¡Un poco sobre la historia de Allwithbooks!
Gracias por la entrevista, Disruptivo TV.

Conozcan a Allwithbooks, una empresa social realmente inspiradora, de esas que son un ejemplo claro de lo que significa ser una empresa social. ¡Escuchen!

En el podcast de hoy hablamos de AllWithBooks una empresa social que vende libros escritos por comunidades mayas y así construyen bibliotecas para esas comunidades donde los niños devoran algo más que comida. Una historia que combina Crowdfunding e Impacto Social como ingredientes. Inició su primer…

My first lessons as a father.
A piece I wrote a few months ago. #HappyFathersDay

Today, my daughter Paloma turns 4 months old. While I have learned a lot about being a parent and how to stay awake during the day with…

"We want to make books available to every child by connecting readers from around the world." #AllWithBooks

Today AllWithBooks launches on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, starting with a $20 early special. AllWithBooks is a social enterprise…

Everything starts as an idea.
This is how the idea of making books available to every child started...

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In my professional life my biggest fear was being exposed. Exposed with being open on what I was doing and failing in front of everybody. Not anymore. #DoGoodFirst #AllWithBooks

I have quite a few fears in my life, and now that I have a wife and daughter, my list of fears have greatly increased.

Sharing Royalties and One Book for Any Book You Choose are our two models of making books available to every child. #DoGoodFirst #AllWithBooks

Making books available to every child in the world is a gigantic goal. But just like if you’re going to eat something big, you need to…

I had the opportunity to talk to Chid, founder of Uniform with the purpose of getting advice on how to make a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The best advice I got from him had nothing to do with Kickstarter.

Excuses often come from things out of our control, whether it is in business, sports, politics, and even our personal lives. However, when…

I've taken notes from every book that I have read. This are the notes of the books I've read on 2016 which inspired us to start "doing good first"!

My personal notes from every book that I have read since 2016 — DoGoodFirst. Our journey towards building a successful business by always doing good first.

The Corporate values are not the ones written on the walls, but how you talked inside the walls. This is how we do what we do!

Corporate values are the values of the founders. You can’t make them up or use the values that sound the best or most appealing.

A library can provide services in areas such as health, agriculture, government, employment, business, and education.

That is why we build libraries with our book sales!

A library is so much more than just a quiet place where you can go to read or study. Libraries can be local hubs for community development…

We don’t get to choose where we are born and who our family is.
I was reminded of how lucky I have been my entire life.

Last week I visited Katab, a Mayan community in Campeche that is located in southern Mexico, for the third time.

A brand name that says our purpose, promise, and value to the customer. Thanks Simon Sinek! #AllWithBooks

The most important component in creating a successful brand is providing a good product, not the brand name itself.

One of the first decisions to be made was what type of organization we would run to achieve our purpose. Should it be a nonprofit or for-profit?

Our purpose is to make books available to every child, and every decision we take is to help us achieve that goal. If it won’t help us get…

"If a person can read, they can learn anything. If they can learn anything, they can do anything."

I truly believe that a single book can help change the world.

Starting our journey : )

“The aim of a social business is to solve a problem, not to create new problems with his business methods.” - Muhammad Yunus
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