SOOOOooo, Who's here and who's coming tomorrow?

Sun 1:00 PM EDTDever/Gabers' home

So, it really looks as though 2017 is the last digging season at Idalion. We need more volunteers: People, please recruit. June 1st is the deadline, so we need all the help we can get. Damian is coming to finish up the ET. Konrad will spearhead tidying up the LCE, and the redoubtable Becca will steer the LCS to completion. Come one, come all!

So, Idalionites: Heads up! DAMIAN is definitely coming!!!
Last two weeks in July.

Well, we did not get the NEH grant we applied for. We'll try again when we receive the reviewers' the meantime, our season begins for students and volunteers on Jun 26...all staff on deck on June 19!

Sooooo.....the staff is in place. Time to recruit volunteers!

ATTENTION: STUDENTS! Now is the time to apply for ASOR field fellowships, and AIA scholarships for field work!!!.

WE HAVE THE PERMIT FOR 2017!!! Everybody gear up: June 19-August 6th--staff a week before and AT LEAST a week after.

OK Idalionites! It's now! Hoco reception chez Gaber/Dever 12:30-3pm. Everybody come!

Heads up, Idalionites! This Sunday, Ocotber 2 12:30-2:30pm is our Homecoming Reunion. Email me for address and directions if you don't already have them! Tell everyone!

Hey, Idalionites! 2016 homecoming Sunday, October 2: Idalion reunion brunch at 12:30 as usual. Everybody come! (do let me know...P.G.)

Gargantuan team-effort NEH grant proposal went in at midnight last night (on time). Now, we wait....

Doe anyone have a picture of the breach in the Citadel wall found by the Dept. of Antiq. excavations? I need it. M.H. has covered it up with undifferentiated reconstruction.

Well, Idalionites, the clock is ticking. A major NEH grant proposal due on July 19th....we're nearly there... finishing database entries from last year. Then we begin on our Delmas pilot grant...heading for Open Context publishing.

Sad news: no dig permit for 2016. Sorry Folks. I'll keep you posted.

Hey, Idalionites! Just announced: Budget airline, Cobalt, will offer flights directly from the US to Cyprus round trip starting in May!!! Watch for it!