You know I'm not one for exercise but take a read of this and see how I am making it a priority...

This is what I am thinking about at the moment....pop over and take a look!
The Comparison Game.....

here I am with something to say and no voice....

I have lots of opinions on many subjects but have discovered along the road trip of life, it is best to keep some things to myself.
Our boy (almost 25...but still our boy) stayed with her while she crossed the line from here to there. So thankful for his strength. (And thankful for the delightful Nat too, who stood by us.)

a song can sure stick in your head....
"I can see clearly now the rain has gone"
I can see clearly now....…/44-interesting-info.aspx

The Sisters.....
my thoughts on girlfriends for the road trip of life....

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I have been shopping in the same local supermarket for thirty two years. The shop has had several name changes and numerous staff but the characters I have found in the aisles have taught me many things.

Funny how some little thing can trigger our minds into wandering down memory lane, and there we find some little thing about ourselves.....

1 Corinthians 13....ah the chapter on love!
If only????
Could we love like this?
Would it make a difference?
Take a look and see what you think....let me know......

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There is nothing new under the sun, so Ecclesiastes says.....
even K F C.....little bit of author's licence perhaps?
Check it out for yourself.

It doesn't take God long to bring those things before a message at church, from our Bible readings, and then the Holy Spirit is quick convict us.

Love God and love others....good advice from Jesus

Jesus reminds us in John 13 verses 34-35, the love He has for us is to be passed around and by doing this people will know we belong to Him.