Twatty Who: The Sound of Drums

The unrestrained Id of a fan is aimed at the worst episodes of Doctor Who, This time its The Sound of Drums. *I edited this before Cameron quit and didnt wan...

Ghostbusters (2016) in 5 Seconds.

Okay, not 5 seconds but this was too obvious to not do. Ghostbusters is owned by Columbia
Hagan Reviews Episode 124. ACTIUM MAXIMUS: REVIEW OF THE CRAP FILM-MAKING!. Want to make a request?:

Never too Young to Die review!

Hagan Reviews Episode 123. This film is as close to enlightenment as a piece of cinema can be. Want to make a request?:

Sleepaway Camp Backseat Critique!

A patron requested our thoughts on this early 80s piece of not brilliant slasher movie!

Any of you guys have connections with Brocon? Its the Irish con Iv gone to the past few Summers.

Star War: The Repetitive Epic

Hidden in the darkest corners of my headcanon, Star Wars exists within Star Trek.
Omega and I shall be going to ConBravo this summer! We hope we won't be the only ones!

Hardcore Henry Backseat Critique!

Hagan and Omega decided to see what happens when you transplant video game tropes into a film. It also meanders into a discussion about tech, the evolution o...

Black Sheep review!

Hagan Reviews Episode 121. A Patron requested the best were-sheep movie to come out of 2006 New Zealand. Hagan obliged! Want to make a request?: https://www....

Patron request Backseat Critique: THE 5000 FINGERS OF DOCTOR T! (Aka Dr Suess wrote a movie)

A Patron requested we watch the only film that Doctor Seuss worked on! Hagan Redbubble:

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Backseat critique!

Omega and Hagan were joined by a newbie to see the DCCUs latest attempt to be a more depressing version of Marvel. The newbie is fellow Channel Awesome-r Joh...

I read that Matthew Vaughn originally wanted November Rain by Guns 'N' Roses over the church scene in Kingsman. I decided to see what that would look like.

Matthew Vaughn said that he originally intended to have Guns 'N' Roses 'November Rain' play during the church scene. I decided that we all needed to see that.

Some Lets Trys. Robyn went to Germany and came back with some vids!

Some Germans try British/ Irish stuff:

Robyn tries German stuff:

Robyn the Minion visited Germany recently and met up with CreatureSH (The Haganistan Photoshop Vizier) and a lady who I assume is Creatures pet. Robyn forced...

Hagan Reviews: Saint Clara!

In the 90s Israel made a confusing teen movie.
Robyn and Sarah arrived back, just in time to join Omega and Hagan in seeing THE FOREST (aka, adventures in the Japanese suicide forest).

Hey guys. Sorry about neglecting here, between doing ids and writing and other stuff it kinda slips my mind sometimes. I hope you have subbed on Youtube or watch Hagantube like a hawk because their better ways to get the newest vids as quickly as possible!


Pep Squad, a late 90s John Waters-ish satire on high school was requested by a patron. AND LO IT WAS WATCHED!