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Vicki Migneron
· October 12, 2017
I have unfortunately had to be hospitalized 3 times in the last 6 weeks. First off Dr. Rutz is an awesome � Orthopedic. Went to another place before finding him and fate put me in the hands of the fan...tastic Dr.Let me mention the staff at Des Peres hospital. This has to be the best stall in any hospital I have been in. Always smiling always going the extra mile to make your stay as comfortable as they can. If possible in the future this will be my hospital of choice. Again Dr. Rutz and staff thank you so much. See More
James Martinez
· June 1, 2017
I recently retired from a 43-year career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse and have worked in several large major institutions and Facilities in multiple disciplines. I selected the DesPeres​ primarily because of its close proximity to my residence.. after two knee surgeries and one eye surgical procedure and minor pelvic surgery I am convinced that this is the One-Stop shopping place for any future health needs that I might require., It was very reassuring to enter the facility and find large spaces, wide hallways (for a relatively small Hospital). And what also amazed me was how serene quiet and placid the environment was as compared to the boisterous loud and chaotic noisy facility that I just left after over 20 years.. to comment on every interaction or even to attempt to highlight interactions with staff members all the way from clerical to maintenance to professional to all the other ancillary staff workers would be a redundantly repetitive Litany of Excellence... Without exception, everyone did not perform to standards of care but rather, exceeded in performing their functions. Indeed I felt like I made a new friend with every interaction that I encountered with every employee from housekeeping to Care Partners to nursing staff to therapists to clerical. Having been an administrator of healthcare in multiple disciplines in my career, I still found things that I should have and could have set standards of performance and expectations with every visit to this Jewel facility... My physician and surgeon was truly amazing in his conduct demeanor and bedside manner to anticipate any questions I might have had so that all I had to do is listen and learn despite my clinical acumen and knowledge base before I went in for a consult. A diagnosis, presentation of options, and selections of the appropriate intervention and treatments for me which happened only after I was able to make the appropriate informed decision to benefit from his skill not only as a physician but as an educator. Dr. Still is amazing! In my experience with him, his staff, and the Des Peres Hospital staff have resulted in a quality of life experience which I will now be able to enjoy in good health during my retirement years. See More
Melanie Lynn Phelps
· August 19, 2017
I went to there emergency room a couple nights ago! Talk about the nicest staff you could ever ask for!! I will be going there and recommending it to anyone and everyone I know. Great bed side manor f...rom the doctor also! Was in and out in under an hour and 15 minutes.
�Thank You!!!
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Ashley Riopel
· August 27, 2017
In my life, I have never seen a more poorly run recovery wing in a hospital. My mother had an amazing surgeon. Dr. Ricks has an amazing bedside manner, he thoroughly explained everything and made sure... you had all the time you needed with him. We never felt rushed. If I were rating just him, 5 starts.

Post surgery was a completely different experience. My mom had the unfortunate experience of being stuck in this hospital for 6+ days and we couldn't even buy a nurse to come in and take care of my mom. And we tried. We bought the nurses station a $60 gift basket from my mom and they took good care of her for about 12 hours. Then it all fell to crap again.

We had to keep track of which medications she took, what amount she had, and when she could have more because when my mom was in pain the nurses would come in and ask what she was taking and when she last had it. That's YOUR job to remember!! Not ours!! And more than once they came in with the wrong medication and we had to send them out to find the correct one.

No one, I repeat NO ONE, ever came in the room unless we paged the nurses station and asked them to come. Vitals we're taken maybe once a day. They repeatedly blew my mom's veins when trying over and over and over to get an IV in.

I could go on and on....

My sister, father, and I took rotating shifts day and night so my mother was never left alone. This is the absolute worst experience I've ever had in a hospital and if you have the ability to go ANYWHERE else, go!
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Cynthia A. Garza
· June 30, 2017
This hospital is the best! They are friendly, efficient, caring and have a great team of nurses and doctors!!! Felt so cared for and all of my answers were quickly answered. And when it was time to ...check out and was fast and efficient! No waiting for hours. I will definitely use this hospital for any other surgeries if needed! See More
Barbara Fox
· July 18, 2017
Well i had my two oldest children there 26 & 27 years ago . Things has changed a lot starting with the Labor and Delivery being removed just after my 26 year old daughter was born .. Which lead me to ...south central where i had my son which also No longer and torn down none the less.. This hospital is amazing here it is 27 years after having my first visit and so much has changed and the staffing are all like family .. They never leave your side in recovery and keep family members or friends updated on whats going on.. The transport guy he was just as funny and brotherly as it got .. I give you all two thumbs up for keeping it 100% all the way ... See More
Katie Stute
· July 1, 2017
They left me in a room in horrible pain for over an hour. Not one person came to check on me and when I left they made me sign an AMA even though I hadn't seen anyone except the nurse who put me in my... room. If there's more than one person need medical help DO NOT GO! You will wait forever! See More
Debbie Lewis
· November 1, 2017
The kindness, professionalism, compassion and concern every person I have encountered each time being here is amazing. It truly rejuvenated my faith in people
Jeff LaPonsie
· May 27, 2017
I am changing my original post from a 3 star to 4 star. Admin apologized They took the time to address my frustration and take ownership of it. That action along with my already high marks for the staff of nurses, surgeon ( Dr. D'ANGELLO) and all who had part in my surgery. I believe that if you had a need for medical care these folks will do a good job for you! See More
Charley Ward
· July 7, 2017
I've had so many issues finding out what's wrong with me at Mercy Hospital. I came to the ER one time complaining about my pain - they were quick and precise and within a couple hours found out what I...'d been trying to find out for months. Jan was an incredible nurse and I recommend her highly to anyone who stops in. See More
Jennifer Bagby Smith
· May 23, 2017
I received wonderful care from your staff when I was in for surgery yesterday. Everyone from Emily at the front desk, Brenda who helped me get ready, Dr. Rutz and his team and then the amazing duos o...f Rachel and John and Chris and Rachel on the 4th floor were wonderful. They made sure all of my needs were taken care of and were just genuinely kind. It was much appreciated. See More
Agape Ward
· August 12, 2017
The doc i see there is John Judd he was good to me and so is his staff. He the best pelvic urinologist I have every had.
Jeanna Lawson
· July 18, 2017
The nurses and doctors are the nicest people and they are all so attentive and caring. It feels good when you honestly know the people care about you while you are sick.
Jim Garber
· May 5, 2017
Great staff . Doctor Barnes is very cool and yet really good at what he does . The nursing staff are very friendly also . Christopher was especially friendly and an all around good guy . I thought St....Clair was the only hospital I would go to in that area but Doctor Barnes came so highly recommended that we gave Des Pere a shot and we were very impressed. See More
Melissa Morton Herrin
· August 15, 2017
I drive 30 mins to Des Peres Hospital and offices to get my Entvyio infusions every 6 weeks because I love the ladies who care for each of their patients! They make you feel special each time!�
Bonnie Seehafer
· May 27, 2017
Des Peres was wonderful. I came in from out of state for testing, had to stay the week. People were wonderful and nice and traffic was wonderful too. I didn't get any bad looks, or the "WTF" moment...s as I would at home. If I needed over, signal and sure enough, traffic was cooperating! WONDERFUL place. Will definitely be back. SO much to see, so little time!!! See More
Marilyn Holden-Engler
· March 25, 2017
My 5yo nephew had a T&A recently and my sister in law was told someone would need to stay over night with him. She planned to stay but didn't realize she would need to bring her own blanket and pillow.... As he was sleeping she called staff and asked if she could step out to get something to drink, specifically a soda, and was told no she couldn't leave him alone and staff could not stay in the room allowing her to get something to drink.
She was asked to bring his medicine with them to the hospital. One of his medicines is a hormone injection he needs daily. We told the staff it takes 2 ppl to give this injection when it was sent to the pharmacy for verification. When the nurse brought the medicine in later that evening, after myself and my brother had gone, the nurse declined to help her with administration of his medicine. Basically it takes someone to hold him, for comfort, and the other person to administer it. She apparently charted the medicine was refused. The next morning when my brother arrived at the hospital my sister-in-law wanted to give him his hormone injection but the nurse told her she couldn't because she had already charted it was, "not given".
When it was time for him to receive Tylenol for pain, the nurse would draw it up in a syringe and hand it to his parents. I get that but she had charted it was given and walked out of the room. The nurse didn't visualize the med being taken, yet charted it was. I was under the impression a nurse couldn't leave meds unattended with or without a patient? As well as charting something was taken without verification.
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Lois Scott Armstrong
· May 24, 2017
I was in the Cardiac Cath Lab and and all the nurses there are friendly and so nice and take really good care of you.. I have nothing at all bad to say about any of them.
Joan Caro
· August 23, 2017
Dr. Scott Zehnder was thorough and quick. Gave me a steroid shot to enhance healing for a slight (possible) ligament tear to my right shoulder--much better than rotator cuff surgery. Thanks, Doc! J...oan Caro 🦋 See More
Bill Gaeng
· August 26, 2017
I take a friend there for treatment every other week and everyone has been great. Wouldn't go there myself if I had a problem.
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