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Cheryl Weikel Jung
· September 8, 2017
Drs Kersey, Arnold, Simmons and Ordatz are among the best in the nation. Every trainer we've worked with is top notch.
Kelly Gardner Chapman
· September 20, 2017
Great full body workout. A mix of everything from cardio to strength. I love that it's different each time I go.
Dk Clayton
· December 4, 2017
great class at 6:30 am...... come join the fun.... start your day off right
Robert Head
· June 29, 2017
The staff and service was top notch. They even go the extra mile to make sure all basses are covered!
Allison Flickinger
· September 20, 2017
Great bootcamp - different workout each day - great staff!
Rebecca Cory-Bethard
· June 30, 2017
I LOVE this place!!! Friendly front desk staff and Anna is wonderful!!! Will keep coming back!!!
Kathy Graves
· November 15, 2016
My daughter who is a dancer, has been receiving great care from Daryl and Mike after her torn ACL and meniscus. We tried other places for PT but they didn't compare to St. V Sports Performance. I can'...t wait to see my daughter dance again on stage. Thank you St. V!!!! See More
Hayes-Horne M Tonda
· October 13, 2016
I've always had a great experience where. Dr. Timothy VonFange is great and I just referred him to someone else I know who is experiencing problems with their knees. The facility is always clean the... people are always pleasant. See More
Felicia Mahmoud
· November 22, 2017
I didnt have a good experience here. I was referred here for compartment testing for CECS because a new doctor did believe i had it based on my post op report with a podiatrist and a physical exam. my... experience with the testers was not good. just to explain how i got there to begin with my story starts out that i went in for a bilateral cyst removal by a podiatrist and suddenly becamce vicitm of medical battery and fraud. Apparently the "cyst" was a muscle with the CECS sign (bulging exploding etc of the muscle on both legs )well he isnt qualified to treat compartment syndrome which is not in the scope so bascially i ended up with a muscle deulking procedure where he cut out part of the muscle and patched the half a centimeter defect with a graft a big NO . theres only one treatment for CECS which is the same treatment for a muscle hernia without cecs and he just did some bogus procedure on me and lied that i was born with an extra muscle. i wasnt. u can see a gap in my legs from where he hacked the muscle. anyways there was no point of the graft as he had to cut the muscle out to prevent acute compartment. Also started operating elsewhere over my leg NO CONSENT on ppw. This was GREGORY WALDREN BOAKE at community.

My experience when i got here to explain why i was here was the two testers were arrogant. They then proceeded to have me on a weight machine to do my CECS test which isnt the recommended treadmill test. They had me for 5 minutes sit back with my leg up at a 90 degree bend as if i was to do a leg press only had me stress the outer portion of my shin by pressing up against resistance on a high weight for 5 minutes which produced the symptoms ONLY in the one compartment and immediately. I asked to stop and they kept pressing me to go more and more. At the end after the muscle basically pushed out another hernia on my outer leg that was NOT THERE before. they took the pressure reading but they took it above the area where the pressure was up my calf area and it only came positive in the outer part of my leg which is the only area the symptoms were reproduced. I told them i know i have it in the deep posterior compartment as well because well look at my op report and another hernia was there and they said no and they said nobody ever tested positive in that compartment. well duh. because the exercise doesnt work those muscles when your leg is bent at 90 and ur pressing upward for 5 minutes . It was so dumb. I went to my orthopedic and he said i have CECS on all compartment because u can feel and see the swelling and compare to my MRI . The other thing was that test caused some muscle damage to my outer leg that wasnt there before after i already told them i had permanent muscle damage and paralysis to the inner part of my FDL muscle from chronic compartment syndrome

The other thing was the guy kept telling me over and over that it was a yes or no test and that i didnt have compartment syndrome and i asked him what my results were and he said borderline which didnt make any crock of a sense to me. just stupid. also they are supposed to compare it to your diastolic BP which mine was only 100/60 so at one point the pressure in my anterior was higher then my BP and my surgeon said those numbers were high. Just a bunch of ppl dont know shit. My leg was permanently damaged here and i already had permanent damage from compartment. seriously another muscle herniates during that test when i said i was in pain and wanted to stop and they put bull in my report they forced me to go the whole 5 minute. i shoulda stopped when i felt the pain was bad i didnt walk normal for 2 weeks and i have now where my foot wants to slap the ground which i never had prior to this stupid exam. this was my experience after being butchered against my will on ppw and verbal where the podiatrist blantaly ignored me and procedded intentionally with the wrong operation. the funny thing about the podiatrist was he altered my records and put the CPT codes in wrong for more money and this is ALL ON PAPER. imagine taking a knife to a persons leg without their permission and then comming here to have these crazy sports medicine professionals who dont know anything perform a bogus CECS test and leave you with more muscle damage and agony.
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Marie-Josee Benoit
· September 21, 2015
The folks in Carmel at Clay Terrace are the awesome.... Marla and Jaime... Thank you for all the trigger point torture, I mean TLC.... Miss that Alter-G... You guys are the best!!!!!
Kathy Salmon Washburn
· December 16, 2014
A phenomenal team of therapists with Sharon Odle as my personal favorite...a dedicated and very well-trained professional who works lockstep with you to help you reach your goals!
Kristjan Sokoli
· March 25, 2016
High quality facility that helped me get into great shape for my NFL pro day. Look forward to stopping by in the future!
Megan Clawson
September 3, 2013
It's the best place ever

St Vincent Sports Performance at the downtown Indianapolis St Vincent Center. Physicians
and Performance Rehabilitation available daily.
Contact us at 317-415-5747…

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Launch Alert! Available this April on iTunes is the MySweatRate App. Announcements will be posted for demonstrations of the unique, personalized App which provides the user to know their unique Sweat rate and individual specifications for a hydration plan. #SoCool #MySweatRate #Science

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Alter G
The St. Vincent Center is officially open and we're proud to be part of this incredible facility. Join us tomorrow for an open house from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. More info here:
Circuit training with Brandon Johnson for Sports and Human Performance Week!

Your ‘Team behind the Team’ is in New York City’s The Armory today. St Vincent Sports Performance teammates Dustin Williams and Jacob Crow are on-site providing healthcare as partner with USATF.

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Attending a Butler Basketball game? Find one of our four (4) new ‘bracket’ decals and post your photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Add # SVbrackets and let’s see how wonderfully creative you can be. Hinkle Fieldhouse.

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Runners! Five (5) favorite exercises for you by Jon Grant, ATC and Olympian Bob Kennedy.

Big Sky, Montana. Chris Carr, PhD leads our annual Sports Psychology Retreat with record attendance of 130+. This annual 4 day is a gathering of professional/ credentialed clinical & sport psychologists to collaborate on best practices in mental health and performance management. We salute these professionals for contributing to the continuum of athlete health and performance.

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Did You Know?
St. Vincent Sports Performance at the St Vincent Fishers Hospital location (Suite 302) has expanded physician office hours to accommodate our growing practice.
Our new schedule:

M,W,F – 8:00am-12:00pm...
T, Th – 8:00am-4:30pm
Walk-ins will remain M-F 8:00am-10:00am

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2017 IndyCar Series Champion Josef Newgarden makes SVSP his home for his fitness, nutrition and healthcare support. Coach Jeff Richter, CSCS , Scott Hudson, ATC lead our team collaboration to provide a planned program going into this 2018 season. Our stable of drivers is expanding and we will announce a new team affiliation soon. Our 2018 car/team/driver count is climbing!

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The ‘science of SVSP’ is a fundamental pillar in our programs and services. One of our newest applications is the install of Force Plates. Intentionally placed at the intersection of the weight room, turf and performance rehabilitation so we integrate this tool into our daily activities. Stay tuned for more information and an open house to explore the ‘science of SVSP’.

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Middle school and high school athletes abound at SVSP. This picture is of a typical weekday evening at our Clay Terrace location in Carmel, Indiana. Each athlete is assessed and coached. We work with the skill coach of these athletes to collaborate on progressions and workload. Contact us for a discussion about a solution for you.

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Our engagement into the teams and drivers of IndyCar runs deep. We are excited to watch our client Josef Newgarden unveil the 2018 aero kit.…/01-15-Future-Starts-Now-live-strea…
Verizon IndyCar
Team Penske

'The Future Starts Now' live stream set for Tuesday

(Registration link in details)
St Vincent Sports and Athletic Annex Running Centre are partnering up to co-host this awesome event to help runners learn more about strength and mobility!

Wed 6:30 PM EST201 S Delaware St, Indianapolis, IN 46204-3746, United States
86 people interested

St Vincent Sports Performance facilities will ALL open at 10:00 am today (1/12/18) due to road conditions.


Please be safe in travels.

Congratulations to Marian University Cyclocross Team on winning the National Collegiate Championship. The event was in Reno, NV. We are very happy for our partners at Marian University.

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St. Vincent Sports Performance updated their cover photo.
January 11
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