Check out the Cajon Cover of Naagin the Lady Cobra by Roshie.

Decibel Performing att IIT-Delhi Prelims in 2007.

Decibel Performing at Prelims round of IIT-Delhi 2007 Vocals: Sanam Puri Guitars: Ripple Boruah Drums: Krishnan Natrajan Bass: Karthik Nanda Keyboards: Naman...

Fellow music lovers, most of you know that our brother Mridul - Vocals (Decibel,Feedback) is now part of one of the hottest upcoming Progressive Hindi band - Antariksh. They have released a new Single called "Tum" Feat. Legendary Baiju Dharmajan on guitars (Ex motherjane)…/tum-featuring-baiju-dharmajan


For more updates on the band and their Upcoming Album.

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Tum is a song which can mean different things to different people. To some it may be a love song, to some, a song about almighty - it is a song abo...

Decibel's Bassist Karthik
Performing Death - Spirit Crusher

Bass cover of the song Spirit Crusher by Death from the Album The sound of perseverance.

Hi Everyone !
Check out a new track from the band
'Antariksh' a Progressive Hindi rock band from Delhi.


Mridul - Vocals, Guitars (Feedback & Decibel)
Varun Rajput - Guitars (Feedback & Nasya)
GT - Guitars (Prestorika)

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Ghost in your mirror (2006 version)
Found this video in an old CD case. Earlier taken down due to account deletion.

Featuring Old lineup:...
Krishnan Natarajan
Ripple Elppir
Siddharth Sinha
Karthik Nanda

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An interview on Headlines today aired on

Hey everyone,
Yesterday on 16/6/2012 we conducted our First Annual Festival called Deci-Festi-Bel.
All of our students participated in the festival and showed skills they learnt at DAM. It was a great festival and a big Thank You to all the parents. The venue was packed and house full.

The passes were available for parents and students this time. But next time it will be a huge venue and passes available for Public.


We would like to thank everyone who helped us organize this festival, supported us and helped us making Sound, Stage, Logistics and everything involved in making this festival successful

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Image may contain: text…/decibel-codename-haluwa-demo
New 1 min Demo of our song
Codename Haluwa.

1 min Preview demo of our Track Codename - Haluwa
Decibel updated their cover photo.
June 3, 2012

Decibel 4.0: 2008 - 20??

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing musical instruments, people on stage, guitar, beard and indoor
Decibel shared a photo.
June 3, 2012
Image may contain: 3 people, people on stage and people standing
Karthik Nanda updated his cover photo.

Channel [V] Naagin Shoot
Location: Mumbai Highway

All of the previously released Decibel Stuff + A New Demo track
The new Decibel Website will be Online soon. All Guitar Pro tabs will be available !

In case you've missed -
Decibel and Decibel Academy of Music has launched a new Jampad.
Some of the Jampad features are:
. Ample of space, can fit in 6 people comfortably.
. Tube amps, VOX and MARSHALL....
. Cheap per hour rent,Further discounts on monthly deals.
. Ample of slots and special concession on weekdays.
. Accessories also available like picks,strings,cables incase u fall short.

Do give it a try

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Its Ripple Elppir's Birthday Today ! Happy Birthday Ripple

An update from @Decibel Academy of Music
THE DAM Jampad is now OPEN with a per hour rent of 150 Rs
Yes, its 150rs for an hour.
Monthly packages also available. To get further discounts, timings and Schedule call 9953441252 and for any other details call on 9871038200 or 9818457848
Swetank Jackson, Ripple Boruah

RIP Amit !

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Rock Street Journal

Amit Saigal

06.07.1965 – 05.01.2012

It was the early nineties in Allahabad. A fair and lanky boy with long auburn hair, bursting with life and a zest for doing... something different, had an idea in his head that the world had to sit up and take notice of the talent that India’s independent music scene had to offer. The only glitch was that, there was no ‘scene’ at that point of time. Over the next two decades he single handedly built, defined and created that very ‘scene’ that today has a multitude of world class artists, bands and independent musicians. We wish to confirm with great heartache that, that very man, the creator of Rock Street Journal, the one and only legend, often referred lovingly to as ‘Papa Rock’ by the entire Rock loving community of India, has passed on to the other side. Our hearts and prayers are with his immediate and extended family in this time of need and we hope that his great legacy carries on forever.

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