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Rene Waters
· September 18, 2017
I want to send a big thank you to the administration of this page during the storm. My husband and I live in Horseshoe Beach and was trying to make decisions during Irma. This page keep us updated, in...formed and even took the time out to give me some great advice. I leaned on this page and was kept up to date with all that was going on before, during and after the hurricane. Thank you for keeping us always informed about our community. Rene' Waters See More
Kelly Chaires
· May 25, 2017
This is a really tough time to be a reporter and edit a paper. We live in a small community where everyone knows everyone, and for the most part we all like each other (Best place on earth to me). N...o ones family has been untouched by something we would rather not have published. I believe the Advocate does its very best to be unbiased and fair. Good families, or not - if you are arrested they report it. They don't make the news, they report it. See More
Emma Jerrells
· May 24, 2017
I think the flags up and down hwy 19 for the veterins should be free to all who has served not just to who has money for their loved ones Just not right to do for some for the love of money not a...ll has extra cash and my father and law Morris Jerrells served and should be honored just as well 🇺🇸💯😊 See More
Betty Mann
· January 28, 2018
I think it is an awesome paper. It has been around for a very , very long time.
Mike Downing
· May 3, 2017
I have been a resident of Dixie County for a few years now. I have also kept up with this paper and its posts. I am not one to usually one complain, but I have noticed all of the negativity that is po...sted on this page. I did some research and found that the editor of this paper quite frequently comments personally through her private account. I have seen some very harsh and rude things said. Not only from people on Facebook but also through the editors personal account. It is very clear this paper in not unbiased as it should be. This account also lets people talk down on this county (giving it a bad image). I would be ashamed of myself. But, as many things as this paper has wrong, then it wont be long till it is out of business. See More
Cheryl Howell
· May 24, 2017
I usually enter Dixie from the Old Town area. Recently I came in from Steinhatchee. It is amazing at the difference in the two. Come on Driggers, clean up your area and let Cross City be a more appet...izing place to set up new businesses😍👍🏻. Just saying... See More
Tracey Chace
· August 14, 2017
Editor just regurgitates Faux News lies. Spreads hate, racism, and bigotry from her personal page.
Sandra Bahloul
· November 7, 2015
Up to date, a good read, very quickly in the news as it happens! It's what people wait every week to read! Like property to rent, rent to own or buy! Also misc. things to buy, like what need to furnish a place to live, like bedroom sets & mattresses! It also list estate sales! The advocate will also list coupons for places like Hitchcock's & or the Dollar Store! So look every Thursday for the Dixie County Advocate! See More
Charlaine Cardwell
· August 23, 2016
I like to see an article about all the missing dogs in this area, and all theones found dead with their heads bashed i , what about the dog fighting?? No one writes about this someone needs to investi...gate check it out help us help our animals from such cruelty. See More
Melissa Hunt
· May 25, 2017
You are doing a great job of keeping us informed on ALL the local news good or bad. Thank you!
Tammy Jordan Bryan
· September 30, 2015
Thank u so much for your medical article in this weeks paper regarding type 1 diabetes! The research data provides was awesome and I look forward to the day when they find THE CURE! Type 1 diabetes S...uck ...waiting on a cure!
Again thanks for the info!
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Cheryl Gay Hickman
· September 3, 2016
I would like to see something done about cleaning up there yards and this is not because of the storm.
Freddie Redding
· August 2, 2015
Thanks for the pics my Wife is in the Hatch she had to stay at the Goodtimes Motel last night our place is under water
Gene Dalton
December 12, 2013
Just watched Trenton play Blountstown on ESPNU. In my opinion the state championship game was the week before between Dixie County and Trenton. Great job Bears and great season hold your heads high!!
Windie McKleroy Stryker
· March 26, 2015
Love it! Living in a small town, its great to have a source to find out what's happening.
Aulden Davis
· August 10, 2016
I like yalls Facebook post's , even though I don't live in Dixie County.... I like to know what's going on in the area
Lori Osborne Gilbert
· September 5, 2016
Good and Informed Information... News feeds around Dixie County and other Counties...
Jeanette Cowart
· November 3, 2016
I am coming back home and bringing a bigger family with me home!!
Edie Chavous
· April 4, 2015
Great source of information. I've been reading the advocate for most of my adult life, thanks for sharing with us.
Happy Independence Day from Stephenson's field!
This guy robbed Suwannee Valley Vet Saturday night. Do you recognize him? If you do, call Major Scott Harden at the DCSO 498-1231 or if you don't want to get involved in law enforcement, you can message me and I will pass on the info.
JV lady bears blow out Perry Bulldogs 17-1. And my kid, Georgia hit her first over the fence home run.

On 19 a white older chevy lost their plastic inner tube. We picked it up but could not catch up to them. We want to return it to the rightful owner. They can call 352 792 2043 and will have to be able to describe it.

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Kristina Cravey added 3 new photos.

Anyone know who's dog this is? Has a collar but no tag it's in my cousins yard she can't bring it in because she has carpet

Beta Club Cake Auction

Join your district’s Beta club to help raise money for the families of the Broward County area who were impacted by the recent school shooting.

The auction will be held at the Dixie County School Board building, located at:
16077 NE 19 Highway
Cross City, FL
On February 23rd, from 6-7pm

Who can come?
All people of the community who want to make charitable donations to the families of victims of the Parkland shooting can attend. If you would like to bring a cake, please contact Mrs. Jessica O’neal at 352-210-2375 and bring your cake to the School Board building as early as 5:30.

All donations made through the auction of cakes or collection of general donations will be given to, which directs all funds to the families of victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. If you would like to donate but cannot attend, the mentioned website will provide a reliable way to ensure your money goes towards those who need it.

The clubs involved in this cake auction include:
Dixie County Beta
Bell Beta

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Puppy home!

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Image may contain: dog
Elizabeth Chewning added 2 new photos.

Plz if anyone seen her or has her Plz bring her back she's family we miss her so bad you can just drop her off at my house no question ask my contact info is 3524404506 just call Plz 💔💔😭😭

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Chiefland Police Department added 3 new photos.

Do you know/recognize these two people and their vehicle? If so, please send us a private message. Thank you for your help!

On Thursday February 15th, a coach arrived at Ruth Rains Middle School at approximately 7:00am and heard water running in the locker room area of the gym. When she went to check on the source, she found a male subject fully clothed in the shower area. She left the area to report the incident and when law enforcement arrived the subject had fled the campus. The K-9 Team from Cross City Correctional was called to the campus along with the Taylor Correctional K-9 Team. Both ...K-9 Teams searched for several hours but were unable to locate the subject. At the time of the incident, the only thing that was discovered stolen was some RRMS clothing. Later in the day it was discovered that some of the students had in fact had personal items stolen and on Friday the School Resource Deputy met with these students to get a list of property that was stolen. Also during the day, Friday, the Coach was going through items in the locker room and discovered a cell phone. When she checked the phone to see if it was one of the students, she realized it was the suspect’s. She again notified the school administration who called investigators with the Sheriff’s Office.

As a result of this, Charles L. Dolin, 46 years of age, of Cedar Key, was arrested late Friday afternoon in connection with this incident. Dolin was charged with Burglary and Grand Theft and is currently in the Dixie County Jail awaiting his first court appearance.

Dolin was convicted of loitering/prowling and drug paraphernalia use or possession in Dixie County in 2008.

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There's no school Monday, FYI, for President's Day

Please keep an eye out for this young lady’s car, her college books were in it when it was stolen.

Brenda Sherman McDowell is feeling angry with Anstareo Mcdowell and 2 others.

Attn: my daughter car was stolen out of our yard in Cross city, Florida early morning Feb 13, 2018 . The boys that stole it have some type of device that can op...en up your car door. I had her spare key in my truck. That how they was able to drive off with her car. We have video surveillance of them that night trying to gain access to our vehicles and our neighbors cars and trucks. Please be careful because this is not the first time they have done this week before they stole packages off our back porch last week and in November stole money out of one of our cars we thought we being careless and leaving our car unlock the video that shows it we weren’t careless. So be careful not to leave spare keys or valuables in car at anytime of the Day because they are quick and bold because they showed up the next night to gain access to our 2014 GMC SerriA Trurck but the alarm was set and went off and scared them off before we could shot. Please make sure your alarm is set on your vehicle at all times . Just want to help anyone from being a victim like us. If anyone sees a Black Nissan 2017 four door car most like bent up please call the police because yes we want them to prosecute with the maximum sentence possible.

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Gilchrist County schools are closed tomorrow after receiving a threat; they're not sure if it's serious, but they're erring on the side of caution.

In other school news, a homeless man apparently broke into the gym at RRMS and broke into the girl's locker room and did some equipment damage. I'll let you know if I get something official, but there does not seem to be any danger to kids at this time and school is going to open like normal.

We'd like to welcome our newest reporter, Elicia Carter, who is going to be covering softball for us this season.

Don't forget we collect dog food for needy elderly folks who are having issues feeding pets...stop by the Advocate. Limit one bag per person.

Our dog titan got out today around 3:30. He’s solid black and has a red collar on. Someone saw a person put a leash on him in front of the quicken building and we can’t seem to find him. If anyone sees him or knows where he is please let me know!— Donna Walker

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Somebody missing this cutie? Call Kim Dahm.

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Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office

******REWARD OFFERED******

The Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office needs citizens assistance to solve a burglary of a residence that occurred on February 5, 2018... off of County Road 337 South (ADDYJONES Road). Detectives are diligently working the case and believe the individual(s) who committed the crime may have sold or solicited people to purchase the following items: IPad, miscellaneous hunting equipment, and a Nikon camera. There is a $1000.00 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case. If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact Sgt. Clint Anderson at (352) 339-2951 or remain anonymous by calling the GCSO Tip Line at (352)463-7809.

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