Disfear - Misanthropic Generations test press. First listen.
Disfear Live The Storm test pressing

Can you guess what string gauges Uffe and Björn use live? First one to nail the correct answer AND live tuning of Disfear will get a t-shirt of choice from our Bandcamp store,, and a spot on the guest list for either Disfear // Mørkt Kapittel //Forræderi in Oslo or Disfear :: Halshug :: Wournos in Gothenburg this coming weekend.

You can get some inspiration from Uffes post and thread below.

Edit: They don't use the same gauge.


Happy guessing!

PS. If you can't make it to any of the shows we'll send you the t-shirt and the guest list spot will be passed forward to the next person who guesses correct or close enough. Hell, you might not even have to guess to win this thing...

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Uffe Cederlund updated his status.

Thick/Heavy Strings? I think it sounds better with thin strings when tuning down. Something cool is going on with the string when thin strings are downtuned.......vibrations???? Maybe that’s the ”secret”🤣🏴💣🖤⚫️💩
I used to play 10-46 tuned in B, with these pics. It worked great! Well, it sounded great but there was off course hard to get in tune with Alx Hell. Haha

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Oslo! Fredagen den 23 februari är det dags för Disfear // Mørkt Kapittel //ForræderiBLITZ BOOKING. Ta turen!

Oslo! Friday 23 February it's time for @[1412586785455826:844:Disfear // Mørkt Kapittel //Forræderi] at @[149472841786537:274:BLITZ BOOKING]. Take luck!
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