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This should cover the most common questions that came up during our 14-day trial, last June. If you have questions that aren’t answered, here, please ask them on our private forum. You can access this FAQ thread by hitting the “Discuss in Our Forum” button just below this blog post. Q: What is Divin...

Mark Ward hits another one out of the park. This one puts forth some Divine rules-of-thumb for social media "engagements".

Favorite quote: "But we must be more than conquerors. We need to triumph not just over error in others but over sin in ourselves. Some battle wounds may make us wish we had never won."…/

By Mark Ward, originally published under the title, “What Would the Author of ‘Amazing Grace’ Say about Social Media?” John Newton wrote a beautiful letter to a friend which is called in _his collected works, “On Controversy”—because that friend was about to engage in public controversy over Christi...
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Image may contain: night and text…/ This is more of the backstory to how Divine Council was born. The actual genesis is on the Faithlife Forums which may be moved to our private forum for provenance.

A few months ago, there was a 60-day preview of Unseen Realm on LOGOS and Michael Heiser asked some of his more veteran readers to help shepherd newcomers to the material on the FaithLife Forum.
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