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Announcing the Pre-Launch of my new book:

Play Your Business Like a Poker Player
Entrepreneurial Insights from an Advanced Strategy Game


In it, I share deep insights from 10 years of poker that are directly applicable to becoming a better entrepreneur. Things like advanced analytics, expected value, risk analysis, and the psychology of winning and losing.

I also interview a handful of poker successes who moved into business and/or investing.

Sign up now for FREE on the pre-launch list by going here:

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Talk About Your Competitors...

As a digital agency owner I rank #1 for “digital marketing agency san diego.” How did I do it? I don’t have great authority, hundreds of blog posts, or an entire team… Yet I’m beating professional 8 figure digital marketing agencies… I did it by talking about my competitors in a blog post titled “Top 10 digital marketing agencies.” I gave them all a fair review and let my audience decide whether it should be me (the guy that ranks #1) or them (the guys buying ads for #1) to help them with their marketing efforts. Remember, your customer is not an idiot, they know about potential competitors. If you show them the competition, then your showing your customers you have nothing to hide. Which you don’t, right?

Picture: Shana and I in front of our sponsor banner in front of Symphony Tower.

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Creating our first attempt at a 360 video for a client. Not sure if this footage is usable yet, but it's a start.

Posted by Derric Haynie
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Why you should attend #SDSW:

Posted by Derric Haynie
Derric Haynie was live.

Audio is busted for the first 30 secs or so, skip ahead...

Are you ready for San Diego Startup Week?

Get your tickets at

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Just enjoying some Tiny But Mighty Popcorn with the gang. 🌽

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Went live to talk about the Instagress shutdown.

Vulpine Interactive - Formerly Splashopm was live.
April 20

Instagress got shutdown! 😅

Instagram requested that #Instagress, a popular Instagram growth tool, shut down their services permanently. What does that mean for ...#Instagrammarketers? 🤔What are your other options? What's coming next?

I spoke with Kickstagram's Lizzy Fritz to find out what she thinks went wrong and what you can do to protect yourself. 🤣

Broadcasting from our new WeWork office. #WeWork

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Announcing the #HUG17 winner and inviting all you all to drink with me on March 1st at our Re-launch party. More details coming soon.

Vulpine Interactive - Formerly Splashopm was live — celebrating success at WeWork San Diego.

Announcing the #HUG17 giveaway winner and inviting you to our Re-launch party March 1st.

Congrats to one of my book giveaway winners, Orlando Watson! He just received his copy of "They Ask You Answer," By Marcus Sheridan.

I still haven't finished the book myself, so we will have to chat and review what we liked from it later.

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Derric Haynie was live.
January 23

Unboxing and giving away a copy of "They Ask You Answer" By Marcus Sheridan. And going to tell you why I bought 10 copies of this book and why I am expecting this book to be a bombshell for businesses.

I am also going to tell you a little bit about two upcoming events, update on our rebrand and launch party, and whatever else you want to talk about. Let's go!


When was the last time you went to a networking event?

Networking at events and conferences have changed my life. Just 3 years ago I came from an outside industry (high stakes poker) into the world of digital marketing...

I knew enough to be dangerous and had zero connections.


I had never spoken publicly, been on a podcast, had a guest feature, nothing.

Today I have connections across the marketing industry, am good friends with many of the influencers and power players in the industry, and speak and blog for anyone that will listen.

I recently moderated Growth Marketing Conference where I gave away these networking tips that I thought I would share with you:

1. Assume everyone you meet is important, because they probably are.

2. Ask interesting questions. Ask people "What are you excited about?" And "What are you looking forward to in the future?" rather than "what do you do?" The conversation will be better and you will get to know who they are and what defines them.

3. Try not to hand out business cards. Seriously, just wait until someone asks you rather than push them into people's hands. If you ever see your business card on the ground, you've done something seriously wrong.

4. Provide immense value to others and try not to talk too much about yourself (guilty!). This involves active listening which means a) no talking and b) no thinking about what you are going to say once they stop talking. Listen!

5. Pay attention to body language. If you see someone looking away or trying to exit the conversation, finish it up. If you see someone standing there that hasn't talked, redirect the conversation to them.

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Posted by Derric Haynie
Derric Haynie was live.

Live 💘 from Growth Marketing Conference. 29 social media tactics your team probably isn't doing! Here we go!

Growth Marketing After Dark Ep. 21. Huge announcements about Growth Marketing Conference. Take a listen...

Changing the show around a bit after this...


Growth Marketing After Dark Ep. 20. Tonight's guest: Zach Lukasiewicz - All around growth hacker. He's on LinkedIn a lot:

Today's Topic: Spending Time Learning How to Spend Your Time. We are going all over the place so pay attention!


Growth Marketing After Dark Ep. 19. If you're digging this, let me know in the comments below.
Today's topic: Their is No Easy Road, Easy Money, or Easy Game.