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Producer problems 😂

BrandoMonium [of bOFUM] is celebrating success.

Just hit 20,000 plays on SoundCloud. Thank you to everyone for checking out bOFUM! Small steps...

bOFUM, pronounced "bow-fum," is an electronic production and dj duo. We have been making music together for over a decade. If you aren't into bass, bootyshaking, and having fun, you might be in the wr

Hey Google, FuntCase​ looks just like Doctor P​ without his mask on! Same dude! Identity revealed!
P.S. marshmello​ is also Tiësto​ ICYMI. LoL 😂

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BrandoMonium [of bOFUM] is feeling useful.

Currently 258 downloads on my Stem/Remix mapping (w/another 50+ @ DJ TechTools) . Thank you to everyone who checked it out so far! I am currently in progress with (and very excited about) 4 other mappings (Launchpad S; Launchpad Pro; Xone:K2; Livid DS1). Stay Tuned!
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#bMONIUM #bOFUM #DJTT #DJTechTools #TraktorBible

bMONIUM Stem/Remix Knobs and Faders (4 Deck_2x2)

RIP, funky drummer.

The world just got a little less funky.

RIP Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's Funky Drummer – the man who created one of the most widely sampled drum breaks ever.

Subscribe to James Brown: James Brown gives his drummer (Clyde Stubblefield) the spotlight at the live concert at the Boston Garden on ...

bOFUM has not been as dormant as it might seem. We currently have over 20 projects in progress and are putting together two albums. Hoping to drop a huge amount of music sometime in the near future...Stay tuned and thank you to all for the continued support!

THE DESTROYER 2 - Extinction Event
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Today I am beyond stoked to drop the sequel to 2014’s THE DESTROYER. This might be the best mix of my career. I spent a long long time working on it, th...inking about it, listening to it, polishing the components. I like to believe that I take my DJ mixes more seriously than most DJs that I know. I like to think that I am pretty good at making them This thing clocks in at around 2 hours with 138 tracks. It's big. The intro is killer. There are plenty of different moods throughout this thing…it evolves. I want people to listen to this and be like…DAMN!If you like drum and bass, don’t like drum and bass, or don’t know drum and bass…you should check this out. Make sure to play it loud as possible. And please enjoy 🔊🔥💯

PLEASE SHARE THIS MIX!!!! I am running a contest. Winner gets a tshirt from my collaboration with Damascus and will also get PERMANENT GUEST LIST FOR LIFE at any of my shows. YES. To enter you must tag two friends in this post and share the mix on your page. I will choose a winner in January.

THANK YOU!!!…/the-destroyer-2-extinction-event

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So sad... Thoughts to those and their families in Oakland. #RaveCaveFire…/oakland-warehouse-party-fire-…

‘We’re hoping that there are no additional bodies’, fire chief says, as relatives of the missing use social media to appeal for information
Listen to Dr Meaker - Wanna Feel Love feat. Yolanda (bOFUM RMX). undefined

Man, music is such a therapeutic force in my life. Without it I think I would legitimately tumble into insanity.

Is plagiarizing deadmau5 the new quick and dirty way of becoming (in)famous or what?! This just keeps happening. Wrong dude to mess with! He (or his ridiculous number of fans) will find you. And, you will loose in court...idiots.
#Deadmau5 #Plagerism #Copycats

The Forreal Prod by TrvshGod off 990verallEP Production/Drums- TrvshGod (sample:deadmau5-I Remember)
BrandoMonium [of bOFUM] is feeling accomplished.

Finally finished my custom Allen & Heath XONE:k2 midi mapping last night. 4 Channel mixer with gain adjust, auto gain adjust, fx control (buttons only - I personally have knobs on a seperate controller), browse, load, eq (with kills), on air leds, and track seek (with cue). Single layer mapping with modifier for easy porting to the k1. Once the documentation is put together, I'll be adding it to The DJ Bible and DJ Tech Tools. More info coming soon!

haha pretty accurate