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Richard Strack
· November 22, 2017
I have written two plays that have been produced, a novel published and won newspaper awards for my columns and stories. This experience tops them all. To hear a professional production of my song lyr...ics brought my heart into my throat and tears in my eyes. The modest fee is well worth paying. Thank you Tristan and your production crew. A five star rating for Demo My Song! See More
Charlie Green
· March 4, 2018
Top notch company! Very organized, professional, and create your lyrics into awesome songs. They have produces 2 songs for me and I couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend them.
Betty L Fraser
· February 28, 2018
I want to thank Trystan and the entire team for taking my words and put them into an amazing song.

Their professionalism is beyond a 5 star,...

I can't wait to see how they create my next song. I know it will be excellent!!!
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Sidney Hilton
· August 9, 2017
This was my first time working with new york and i can say you'll enjoy the work they put together for your songs are song demo my songs you guys are the best you stay busy thanks
Bernie Faulkner
· January 4, 2017
Working with the Trystan, singers and musicians was way cool! There is a supportive and professional vibe. You get treated respectfully and graciously. One song was pretty skeletal, but they fleshe...d it out and helped usher me through the process. Refreshingly honest and earnest in helping you decide what you’re after, musically, and arrive with a commercial or for-fun and entertainment product. It really is rewarding to see a beautiful product unfold that DMS can help market, or use for whatever purpose you have in mind. Thank you, and thanks for being so reasonably priced. See More
Rozanah Maraya Windyputri
· January 9, 2018
Just listened Heartbreak in Paradise on spotify. So excited! Thank you for everything!
Karen Fordiani
· April 26, 2017
Odd how every review is 5 stars so I am sure mine will be deleted... for a line of BS about why it took so long en got thrown together music. The lyrics were to be edited which was made very clear. Ne...ver edited. First singer was terrible and the music did not fit the lyrics. Sent the edited lyrics that they were supposed to assist with and got a new singer with the unedited lyrics and the music STILL did not go. Singer sings to catch up or slow down to the lyrics. Refused to edit and have an unusable google doc. DO NOT USE. See More
Vanessa Britting
· April 2, 2016
It is amazing to hear something you write come to life and Trystan and his team went above and beyond to make this happen for me. They gave me exactly the sound I was looking for from Jeri's kick-ass... vocals to the awesome guitar parts. I would recommend them to anybody and I look forward to recording more songs with them. Thanks DemoMySong!! See More
Melissa Vile Kingdom
· April 27, 2017
this place is great!! Trystan is a good man who will always take care of what you need, with attention to detail and genuine love.
Kyerba Ruffin
· October 22, 2016
The folks at Demo My Song has helped me to complete three really nice songs. About to start another. Three down, with three to go. They have been essential in helping me to get where I need to be.
Steve Hancock
· June 1, 2015
Hi Trystan
Absolutely amazing, you've hit the ball right out of the ball park with this one.
The guitar work is exquisite, and the vocals are just sublime. Now I know why you wanted this singer for th...e song. It's like you've reached inside my head, and chose the sound I was hearing.
Thank you so much you've done an excellent job.

Cheers Steve Hancock. Regarding the song Walk Away
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Marion Priest
· April 4, 2014
I have written 9 choral pieces and used Demo My Song to produce all of them. The work they do is exceptiional! My publisher is making a CD of all the songs using the demos. He said they were done p...rofessionally enough to market as is.

I deal with Trystan Matthews, who goes above and beyond to make me happy with the end production.

I highly recommend Demo My Song to anyone wishing to further their music career. This is one talented group!

Marion Priest
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David Ruffin
· September 8, 2016
I am very satisfied with the staff at Demo My Song. They really did a terrific job with the lyrics and limited music I sent them. I highly recommend there services and I will be sending in more songs soon.
Leila Kthiri
· July 30, 2016
I was so happy with my first song with Demomysong that I went for another one without any delay. Once more I wasn't disappointed. The second song is a world class track, top quality by all artistic st...andards. These guys are highly talented and they know their music. Way to go Demomysong! See More
Cindy Fairchild Akana
· April 15, 2014
Working with Trystan Matthews of Demo My Song is always a great experience. After recording a full CD with Trystan in 2009, I returned to work with him in 2014 to record more original songs. He is suc...h a pleasure to work with as he is professional, knowledgeable, and very good natured; but most importantly, he knows music, producing, engineering, mixing, orchestrating, and all the other skills needed to make an outstanding recording. See More
Robin Ellwood
· July 7, 2016
Love working with Trystan and his talented team. They collaborated with me in every part of the process to make sure my vision became reality with great music as the result. I'll be back for more! Thanks guys!
Philippos Aristotelous
· April 2, 2016
Extremely reliable and professional in all respects. I have already worked with Demomysong on three songs. They never let me down. Well done!
Mark Harper
· July 9, 2015
Wow! This is awesome. It's a powerful feeling to see something you wrote come to life. Sounds like Keith Urban picked up this song and ran with it :) You guys are great! Thanks!
Renee Christopher
· July 7, 2016
Magnificent. Fantastic. Great service. I highly recommend it. It's very rewarding to have your music become reality.
John McKivergan
· November 4, 2016
This is way overdue but many thanks to everyone at Demo My Song for their hard work on the song they co wrote with me called
Just Stop. Great job everyone.
NYC Songwriting Contest | 2017
I Love My Dog by Marlene F. Shyer and Laetoli Music
TIme-Lapse Recording Session at Demo My Song in NYC

A little worker bee flew by looking to jam out on our Taylor acoustic guitar. Got a jam of your own? Buzz on by our NYC studio or give us a call at 323-206-6530.…/song-demo-studio-rooftop-photo…/

Interested in promoting your music? Hire the song demo studio production team at Demo My Song™ and take the first step to getting your songs published and released to the world today.

#FeaturedArtist This week we visit the lush evergreens of WA State to talk with lyricist and poet, Scott Fraser about his latest Gospel release, "That is Why We Are Breathing."

Scott Fraser is a lyric writer from the Demo My Song® songwriting community. Listen to "That Is Why We Are Breathing" on 5050songs, iTunes, Spotify, + more.

#FeaturedArtist Fire cannot light itself without the air. The same theory applies for love and relationships. Anka Yura's latest release "Fire in the Air" explores this connection from a unique perspective.

Anka Yura is a lyric writer from the Demo My Song® songwriting community. Listen to "Fire in the Air" on 5050songs, iTunes, Spotify, + more.

#FeaturedArtist Running on the beach on a sunny day in SoCal is the ideal time for storyteller, Michael Napolielo, to think about his next project. When he’s not working on a movie, he is busy sharpening his skills on another storytelling medium: song. #HappyValentinesDay

Michael Napolielo is a lyric writer from the Demo My Song® songwriting community. Listen to "If Our Love" on 5050songs, iTunes, Spotify, + more.

Melodies have been pouring out of Rozanah Windyputri ever since she got her first keyboard at age 9. Lyrics swam around in her head for years. Then, like a tropical storm that hit when least expected, came "Heartbreak in Paradise." #FeaturedArtist

Rozanah Windyputri is a lyric writer from the Demo My Song® songwriting community. Listen to "Heartbreak in Paradise" on 5050songs, iTunes, Spotify, + more.

Passionate songwriters know struggle. As with any field, it takes years of dedication and hard work to become a pro. Chemist and artist, Wes Bullock, exemplifies this attitude of success. What’s his secret sauce? Invest in yourself.

Wes Bullock is a songwriter from the Demo My Song® songwriting community. Listen to "Tell Me What You See" on 5050songs, iTunes, Spotify, + more.

From growing up as a young basketball star in South Central Los Angeles, to becoming a songwriter at age 19, attaining multiple college degrees, and now working to help children with intellectual disabilities, Willie Lowe certainly has a unique story to tell.

Willie Lowe is a lyricist from the Demo My Song® songwriting community. Listen to "My Love Is Here to Stay" on 5050songs, iTunes, Spotify, + more.

An ocean away, from the rain slick streets of Manchester, UK, our friend Steve Hancock shares some of his wisdom about songwriting, and a new tribute song to the late, great David Bowie.

Steve Hancock is a songwriter from the Demo My Song® songwriting community. Listen to "The Starman" on 5050songs, iTunes, Spotify, + more.

This week's featured artist comes all the way from across the pond, Great Britain. His most recent title "Baby Wanna Her Baby" has focused on 50's style rockabilly, features a mean guitar and Liz Halland on lead vocals →

Jose Galindo-Herrador is a lyric writer from the Demo My Song® songwriting community. Listen to "Baby Wanna Her Baby" on 5050songs, iTunes, Spotify, + more.

We recently had the honor of collaborating with songwriter, Ley Chanel on his song “You Need You,” written as an uplifting message to those who feel trapped in a negative relationship. Watch the lyric video now →

Ley Chanel is a songwriter from the Demo My Song songwriting community. Listen to "You Need You" on 5050songs, iTunes, Spotify, and more.

Whatever happened to "outlaw" Country? Kenneth Lindquist talks about his latest release, "Tall Glass of You" and his vision for the future of Country Music.

Great vocal session today with Nia Austin. She's got pipes!! #demomysong #nycrecordingstudio

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

"What is love, if not at first a desire to connect?" "The Air Between" depicts the space created by two souls who find a love connection.

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We are excited to share the first 3 music videos from the NYC Songwriting Contest session at Sear Sound in NYC. Additional song/video footage will be released in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy!

This January 2017, we launched the NYC Songwriting Contest. Three winners got their songs produced at the iconic Sear Sound Studio in NYC.

Want to know how to copyright your songs with the U.S. Copyright Office? Like most things .gov, it's a little annoying but relatively simple. Here's the nitty gritty...

How to copyright songs with the U.S. Copyright Office. Registering a song is relatively simple. Here's what you will need to copyright a song.

"Anything can sync." Rob Fusari (Lady Gaga) talks about his approach to getting songs placed in tv and film.

This past week, we participated in SyncSummit in NYC, a music licensing event for artists, producers, and music supervisors looking for music for tv + film.