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Picking okra #pcfma #fresh #eatinseason
Sunrise Nursery FM 🌷From bulbs to blooms!
You never know who you’ll meet at the Farmers’ Market! #peasandcarrots #peaceandlove #pcfma

Dont mind the rain! It’s time to add a bit of Spring to our pasta routine a delicious recipe of Pasta and Asparagus with Artichokes Hearts!…/pasta-asparagus-and-artichoke-hearts

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What’s the difference with shopping the farmers’ market for asparagus? Shorter time from harvest to your hands! These lovely spears are from Cecchini & Cecchini Asparagus Farm 💚

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They had me at the word "magic". Artichokes are already pretty magical on their own. Putting this recipe to the test tonight!…/

This artichoke dipping sauce is like magic! It turns even the pickiest eater into a steamed artichoke lover. It's my absolute favorite dipping sauce!

Artichokes! Steamed or grilled? Dipped in butter or mayo? What’s your favorite way to eat them?

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You can't celebrate GREEN without inviting the Goddess to the party! Green goddess dressing is a garlic and herb, mayo-based dip that was once the empress of cool, creamy dressings.…

Ranch dressing's cool older sister is really into the herb.

Wives, mothers, daughters, activists, sisters of the soil. We're inspired by you, women in agriculture! Get inspired by the women in the Cecchini family. Barbara and Alli Cecchini are third and fourth generation farmers helping to create the next wave of farmers. Find out more at First Generation Farmers Cecchini & Cecchini Asparagus Farm

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We're celebrating the leek this week! Here's a recipe to get you in the mood…/member-rec…/recipe-detail/962/

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Have you tried freezing leeks or onions to use later? Sometimes we get a bit excited and freezing our extra fruits and veggies lets us enjoy our seasonal produce even longer. Extra bonus? No food waste!

How to Freeze Onions or Leeks. Leeks and onions may not seem like the best candidates for freezing -- but in fact, they both do rather well in the freezer. You can keep your frozen onions and leeks for up to six months. Their texture will be different after you thaw them, making them better candidat...

Grilled leeks with Cara Cara orange compound butter! Chef Marisa showed us how to quickly create a flavorful farmers’ market dish that highlights seasonal produce.

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We're looking at LEEKS this week. Gourmet magazine test kitchen director Ruth Cousineau demonstrates a foolproof method for trimming, chopping, and washing leeks.

Test kitchen director Ruth Cousineau demonstrates a foolproof method for trimming, chopping, and washing leeks; try it when you make creamy leek soup or leek...

California asparagus season is here! Cecchini & Cecchini grows world-famous Delta asparagus in Brentwood. They were born into it, being the third generation to farm asparagus. The farm was started in the late 1930’s in the Delta by the Cecchini family and the business was one of the first members of the Asparagus Association.

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The kiwi! Just one cup of kiwi provides almost 275 percent of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin C.

If you want to improve skin, heart and eye health, and even fight cancer, you must add this fruit to your diet.

Find the green (and orange) produce at the farmers' market. Leeks and citrus are a perfect pair!…/15600-caramelized-fennel-leek-and-oran…

About 6 months ago, a friend gave me a gorgeous can of sucre roux a la coriandre, a sugar she'd bought at a specialty store in Vancouver. I wasn't totally sure what it was or how to use it, but I was intrigued. Turns out it's a coriander sugar and it's absolutely divine. I created this dish to highl...