By reflecting on stories and past experiences, you always come to new conclusions and realizations that influence the way you move forward.

Had the pleasure of speaking on Lynn Marie Morski's podcast for Lynn Marie Morski - Quitting by Design where I get a little raw about quitting, fucking up doing it, and how I've ended up the happiest I've ever been.

Have you spent years working toward goals that society put in place for you? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself WHY you want to achieve those goals? In today's episode, Eugene Kim, co-leader of November Project San Diego, tells us how examining his goals led him from the life of an unhappy ass...

"Step into courage, invite the critics in & BE SEEN."

A good lesson in vulnerability and having the courage to let yourself be seen. We all struggle with putting our creativity into the world, in front of critics and friends alike. Read Jackie Blumenthal's story, see her work, go be seen.

The unthinkable happened. Something that I have dreamed of, dreamed up since I was 22 – happened. I was officially paid as a writer. As I sat at my kitchen table & got the text that made …
I've been writing this one for the better part of a year. Over that time, it's been rewritten, reworked, deleted, and rewritten again - as multiple individual pieces for which I have drafts and drafts.
But where I've ended up has no fancy narrative, plotline, or storytelling. And while peppered with anecdotal evidence (and some entertaining ones at that), what you'll read is a listicle of sorts th...
I found myself welling up with emotion. Frankly, it wasn't something I'd thought about in quite some time, but it'd hit a nerve that was long left ignored. My friend Joshua had shared a video by The Try Guys about the issue of body image - a topic widely discussed in the context of women, but not as hotly topical for men.
This hit close to home because despite the lack of conversations happening i...
How are you doing? I’ve noticed you don’t seem very present, like something is weighing on you.
Lauren’s always been incredibly perceptive. So, it didn’t come as a surprise to me that she would drop this very matter-of-fact observation.
It got me thinking, quite a bit, about everything I had going on in my life - what’s priority in my life right now? What are the life-changing decisions I’ll need to...

"That is the beauty of being in control. Whether it is being in control of your career choices, a bicycle you are riding or your car careening toward a slab of concrete. We have the ability to control the outcome. Or at least die trying.

But the moment we give up that control, when we decide the struggle is not worth it, is the moment a part of you or maybe all of you dies."

Read this post from my friend, Justin Kanoya. And remind yourself that you're always in control of the... choices you make.


New post from The Diary of an Asshole coming soon.

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Justin Kanoya

I've been involved in two car accidents in my life. They've both taken place within the last four weeks.

The one that took place over the weekend was scary. We... are fine. But it's given me a chance to really think about things.

"As we were headed directly toward a cement wall, I remember thinking 'it’s going to suck to hit this wall head on.' I heard Sheila screaming. But I also felt a sense of calm. My priority at that moment was to ensure we all survive."

Share this if there are people in your lives that need to reminded to never give up.

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Me, daughter Marissa, wife Sheila and Rinny. My family (me, my wife Sheila, daughter Marissa and dog Rinny) was involved in a car accident and we almost died. UPDATE: We are fine. Not a scratch. Since we literally walked away from the crash unscathed and the damage to my car is merely a busted back…
We’ve all experienced some hard times at work. And we all inevitably hit that tipping point - you feel overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated, over-managed. You hate your boss, your co-workers, the politics. You feel like you’re hitting a dead end.
So you leave.
But what if you didn’t? And instead you took a hard look at the circumstances and how you could have made things better?

I was living in Boston, Massachusetts in a beautiful 1100 sq. ft. loft in the South End with my driven, successful girlfriend of 3 years. We had an 8-window corner unit facing the sunrise in a magnificently renovated piano factory with an art gallery, exposed brick, oak floors and freight elevator.

And my job was just a...

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