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Cheryl Tisa reviewed Destiny Dental Implant Center5 star

I am a relatively new patient of Dr. Abadi's and I cannot give him enough praise. He is very gentle and I believe a great dentist. Since my first visit at the end of March, 2016, I have received a filling, a crown replacement, an extraction and 2 implants. All procedures were accompished with a local anesthetic, which I refer to as Novocain. I knew for some time that I needed this work done, but I was scared and kept putting it off. Dr. Abadi is very gentle. I didn't evey fee...l him extract the broken tooth. When a former dentist extracted a tooth it felt like he was going to pull my head off. Not only did Dr. Abadi extract that tooth but he then bedded posts for 2 implants, the first where the tooth was extracted and another to replace a lost molar beside it. I experienced no pain during or afterwards, not even any swelling. I took one ibuprofen when I got home and another at bed time and never felt any discomfort. I certainly do not fear returning and will eventually proceed with another extraction and implant. I am so happy to have found a dentist that I trust

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Faramarz Soroushi reviewed Destiny Dental Implant Center2 star