Defamer is with Sam Alcock and 3 others.

Gone back to my old job by the looks of things - Lanky

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Pre-producing the next wave of unpleasantness at Vintage Ethos studio!

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The death-obsessed Defamer lads are continuing to craft cacophony in celebration of an empty empyrean! As fleeting trends fade - the void persists. Death is eternal!

- T

Crafting further death metal, peeling the flesh from our faces in sacrifice.

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Our Lanky bassist-bro Mitch and his partymachine predecessor Krist's new band Graveir is playing at Crowbar on Friday night. Witness them in support of Melbourne's Mar Mortuum for an evening of bleak grimness.

Fri 8:00 PM UTC+10CrowbarFortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
120 people went

As the furnaces of Defamer forge fresh monuments this holiday season, may you all seek and find mirth. Buried amidst the all-too-prevelant, decrepit rituals that mire this time of year, lies the potential for real happiness. Unearth it.

Our brothers in worship of the chasmic depths, Arms Of The Abyss, are begining preparations for a new track and readying the host for a live assault. In the interim, check out their monumental, debut release on bandcamp.

Sufficiently obtuse, French death to disquiet the masses.

- T

6 track album

Some furious death and war from our brothers across the ditch:

All rights reserved If you enjoy the album, BUY IT Band: Diocletian Album: Gesundrian Year: 2014 Style: Black Metal Additional: Death Metal Country: New Zeal...

Furiously forging churning thoughts into an axiom of fresh unpleasantness. Forever we defame those of ill-gained and ill-deserved significance! Forever we bathe and share in the glorious, ill light of death!

Cop this old-school, Brisbane-based filth.

Defamer to bludgeon the Crowbar tomorrow night with interstate and international allies in filth invocation! Come along and witness equal parts sonic violence and earth shattering sludge!

Jam this violently into your ear canals you fat shits - Mitch

Currently listening to this frenetic foulness from Finland and dreaming of death. Keep it suffocating lads!


Currently drawing forth, from the depths of the anti-realms, the first sickening tendrils of a new dawning of Defamer. Prepare yourself for chaos, undulating midst barbaric force.

- T

Come and cut sick with the Defamer lads this friday night. Revel in the obscure, Australian filth of Cauldron Black Ram.

Bugger Riverfire, bring the hell fire instead. New five track EP available for a free download now.

5 track album