“Didn’t the pioneers do this so we wouldn’t have to?”

Everyone has a story about their Trek experience — so come laugh, feel uplifted, and maybe even commiserate with your fellow “pioneers" in "TREK - the Movie." Wending its way to theaters on April 6th. Share the trailer with your fellow trekkers and learn more at

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"TREK - the Movie" Official Trailer

"With the Christ-centered theme, [Certain Women] would be a perfect addition to anyone’s Easter celebration or as a Mother’s Day gift."

"Certain Women" is available now at….

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God So Loved the World
Latter-day Temples Coloring Book
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Rebekah N Jordon Ritchie
· December 7, 2017
The order took a while to get here. We love the sweet story and the little lamb, but I haven't been impressed with the quality.I feel like for something that is intended for kids to be able to at leas...t touch/handle like the images on the box show and for how much it costs, our lamb tore down the seam in 2 days of just simple moving it/placement use after trying to start this tradition. Deseret sent out another one, so hopefully this one lasts longer. Absolutely love this instead of Elf on the Shelf just not impressed with overall quality of the product. See More
Leah Ketchum
· November 29, 2017
When a customer received an item damaged (sends you photographic evidence the same day it arrived), it is not ok to tell them that they have to pay for return shipping, and then buy the item again (wh...en it is no longer on sale), and that the company will hold on to the first items funds for weeks until the damaged item gets back to them (oh, let's not forget bank processing time!) Especially during the holiday season when the item was intended as a gift! I will not be shopping at deseret book online in the future, if I can't touch the item and make sure it isn't damaged before I spend my hard earned money on the item, I won't be buying, since I cannot trust that Deseret book actually cares about the condition of the items it sends out. See More
Denise Mundine Beatty
· November 6, 2017
I am so disappointed in your company. I ordered an item for my missionary - that he needed right away - and I paid for priority shipping. Not only did I not get priority shipping, but the item is now ...out of stock and the only reason I know is not because you sent me information letting me know of the problem, but because I had to actually look up the order on your website to find out that the item was now out of stock.

If someone orders something, and pays extra for priority shipping, the least you could do is let them know that it's not in stock.

Being told that the reason the item wasn't originally listed as out of stock was because you thought they would come in and then they didn't is also unacceptable. You should not take orders for items that are not currently in your store. Bad form all the way around.
See More
Cindy Crosby
· February 1, 2018
I didn’t actually place the order because your shipping costs started at $23 for a $24 order. It’s 2018. This is no way to compete in the online marketplace. Did not appreciate the waste of my time... this AM. I’m unsubscribing so I don’t get tempted to browse your website in the future. See More
Brenda J. McCurdy Davidson
· November 18, 2017
I have been a customer of this store for many years. I love it! I love their products! I love that there is someone I can go to get Christ-centered products...besides the books, I love the music se...lections, calendars, etc. I always go and purchase the Tabernacle Choir Christmas DVD for my mother each year, since it gives her something to watch over and over, if she desires. She is 91 and loves music! See More
Kelsey Irene Antczak
· January 31, 2018
I love the products, the employees, the atmosphere, and everything I get here is fantastic. By far my favorite store in the world. �
Ricardo Rosas
· October 14, 2017
I just bought @tom.christofferson book, “That We Might Be One. A Gay Mormon’s Perspective On Faith and Family.” and audio book @deseretbook and the cashier gave me the weirdest look! Then I told her I... am a Church employee and her eyes juts wide open! 😂 Lady, your looks don’t shame me at all, perhaps, you ought to read this book you are selling! Hahahahaha!
#cashierproblems #loveandunderstanding #truetohim #mormonandgay #deseretbook
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Tonya Tibbitts
· December 9, 2017
Love shopping at Desert Book! Platinum rewards membership is one of the best memberships you could get. Always get so much more in reward points back. Good coupons and good sales from time to time.
Mackenzie Jones
· October 13, 2017
I love shopping in store- I’ve never had a bad experience. Ordering online is a different story. I ordered myself a new set of scriptures and a journal a few days ago. Not only did they send them in 2... separate boxes, my apartment number was forgotten on the label so I haven’t gotten my boxes because they were delivered to the wrong house. I’m just going to keep my purchasing from them in store from now on. See More
Tabb Clements
· September 1, 2017
I love Deseret Book. I have been a customer of theirs for over 40 years. I have purchased in store (when I have lived close by), I have ordered by phone and by mail, and I am an online customer too! I... have NEVER had a bad experience! Great books and great customer service! What can I say, I am a fan! See More
Marci Pinnock Houseman
· August 5, 2017
I have to give a shout out to Ben (SLC store) who helped us last night by fixing our son's scriptures. We had purchased a new leather quad and were disappointed with the imprinting. Ben worked hard on... imprinting a new quad so that our son's full name could fit. It looks great!! And our son's name is Ben too! Thank you Ben!! See More
Michael Pilkey
· May 29, 2017
Every time I order from Deseret book it's always a bad experience. On top of one of my items being on back order, which I was not notified of. It took 5 days for them to finally ship it. They ship via... fed ex which is probably the worst delivery system. When I pay $8 for shipping I expect it to be shipped immediately and promptly. I order from other companies get free shipping and it's delivered within 4 days. Since I don't live in Utah I'll just have to shop elsewhere. See More
Lisa Mitchell Townsend
· August 5, 2016
I ordered new scriptures for both my husband and myself. I had my name embossed on mine. The embossing didn't come out as well as how it currently appears on my 15 year old scriptures. It's scratched ...and blotchy. At first Cust. Service was going to replace them for me. But then, when the rep checked with her supervisor, I was told to just wipe some Vaseline over it to clean it up. That was as good as doing nothing. I hate the way the covers look now, especially on my bible--marred. I'm really disappointed. (And I don't like the new leather covers as much as the older version-- but that's not DB's fault). See More
Sheila J Davis
· December 21, 2015
I went to Deseret Book today to replace a childhood Christmas book. The clerk overheard my children and I talking about how several Christmas boxes have gone missing from our garage. One of the most i...mportant is my Christmas book box that had books I have been collecting for the last 30 years. We also are missing my snowman collection, my crystal Angels, our nativity set my mother gave me, and several decoration boxes. When we checked out, the clerk gave me a $25 gift card because "Deseret Books wants to help you start replacing your collection." I was in tears! Thank you Deseret Book!! See More
Joanne Sanford Christian
· December 2, 2017
The customer service is great. I can get what I want without paying shipping charges.
Elaine Lewis
· July 21, 2017
Rating depends: if things go well they are very friendly but if something goes wrong like in our case customer service is very poor . Problem was not even our fault but we got VERY poor customer!! Won't use ever again! See More
Jed Grabenstein
· December 1, 2017
These people have no respect for the First Amendment separation of Church and State. They try and ply their books into public schools. No shame.
Natalie Smith
· March 9, 2017
Dissatisfied customer here...
Wanted to return a book today at the Layton Deseret Book. The book was bought Monday 09/06/17 at SLC. They wouldn't return me the book because of the "crease in... the spine." Because of my hectic work schedule, I was unable to look through the book till today but my skimming of the book should not have made such a "crease" in that short amount of time. In short, the store that sold me this book already had this "crease".
This is ridiculous. So then a bookstore sells you books with creases already on the spine and refuses to do return because of the spine crease? For one thing: Its a book store. People will look through the books and creases are bound to appear. And you're selling these "used" books. This book costed me almost $40.00. Your stores are ripping people off. Especially in that amount.
See More
Tyler N Callie Ward
· December 5, 2017
Friendly staff and always helpful to me! We love your products
Jana Abston
· June 29, 2016
My daughter is a YCL at girls camp next week and I needed a new set of scriptures for her. Ordering them online was going to take at least a week to arrive. I called and spoke with Heather at the De...seret Book Store in Dallas on Monday and she overnights them to me and they arrived this morning!! Thanks So much!!! See More