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Lots of news, lots of plays, a new competition, a few letters, DiscTrivia and a new look.

[The Shed of Doom] Salisbury

Chalke Valley History Festival runs from Monday 25th June 2018 until Sunday 1st July.

The events will be free for those attending the festival.


There will be a recreation of Terry Pratchett's extraordinary writing office in a new special exhibition called The Shed of Doom and, on the Sunday morning, courtesy of the Discworld Conjuror's Guild, the festival will be welcoming the fabulous and award winning Time Travelling Magicians Morgan & West.

There will also be a series of talks about various people including our Terry Pratchett.

Tickets will go on sale in April for this amazing event.

For more information about what else is happening at this unique event go to

As we get more information about the Pratchett element we will update you.

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Jason Anthony - Amazing Friendships

GNU Jan Kantůrek 1948 - 2018

Jan was the Czech translator of the Discworld Books. He also translated many other works such as the Hellboy series and Conan the Barbarian series by Robert E Howard.

Jan Kantůrek also played the Librarian in stage productions of Terry's plays in his home country.


He was awarded "Best Translator" by the Czech Academy of science fiction, fantasy and horrors in 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1999. Discworld was awarded "Best Book Series" in the same years. In 2003 he received an award for his lifetime work in science fiction by the Academy

Jan Kantůrek died on the 22nd March 2018 - He was 69 years old.

"Nevíte, že člověk není mrtvý, když se jeho jméno ještě mluví?"

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Comics Centrum

Se zármutkem v srdci vám oznamujeme, že zemřel NÁŠ Honza Kantůrek
Jeho překlady knih barbara Conana, Hellboye, Ú.P.V.O., Myší hlídky, Zámku a klíče nebo Zeměplochy Terryho Pratchetta byly nepřekonatelné. Věnujme mu tichou vzpomínku.

[Website Issue]

It appears that the feegles have got into our website servers and mucked about with them to the extent no-one can access at the moment.

Our friendly Kelda is doing her best to make it all work again but it may take a few hours.


Hopefully it will sorted by tomorrow morning (UK Time).

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[Stage Productions] UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland

There is a plethora of productions coming in the next month. 12 in total! (if you include the german one in two different venues !)

Click the Images for further details.


Don't forget there is information about plays for the next 7a months over on our website at

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[Cage Match: Creature Feature Round Three] Unbound Worlds

Our Librarian made it through to Round Three.

This time he's up against Cthulhu.


Go and vote NOW over at…/cage-match-2018-round-3-cth…/

Also War from Good Omens made it through and she's up against Aslan from Narnia.
Vote for her at…/cage-match-2018-round-3-war…/

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[Opinion Required]

So it's snowing here at HQ and we are sat here putting the finishing touches to the next issue of Discworld Monthly.

We were wondering, what would you like to see in the newsletter that isn't already there ?

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Discworld Monthly updated their profile picture.
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Discworld Monthly updated their cover photo.
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Unbound Worlds has a Creature Feature Cage Match going on.
Round Two features The Librarian Vs Mouse (from Jim Butcher's Blood Rites)

Currently the Librarian is losing. You can change that!


Vote Now over at…/cage-match-2018-round-2-mou…/

You have just 14 hours left to vote. Lets get OUR Librarian through to the next round !

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On Friday 12th March 2015, the news broke via Terry's Twitter account that Sir Terry Pratchett had taken Death's arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.

It's been three years since that tweet was posted and since then, his name continues to be spoken everywhere.

GNU Sir Terry Pratchett

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Discworld Monthly updated their cover photo.

Sir Terry Pratchett

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[Memorial plaque]

It's been a year since many of us attended the unveiling of the Terry Pratchett memorial plaque at Beaconsfield library.

The library itself was an important place to Terry. He spent a lot of time in his childhood in the library reading everything he could lay his hands on.

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[Discworld Series News]
Many of you would seen some articles floating around today about a Discworld series coming from the BBC.

There are no press releases from the BBC or Narrativia to back up what is being said in these articles.


What we can tell you is that we were at the Barbican in 2016 for Terry's memorial when The Watch was teased. In the two years since, Narrativia have been working on The Watch in parallel with Good Omens.

As soon as there is any solid news about the series we at Discworld Monthly will be among the first to report it.

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[Issue News]
The new look Discworld Monthly email - Issue 251 is currently being sent out.

If you can't wait for the email version you can read it now at:

Issue 251 is the first Issue of Discworld Monthly sent out using HTML Mail! This month we have a new competition, the results of our Doctor Who comp, reviews of plays, a selection of readers letters, news, trivia and more.