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OC Studio integrates Digital Audio Labs LiveMix system into Studio A

Stereo Pairs are here!
A new (and free) firmware update for the Livemix personal monitor system adds some great new features.

Stereo Pairs
Now you can add adjacent channels into stereo pairs from the Group Setup screen. Add up to 12 stereo pairs simply and easily from the CS-DUO or CS-SOLO.


Volume Scaling
For those times when you find that your channel volumes are too high (or too low) and your master volume is too low. Simply long press the ADJUST knob for 5 seconds and all 24 (plus accessory) channels will go into a temporary group. Adjust the volume up or down and then press ADJUST again to get out of the Volume Scaling mode.

Other Features
We’ve improved the short and medium reverbs to be more useable, made the Master EQ sweepable, and prepared the system for our 96K Dante card (coming really soon).

Check out the link in the bio to get this free update. #inearmonitors #iems #praiseandworship #studiogear

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Miah gives a quick demonstration of the new Volume Scaling feature. This will be available in a few weeks via firmware update. #livemix #nammshow #newfeature
Livemix Features: Color Touchscreen
Another new Livemix feature coming soon via firmware update is Stereo Groups. Link two channels together for a true stereo pair. #livemix #newfeatures #namm2018