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Sean Goulart
· June 8, 2017
Awesome track with amazing staff and great riders! Cool elevation changes and not boring like some other tracks in the NE.

There is a motel right on the property and I've stayed there with friends a...nd it sure beats a tent...but that's fine too, plenty of RV's present.

So many reviews mention rocks, welcome to New England, this is motocross not figure skating!

All in all this place is terrific and you'll love it.

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Bo Penney
· November 8, 2017
Biggest issue the lack of water... But other than that had a great time would definitely go back
Marilyn Jane
· September 3, 2016
People are not joking when they say this is a greedy track. $105 so my husband and son could do "open practice" today. The $30 per rider for practice is standard, so no qualms with that. But the $15 person for weekend entry on top of that is ridiculous. When I stated that we weren't able to come back tomorrow for the race the woman at the gate oh so graciously told me (insert sarcasm) that "it's not our fault that you can't make it tomorrow to race." Really? Last time I checked the riders coming to your track are the people who keep you open, so you may want to re-evaluate how you treat them and how you charge people, seeing as how this is apparently a common issue amongst those who have attended your track. So my advice, unless you plan on also attending the race the next day, steer clear of Diamondbacks "open practice". Because all they'll do is pump you for funds. Save yourself some cash and visit one of the other amazing tracks in the area for way less. See More
Robert Shaw
· July 16, 2016
My family and I, especially my son who is getting back into racing, had a blast. The July 4th weekend race was amazing - camping, live band, great food and fireworks; best amateur race event I've eve...r been to. I've been around tracks for over 30 years, and this is my favorite. It's a long, fast track that covers a lot of real estate. Plenty of supply vendors, great concession stand and an overall very well kept area. Well organized and the announcers sound like pros. You will love it too! See More
Bryan Westervelt
· June 21, 2016
Im glad to see that i wasnt the only person who feels that the track was a dusty and rocky mess and the astronomical amount they expected you to pay for the saturday practice. It just seemed very that they hadnt advertised the fact that they would no longer refund the $15.00 sunday entry fee for the riders who left sunday. That just seemed very very shady. The worker at sign up gave me some bs excuse that it was because they were losing money. Heres an idea if you are that hard up for money sell some of the rocks off the track. There is at least a couple million laying around all over. Im sorry but $45.00 was just a ridiculous amount of money to get choked out in dust and pelted with baseball sized rocks all day. I mean you only had over 6 months to prepare. I used to make every practice but never again. $45.00 is more then etown practice and there is no way that this place even compares to that. See More
Brittany Kickery
· June 18, 2016
AWFUL and GREEDY track.

My husband and I were very disappointed with our experience at Diamondback today. We went to practice for the day with no intention of returning tomorrow to race. They charged... us each an entry fee of $15 (which is high compared to other MSC tracks like Claverack which only charges $10 for entry) and then REFUSED to give us the money we paid for our wristbands back when we left the track like they used to in the past. The man working told us it's "our decision" not to return for the race tomorrow. We do not think it is fair to have to pay $30 just to spectate/attend a practice in addition to the $30 my husband had to pay to practice. We understand paying entry fees for a race day but not practice. Other tracks only charge to practice with no entry fee. The condition of the track was also terrible and a waste of time. They have had months to prepare this track for the first race, and it looks like they did nothing. RIDERS BEWARE. Stay home; this is not worth the money. We used to enjoy this track in the past, but now we will not return. See More
Derek Stewart
· June 30, 2016
Just to let everyone know our first race was not the best track conditions dealing with the rock farm that we have
Butt every day we are working on tilling and Harley raking and have removed dump tr...uck after dump truck loads of rocks.
we have also spread hundreds and hundreds of yards mulch and dirt to make the track conditions better then ever
hope everyone can come out and have a great time with use this weekend
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Joe Wickers
· June 19, 2016
This track flat out sucked! There were more rocks then a rock quarry. It was so dangerous that the ambulnce took 5 people out. N o course the infamous so dam dusty u couldn't even spectate n c what goin on. How the fuck do u expect a rider at a high rate of speed flying through the air to have any idea were he is going or to be able to see. I know we r racing motocross but it is already dangerous enough. Don't make it worse because the track owners n people running the track r that stupid. Another thing u charge racers $15 dollars to get in. N we r the show. Without us u don't have shit. Pretty greedy! N then on top u wanna put everyone's life at risk worse then it already is for racing. If ur gonna charge that the track shoulda been pristine n not a shit hole. Sorry but the truth is the truth n ur track sucked today. Its just that a lot of people don't like to speak the truth or hear the truth. But there it is! See More
John Davidson III
· September 4, 2016
My son and I first time there today the track was awesome very well kept and maintained very nice staff we will definitely be back, only thing I didn't like which isn't the tracks fault I saw way to m...any youth riders without neckbraces/support, , unsafe parents safety is way more important than a trophy in my eyes but all in all great time See More
Roberta Scheller
· May 29, 2015
Love going to watch my grand daughter and all of our moto family. Having the motel right there is great for those of us that don't have campers
Pat Mahan
· May 19, 2015
Awesome layout. Huge jumps ! Great flow . Little rocky but that's MX ..just put your head down ! And I know for a fact that no one puts as much effort into removing the rocks and making the dirt awesome
Ed Spinella
· May 7, 2017
Diamondback is great. Great track, great staff. Thanks
Paul Thierman
· May 13, 2013
�� should be no gate fee when pit area grass is 4 feet high , what a joke maybe let people know bring there mowers and weed wackers next time
Matthew W. Lucchetti
· March 21, 2015
Absolutely love this track! & the hotel / motel is super motocross friendly!
Debbie Hubbard Dufresne
· March 22, 2014
Looks great we will see what mini quads do there
Gage Jonathan
· September 5, 2015
great time & awesome track, definitely will be back
Stephanie Thomas-Hanaman
· December 17, 2013
Great track. I love it
Practice went well today, as did the Pitbike Race this evening. Track is groomed and ready for race action. We haven't seen a drop of rain yet and we left the track dry incase Mother Nature decides to water it for us this evening. WE ARE RACING tomorrow. Sign up opens at 7am, Practice starts at 9am sharp...
By James SlaughterFebruary 4, 2018MSC News Hello Everyone, Well the banquet weekend is finally arriving. It will take place on Sunday, February 11th, 2018 from 12 noon to 5pm. Since we are at a new, unique venue, I wanted to give everyone some tips on what to expect. Arrival – The banquet address ...

MSC Annual Awards Banquet is coming quickly - Feb 11, 2018 Reminder -

MSC Annual Awards Banquet is coming quickly - Feb 11, 2018 Reminder

2017 MSC Annual Awards Banquet - Feb 11, 2018

Most insane MX event this winter, Win $1000's in prizes including TWO 2018 Motocross Bikes, at a 80,000 sq ft Motorcycle Museum!!! Don't miss it.

88.1 FM. Diamondback Radio - if you are in the pits and have a FM radio, tune in to Diamondbacks PA System at 88.1 FM.

  Practice: October 7th 9-3pm DBMX Shootout / 3-5pm Catskill Mountain Amateur National Race October 8th Metropolitan Sports Committee sanctions our Motocross Races since 1992. One of the original Motocross Sanctioning Organizations in US Motocross Racing. Sponsors of Diamondback MX

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Motocross Racing for FUN and Serious Race Action mixed up in a fun two day event at the fast, high flying Diamondback Motocross of East Durham, NY.

Want to sign your team up for the Diamondback Dealer Shootout? Don't have all your team mates just yet? Its ok, you can still sign up:…/diamondback-dealer-shoo…/

Map Unavailable Date/Time Date(s) - 10/07/20173:00 pm - 5:00 pm Location Diamondback MX of East Durham Categories Motocross Racing Bookings Sign your team up for the Dealer Shootout. This purchase will give your team of 8 riders a weekend wristband and an open practice wristband AND a spot in the De...

We would like to thank everyone who attended our event this weekend. We also would like to thank Valley Moto shop for those great hole shot awards for our riders! Please remember to support those who support your sport. Thanks to Honda and Yamaha for the contingency offered to our riders, Fly Racing, DP Brakes, and Rocky Mountain MC for their rewards programs. Our staff set up the track great to handle the water 💦 and we hope we can get one last one in this year without the help from Mother Nature! We got this! Last race will include the Diamondback Shootout event so get your teams together!

Thanks everyone!

Diamondback Motocross

It finally rained over night! We left the track completely dry and packed good so that was a good thing. WE ARE RACING today!

Practice went well today, as did the Pitbike Race this evening. Track is groomed and ready for race action. We haven't seen a drop of rain yet and we left the track dry incase Mother Nature decides to water it for us this evening. WE ARE RACING tomorrow. Sign up opens at 7am, Practice starts at 9am sharp...

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There is parking onsite for this weekends event at Diamondback, just no electric or water plug in's for campers. Blackthorne Resort owners no longer wish to offer this service due to their water system cannot handle the delivery needs of our customers. You can still rent a room onsite. We are working on a non-potable supply for water barrels which is located behind Valley Moto Shop's spot