is no money in it for the drug companies. I cured my breast cancer through juicing all natural veggies and fruit as well as detoxing. We don't eat healthy and then we wonder why we are sick. Then these drug companies rack up on their so treatments. It was at least 5,000.00 every time I went in for a chemo treatment that nearly killed me. Most of the time it was far more than that. Thank God I did my homework and learned about the Gerson Institute. Max Gerson came to the United States during the holocaust. He was a doctor who had discovered the cure for cancer through his practice as a doctor. He cured thousands before escaping with his family to the U.S. His cure was simple, a struck diet and detoxing to draw the toxins out. But the U.S. amazingly still to this day refuses to allow his all natural treatments to be allowed practiced in the U.S. The closest Gerson Institute is in New Mexico. They are embracing them all over the world but the U.S. Still to this day refuses his treatment to be practiced here. They have even banned his named to be mentioned by any doctor in our hospitals. This is the treatment that I used to cure not one tumor but three in one breast. When I couldn't take the toxic chemo drugs anymore I requested another mammogram to see if they were even stinking. After two months they had only stunk by 20%. At that point I canceled my treatment and requested my surgery to be scheduled. At that point I began the strict diet and juicing began. Only three weeks later I had both my breast removed. The pathology report showed I only had one pea size tumor. In that tiny pea size tumor they actually had to hunt to find two live cancer cells. I know in my heart the chemo would have killed me. We are so upset to think we may die that we give in to modern medicine practice and kill our body's with the drug company's poison. They feed on our fear. There is other options out there. They won't make the doctors in the US rich nor the drug company giants. They don't want us to know about the other all natural healthy options. Greed has taken over our country through the drug company's as well as through companies like Monsanto Co. and DuPont Co. who only care about their bottom line, NOT our health and well being. I say no to their GMO's and chemo poison and I survived! God gave us all we need to beat cancer. Go to you tube and watch the movie called the Gerson Miracle and judge for itself. After I watched it I started researching nutrition and felt like a fool that I never knew how much our body's health depends on how we feed it. Thank God we have the Internet and can research our options. Don't wait until ur sick like me to learn all you can about good nutrition. Start now so you never have to go through what myself and so many go through. You're life depends on you! Don't take my word for it, you will be glad you did! See More
John Bruce Lee
July 1, 2013
Please Support and Share this page.
Let's all chip in as much as we can.
The more informed we are the better everyone's chances are to not just survive this disease. Let's conquer this. Remember you... don't have to even smoke to get this. See More
Caroline A Gallagher
· May 2, 2016
What about the MBC community? Did you oops, forget about us? Shame on you if that is the case, or make amends and do the obvious right thing, include!!
Senators who have not yet co-sponsored the Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act, #S865, pay attention...
NBCC has set a deadline to end breast cancer...Are you with us?
With just one more week of #BreastCancerAwareness month, please consider making a donation to our crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub to support our work to bring a preventive breast cancer vaccine to clinical trials.

Calling all applicants! The Project LEAD Institute® application window is now open. The Project LEAD Institute® is a six-day intensive science course designed to train breast cancer advocates and empower them as activists. Apply here ->

The National Breast Cancer Coalition is an IRS 501(c)(4) organization that lobbies Congress and other decisionmakers for public policies that impact breast cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. NBCC's sister organization, the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, is an IRS 501(c)(3) organizatio...

We are so grateful to have you as a part of NBCC. We've created a movement & a network of empowered advocates, supporters, researchers, and educators, who are changing the #breastcancer status quo. Donate today to spread the love! #BCD2020 #LoveaCharity

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Charity Auction Spotlight: Enjoy dinner for 2 in the kitchen with wine pairings and a visit from chef, author, food activist, and the founder and owner of Chez Panisse, Alice Waters! Support NBCC and place a bid today:

Enjoy dinner for 2 in the kitchen with wine pairings and a visit from chef, author, food activist, and the founder and owner of Chez Panisse, Alice...

Check out this month's Call to Action Online and see what NBCC has been up to!

NBCC Countdown to 2020
National Breast Cancer Coalition updated their profile picture.
January 22
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Are you marching this weekend for the #WomensMarch2018? Take these #Deadline2020 signs with you! Stand with us to end breast cancer.

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Join Beyond Pink TEAM and the University of Northern Iowa for Ignite the Cancer Conversation: Book Club Edition - starting in February.

Over the course of three months, participants will read The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee. Participants will have the option to meet online or in person at the Cedar Falls Public Library from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. on the following Monday nights: February 5th, February 26th, March 26th, and April 16th.

Register today at

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Advocate Spotlight: Medha Deoras-Sutliff. A graduate of Project LEAD, Medha sits with scientists as a peer and as a consumer reviewer for the DoD Breast Cancer Research Program. She is a leader, an incredible #advocate, and committed to the mission of ending breast cancer.

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Fierce #advocate. Loyal. Determined. NBCC recognizes and thanks Sharon Ford Watkins for her 25 years of dedication to ending breast cancer.

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In 2017, we lost over 40,000 women and 400 men in the U.S. from breast cancer. At NBCC, we are laser focused on bringing that number to zero. Donate now to support Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® and challenge policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders to know how to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020.

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Breast Cancer: Is Size or Biology More Important? Read this article in the #ScienceSpotlight of our August newsletter here.

NBCC Countdown to 2020

Unstoppable. Determined. Compassionate. Unafraid.
Marlene is a graduate of NBCC’s three Project LEAD courses and has served as a mentor to LEAD students.

Marlene has inspired many with her focus on the NBCC’s Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® and a breast cancer-free world for her granddaughters.

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