After several doctors visits and tests over the last few weeks, I found out that I have a brain tumor, specifically a microadenoma on my pituitary gland. It is most likely benign, still waiting on confirmation, but it has been affecting my luteinizing hormone, basically inhibiting it. The luteinizing hormone in men is used as a messenger to the testicles, ultimately it tells them how much testosterone they need to produce. Right now my free testosterone levels are a grand of 67 ng/dL, the normal range being 250 (low-normal range) to 1100 (normal-high range). Needless to say, this has put a halt on all of my fitness goals and energy levels in general, and looking back this has been affecting me for several months now. Dont take life, or the things you enjoy in life, for granted. Pursue your goals with the upmost intensity everyday because you never know when those things could come to an unexpected end. However, when the unexpected happens, we all have love and support from one another but most of all, these tribulations are often what bring people closer to God. Right now I am trying to stay strong and use this time to take a step back, re-evaluate my life, and push on. Sometimes we need to be careful that our personal goals do not become an "idol" in our life, and for me fitness was my turning into/was my "idol". Looking back, this temporary setback, is something I need, its something that can help me to re-focus on what is important in this life, which is to love God and love one another. I believe it is important to have personal goals and to pursue them with intensity, but at the same time, as a Christian man there comes a point where these personal goals can affect not only this life, but the next. So be smart, set goals, but most importantly, keep your priorities straight. We must remember that we are on this earth not to pursue our own personal agenda, but to spread the Word and bring everlasting life to all that will listen!

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Derek Sommer

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current weight: 159.0
macros since last post: 55-60f/330-350c/180p
new macros for this week: 63f/375c/180p

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10/24/13: 161.5
10/25/13: 160.0
10/26/13: 160.5
10/27/13: 161.0


still a little bloated, so I plan to go gluten free for a week starting the first or second week in november to see if that is the problem. I also plan on watching my sodium intake a bit, making sure it is consistent. retaining water sucks! Gotta figure out what my deal is. I plan on increasing macros a bit next week to 350c/60f/180p. I may not get all that in everyday, as I have been feeling more full lately due to the recent water retention and digestion issues as of late, but I will be trying my best to hit those increased macros.

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Mustve been somethin I ate lol

10/21/13 : 162.5
10/22/13 : 162.5
10/23/13 : 161.0


Retaining water!! Dont worry, I didnt binge, but something this weekend did not sit well with my system at all. Weigh ins were normal this weekend but when I woke up Monday I knew something was up, I was bloated. Since Monday my digestion has been alllll outta wack as well, I have no idea whats going on. I have to admit that this weekend I did take more advantage of the IIFYM approach to my diet and ate more refined foods than Im used to and less fiber than normal, but calories were consistent. I think sodium, low fiber, and more refined foods led to this water retention, and this morning things looked and felt a little better and the scale mirrored that, but I still dont know what I did this weekend really. I know its not fat storage since my calories were in check but on the other hand I dont know what led to the water retention so I guess Im not 100% sure that it is all water. Keeping my macros at 330c/58f/180p this week, just hoping my body gets back to normal here soon, so Im just going to be patient and let it do its thing. Workouts have been great so far this week, aside from the bloating and digestion issues that have somewhat altered my workouts in a minor way. Life is good! Blessed

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10/16/13: 160.0
10/17/13: 157.0
10/18/13: 159.5
10/19/13: 158.5
10/20/13: 159.0...
last week avg: 158.286
this week avg: 159.000

Im finally seeing an increase in weight. Best week yet in the gym BY FAR! Since I saw an increase of more than 0.5lbs for the week avg, I will keep my macros put or perhaps only a slight increase. My plan for this upcoming week will once again be 58f/330c/180p, except I may be a bit flexible as far as fats and carbs go, maybe a few days of 60f/350c/180p if weight goes below 159 during the week.

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10/14/13 : 160.5
10/15/13 : 158.5

All I have to say is wow, what a difference 30g of carbs makes! Yesterday and today I absolutely destroyed my workouts! I have had some incredible pumps and a ton of energy! I also ran both yesterday and today because I just felt like it! After weight training for 60min both today and yesterday, I have had so much energy that I just had to do a little bit extra, so a light 2 mile run outside in this wonderful weather is what I chose to do. Ne...ver mind treadmills, once I completed my weight training I straight up just walked out of the gym and ran, thats how cardio SHOULD be done in my opinion. The same with eating, do what feels natural! This weekend I spent a ton of time at the grocery store just looking for foods that seemed appealing and bought them, no holding back, some were considered "health" and some "unhealthy". Yesterday and today I really used the iifym approach and ate those foods that I was craving, but just made sure they fit my macros. Guess what, I enjoyed every meal to the fullest! Its crazy that you can literally eat anything you want, in moderation, and still get results, no matter your fitness goals. I am ashamed that it took me this long to figure it out! As long as you eat a few servings of fruits/veggies everyday, get in a good amount of fiber, and try your best to stay consistent with a caloric goal (and macro goal for those who are a bit more into it) you can literally eat ANYTHING once you get these few steps down! Loving life right now, trying to be patient in a few areas of my life, but I have to always keep in mind that everything will flow to God's timing and not my own. Gotta keep the faith but also be patient and trust in the Lord! Hope everyone has a blessed day! Im looking to start a youtube channel here once I get some things figured out, hope you all decide to follow once that time comes!

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10/12/13: 158.5
10/13/13: 159.5

Avg weight for the week: 158.286
Avg weight for last week: 158.214


Basically no increase in weight, so another increase as planned. This week will be 58f/330c/180p, expecting some weight gain this next week, would be surprised if I dont, 330c is getting up there. Excited to keep this up, cant wait to see how high I can get this metabolism over the next months/years should be an exciting ride filled with some fun times, awesome food, amazing workouts, and experimental cooking!

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10/9/13: 157.0
10/10/13: 158.5
10/11/13: 158.0

Just noticed that since October started that I have not weighed more than 158.5lbs! Weight has been stable all week in the 158 lbs range so looks like another solid increase come next week. I am thinking about raising to 2562 cals: 58f/330c/180p. I think 180 will be the lowest I put my protein at, it just seems that keeping it above 180 is unnecessary, especially as I creep closer to a caloric surplus. Energy has been good this week, still not at the point that I feel like I can lift too heavy quite yet, too lean still, but getting great pumps again! Hoping to find this metabolism soon! It seems to keep running away from me!

10/7/13: 158.0
10/8/13: 158.5

300 carbs feels nice..... real nice! Haha. For real though, I feel 100% back to normal now the last couple days energy wise. I would have to admit that my workout today was a little lacking, but not much, and I went on a 3 mile run this morning beforehand, which is probably why lol. Yesterday though, killed it in the gym, and today I still had an insane pump. Carbs are a wonderful thing I tell you. Loving life right now, and given my current circ...umstances, I know I have changed a lot lately, in a good way of course. Faith in the Lord and knowing that He has provided such as awesome support group for myself, has kept me more motivated than ever even with my current situation. Just know that if you ever hit a bump in the road, like I have lately, that having faith and patience in the Lord will always yield results. I will come out of this temporary setback on top and stronger than ever! My fb page will never be about my personal drama, so dont even ask whats going on! Ha. I just had to share a little tidbit with those of you that follow me, because God is so great and I cant wait to see what He all has in store for me and how He plans to use me to do His will!

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10/5/13 : 158.5
10/6/13 : 158.5

Macros for this week were 51f / 250c / 200p = 2260 cals
Cardio for this week was: total of 750 calories burned...
Average weight for the week: 158.214 lbs

Even though calories jumped 150 cals this week and cardio dropped 250 cals, I lost a little over 0.5lbs. This means another change. I do not plan on bringing cardio down from where it currently is at any point during this offseason, two 3 mile runs a week plus any other random cardio that presents itself to me during the week is an easy way to at least be somewhat athletic during the offseason, and its maintainable. Since I burn about 320 cals per run, that already takes me to 680, and I do like to hit the elliptical for about 5min to 10min at a moderate pace before I weight train since my gym is so cold some days, so its safe to say I am around 750 for cardio, and I dont plan on ever doing less. Since my cardio will not be decreasing anymore at this point I think I will increase food a bit more this next week. I am going to put my macros for next week at 55f / 300c / 190p = 2455cals. That is a caloric gain of 195 cals. I AM FINALLY BACK TO 300 GRAMS OF CARBS! Just a little side note, I think I may be getting sick, woke up with some drainage, praying that I can nip it in the bud!

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10/3/13 : 157.5
10/4/13 : 158.0

Weight is still low, even after refeed. Energy in the gym as this week goes on keeps on declining. This might be due to the couple of runs that I did this week. My guess is that changing the mode of my cardio from elliptical to running might have something to do with lower energy levels, even though according to my HR monitor Im still doing the same total caloric burn for the week ~750cals. Since I went on two runs, Im finished with cardio for ...the week, so we will see if my weight makes a rebound through sunday. If I dont get back to 160 by sunday my average weight for the week will probably be at an all time new low. If that is the case, my increase in macros for next week will look like this, add 4g fat, add 50g carbs, and subtract 10g protein. So my new macros will probably be 55f / 300c / 190p = 2455 calories. I decided on this because once my fats hit 60g, I do not plan on increasing them beyond that point ever, except on cheat day/meal occasions. Carbs have a TON of room to grow so I will give them a big increase. Protein, after some thought, is probably too high even at 190g, at least thats what research would suggest. Lately I have been having trouble hitting 200g without adding more protein powder than I normally am used to anyways.

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9/30/13 : 159.5
10/1/13 : 158.5
10/2/13 : 157.0

Metabolism wont stop! Thank goodness tomorrow is a refeed day, hopefully I can stop losing weight for a day or two after that ha! Even though Im dipping down to a NEW low, I plan on finishing this week off as planned, same macros (51f/250c/200p) but next week I may adjust my fats up by 5g and carbs by 50g since I now hit a new low, but we'll just see how the rest of the week goes, no rush in this reverse diet. Energy has been a little down the last two days during my workout, but during the day I have been feeling great. Since Im eating more again this week I noticed I havent been hungry but I have been experiencing some intense cravings, I def know the difference between the two lol but dont worry I never give in.

9/27/13 : 159.5
9/28/13 : 158.5
9/29/13 : 158.0

Had a good workout on refeed day, but had a terribly low energy day on friday, the day after my refeed. I felt like I was dieting hardcore again, zombie mode. Yesterday I felt ok energy wise, and Im thinking sleep may have been a factor on my energy levels too idk. Nonetheless I am super excited to increase calories again, I do not want to feel like I did on friday any longer! It ruined my workout and the day was a tough one to ...get through, I do not want to feel like Im dieting anymore!!! But I have to stick with the plan, like I have. Cravings are getting worse too now, I think due to this metabolism coming up even more. Weight average for the week: 158.79 lbs. So after increasing calories by 152 and decreasing cardio by one day I only gained 0.22 lbs (not even a 1/4 of a lb, so in my book that is nothing). On top of that, I am still averaging a weight that is LOWER than were I started at my show, and its 2 weeks LATER after 2 increases in calories and major decreases in cardio. Week 3 plan, 250 less calories burned for cardio, so now down to 1500 calories burned for the week for cardio, which is pretty much nothing lol, gonna be hard for me to restrain myself as that is basically my warm up that Im used to before my weight training sessions. I also am going to increase by another 147 calories by increasing carbs by 30g and fat by 3g. NEW MACROS FOR NEXT WEEK: 51f / 250c / 200p

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9/25/13: 158.5 lbs
9/26/13: 158.5 lbs

REFEED day! Follow my instagram to see what Im eating today. These are my macros for my refeed 48f/350c/170p yummmm! Excited! My instagram handle is : OrganicGains so if youre interested in what Im eating today, follow me! Today I will be eating a bit more exciting since the increase in carbs lets me kind of get away from the bro foods for once, not that I dont enjoy my bro foods too tho! Within the next month or two I expect every day to... be above these refeed day amounts, but I have to be patient, this metabolism is returning slowly but surely. Just have to remind myself that being patient with this process will let me still enjoy a higher caloric amount but also maintain a lean physique, its just going to take a few more weeks/months. I know the reverse is continuing to get more dramatic because my appetite has been increasing more the last couple days especially but I have also had more energy (wierd combo right?), my cardio is even less this week, I am getting much more vascular, and my weight is still consistently lower than were I started. Cant wait for another increase in cals next week!!

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9/23/13 : 159.5 lbs
9/24/13 : 159.0 lbs

Workouts for monday and today were awesome. Its crazy how much more energy I have from simply increasing fat by 8g and carbs by 20g, maybe its all in my head. All I know is that today I had some skin splitting pumps during my workout and I am sore not only from yesterdays workout but saturdays quad workout. I normally feel soreness the very next day but this time I had some DOMS in my quads as well. Thats the first time I have been sore... in several weeks! My intensity is almost completely back to normal, now just to bring up strength again! Today was Back/Biceps and I have never been so vascular in my life! I know that Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE has a lot to do with the increased carbs as well, this stuff is fire and Im only doing 1 to 1.5 scoops, nonetheless I was energized and looking yucky! Excited to see how refeed goes this week, hopefully I will get time to post some pictures of what I will be eating, should be fun to sneak some "dirty" foods in there, but hey IIFYM nothing is "dirty"! ALL ABOUT MODERATION!

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9/21/13: 157.0 lbs
9/22/13: 157.0 lbs

2 days after refeed day and didnt gain a pound! So my average weight for the week = 158.57 lbs and started this reverse diet at 160.0 being the lowest I hit during peak week. So week one of reverse diet: macros were at 40g fat / 200g carb / 200g protein and cardio was at: 5 sessions of MISS @ 250 calorie burn each. Result: lost 1.43 lbs so that means a pretty nice increase for reverse week #2. Week #2 macros will be: 48g fat / 220g carbs .../ 200g pro and cardio will be down to 4 sessions of MISS @ 250 calories each. Decided to only increase carbs by 20g since my fats were still really low and the 8g increase of fat is actually a good amount of calories. Now that my fats are closer to 20% of total calories all of the future increases in macros will be more carbohydrate based....... yes! Shout out to my boys Jerin and Colby for an awesome quad workout yesterday, I think its safe to say that next week my gym performance will be 90 to 95% back to normal as far as intensity, strength is coming back now too! LETS CRUSH THIS WEEK!

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