Electric shock collars are still #shockinglylegal in England. Only Westminster has the power to ban sales of shock collars - which can shock a dog for up to 11 seconds - so we're asking for your support to ask your MP to #banshockcollars.

On Twitter? Head over to our Twitter page and share the animation in a tweet to your MP to #banshockcollars

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Dogs Trust launch #shockinglylegal campaign to ban electric shock collars

Gorgeous Bramble is a toy obsessed, big puppy who adores everyone he meets and loves nothing more than a fuss and cuddle! 🐶

Bramble is good with other dogs but can be quite excitable and is unaware of his size. Bramble would be best suited being the only dog in the home and with someone who has time to give him basic training.

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Can you believe it’s more than three years since a new Sponsor A Dog TV Advert was aired?! We thought it was about time our amazing sponsor dog scheme got another chance to enjoy the limelight… here’s a preview of our BRAND NEW advert :). The 90 second ad, which was shot at Dog Trust Basildon, features a dog named Cyril telling a true story, all the way to his happy ending at Dogs Trust. We really hope you like it as much as we do!
Our Canine Care Card is a FREE service that gives you peace of mind, knowing that Dogs Trust will care for your dog/s if you pass away before they do. If you pass away and have a Canine Care Card, we will arrange to bring your dog/s to our nearest rehoming centre. Upon arrival they will be examined by our expert vet and cared for by our dedicated, trained staff. We will find your dog/s new owners whose lifestyle and experience match their needs. But if for any reason your dog/s cannot be rehomed, rest assured Dogs Trust never puts down a healthy dog, so we will look after them for the rest of their lives. Visit > to request a form today.
It’s #BlueMonday – apparently the most depressing day of the year?! So… we are brightening your day with lots of happy dogs! These images were sent in to us from our supporters after our Spring Wag competition – we’ve been waiting for the puurfect time to share some of our faves with you, so here we go – we’re turning #BlueMonday yellow! #yellowmonday #dogstrust #rehome #adogisforlife #wagmagazine #supporterpics #spotyourdog
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Katy Graves
· January 14, 2018
It’s shameful that an organisation which purports to put dog welfare as its highest priority should use an animal for cheap publicity.
Gets good news coverage as a ‘largest dog’ story but this animal... is wanted by his breeder, a highly responsible and knowledgeable woman who had a contract with the owners fir the dog to be returned if the home failed.
She has offered to pay their homing fee, she is registered on the microchip and at the Kennel Club as the keeper. She is in the best position to care for him and find a new home.
And to add injury to the insult, they intend to neuter him much too early fir a giant, slow maturing breed.
Do the right thing Dogs Trust and save some credibility.
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Adele Melia
· January 16, 2018
Absolutely disgusted to here of Opie the Saint Bernards story ! His breeder has asked for him back and has offered to pay your adoption fee, this dog is still a baby and needs alot more time to grow b...efore even contemplating neutering !! .. dogs trust should have the dogs best interests at heart and that would be to return him back to his breeder or allow the saint Bernard trust to take him in where an appropriate home would be found within the saint Bernard community ! Dogs trust should ask previous owners if any contracts between themselves and the breeder have been agreed and if so the dog should be returned to the breeder ! Not all breeders are back yard breeders these people care for each and everyone of their pups, giving lifetime support and should be given first priority to take the dog back ! Shame on you dogs trust I hope this dog does not end up in the wrong hands and finds himself back in kennels or worse with various health caused by premature neutering in giant breeds !!! See More
Andy Lake
· October 9, 2017
Let me start by saying I used to have nothing but praise for Dogs Trust. Unfortunately my opinion has now changed based on our recent visit to the Ilfracombe centre. Myself and my wife have no and are very animal orientated, supporting many environmental charities each month. We have always taken on dogs from rescue centres and I myself used to work in a rescue centre, having a deep rooted passion for wildlife and welfare. We know how to manage difficult dogs and what levels of commitment and care are involved.
We do not need to be patronised when the evidence is clear. Having two dogs from this centre previously you would expect there to be no issues whatsoever, especially when our new home/garden is much bigger. Passed from pillar to post through various younger staff who have half the experience we do puts us off to a bad start. Inferring our home isn't good enough because we don't shut the dogs in all day is also not well received. Telling us the dog was reserved for us then telling us it wasn't, is not appreciated. Asking us to travel a 3 hour round trip as much as possible despite a successful mixing with our younger dog is unnecessary, but we did so anyway. And finally to be told our home with a 1.2 acre garden isn't good enough is an absolute joke. Dogs trust need to re-evaluate their very selective criteria otherwise you are putting even more dogs at risk. You're in the job of finding a loving home that understands the importance of commitment. But you have failed.
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B Jayne Wilson
· January 16, 2018
The dogs trust do a wonderful job in finding rescue dogs forever homes. Thank you for all you do for them. I don't think it's fair to rate you as poor over one dog that people believe you've got wrong.... I'm sure you will consider what is best for the dog in question. This might mean changing your mind and returning him to the breeder. Whatever you decide I appreciate what you do for hundreds of dogs xx See More
Grace Adams
· January 15, 2018
Dogs trust Loughborough have taken in a 1 year old Saint Bernard who is still microchipped and owned by the original breeder, as the person who bought him from her did not bother to change the details.... The breeder got in touch with Dogs Trust Loughborough as soon as she found out that one of the dogs she sold had been handed in there, offering to take him straight back and to pay the adoption fee, as any responsible breeder would. Dogs trust REFUSED to listen or cooperate but decided to rehome him instead, to someone who may or may not understand the complexity of this breed.
But the worst part is that they are going to have him neutered this week which could cause serious health problems for him in the future as he is still very young and still growing and maturing.
It seems Dogs trust are only interested in taking credit for being the ones who rehomed him, without any consideration for the dogs wellbeing.
I hope they do the right thing before it's too late.
But I will never consider donating nor using any of their 'services' not now nor ever.
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Felicity Stryjak
· January 18, 2018
Recent events regarding Opie the St Bernard have only confirmed my poor view of Dogs Trust. Volunteers touting for donations in my local area are nothing short of aggressive. It is clear from the fact... that the Trust is willing for Opie to be castrated at his age that they know nothing of giant breeds, and though I only know Opie's breeder by reputation, that reputation is stellar. It is disgraceful, in my eyes, that an organisation that was instrumental in bringing about the law regarding chipping, is prepared to take money to chip animals but will not scan animals brought to them because 'the law does not require it'. What the heck is the point of chipping if it does not help dogs to be returned to people who know them and love them and will take care of them. It's not as if money would be lost in this instance because the breeder was willing to pay whatever necessary to get her puppy back, and a contract requiring that if the owners no longer wanted him. They are not just rehoming for money, surely? Nothing will convince me that The Dogs Trust have the welfare of the animals in their care at heart and can only hope that the new 'owners' of Opie will see all this publicity and do the decent thing by contacting his breeder. See More
Mischelle Akid
· January 16, 2018
I have cancelled my two subscriptions to the dogs trust on you not returning Opie the St Bernard to his breeder. I rescued a St Bernard and also know that if you castrate this boy before the age of tw...o you create more problems for his health, bones and growing. So disappointed! I have other giant breeds and am so sad you're using him in this way 🙁 See More
Elizabeth Chi Brewington
· 17 hours ago
You are spreading lies - I used to donate money to you - because I thought you cared for dogs but it’s all just for profit- it makes me so sad. You jumping on bandwagon saying that loving dog owners e...lectrocute dogs. Maybe you should concentrate on real abuse that is happening..and why your dogs aren’t being trained before rehoming/ so that they can boomerang back and you will get paid multiple times for same dog ����.All 6 of mine have been e collar conditioned do they look harmed and abused- hmmm let me think about that ..,well “No” because ecollars aren’t what you think they are - you need to start learning that new technology is here and it actually helps owners and dogs humanely See More
Michaela Smith
· February 10, 2018
Found a perfect dog for us in the Leeds branch. Passed all checks, including the home check. No problems whatsoever. Gave them my vets name that I used for my dogs that had died some time before. Henc...e the reason we wanted another.
Went out & bought all the stuff. Dog bed, lead, bowls, coat etc. Still no problem. Went to collect our new family member along with my very excited 6 year old nephew only to be told we weren’t allowed to adopt the dog after all. Or any other dog for that matter.....
they’re reason for this is when they checked my vets record it showed I’d not visited wiv either of my dogs for at least 4 years. Not for boosters or anything so in their eyes I was neglecting my dogs. I did point out that the reason my dogs were not visiting the vet is that 1 had died 5 years before & the other 1 the following year. The manager didn’t appreciate looking foolish so told me its best I leave as I won’t be getting a dog from “her centre”
Will not entertain dogs trust ever again. I was horrified that they’d suggest I’d neglect an animal. My nephew was so upset & I was very much out of pocket.
Do dogs trust are denying needy dogs wonderful loving homes.
Shame on them!
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Anna O'Kane
· January 10, 2018
Fantastic place in our experience, look after the dogs well and invested time in making sure our rescue dog Flossy felt safe with us and us with her.

Yes, we did need to do multiple visits and the p...rocess of adoption was longer than we expected but if we hadn't I don't think our lovely new addition to our family would have settled in as well as she has.

Based on our experience, we couldn't speak highly enough of them.

Continue doing the fantastic work you're doing for these wonderful dogs!!
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John A. Christie
· January 17, 2018
I got my last dog, Blitz, at just 9 months old, from The Dog's Trust on 2nd January 2007, after my previous dog, Socks, was tragically run over and killed on Christmas Eve 2006. It broke my heart on 2...8th August last to have to let him go due to a serious heart problem. Both dogs were Greyhounds and the two most beautiful, loving, friendly souls imaginable. Due to Council law, I cannot have another dog where I currently live, otherwise I'd take two rescue Greyhounds without any hesitation. Having these two dogs has been the two greatest privileges of my life and I shall be ever grateful to The Dog's Trust for letting me have Blitz. The workthey do is truly amazing ☺ See More
Karen H Wilson
· January 30, 2018
after our recent visit to dogs trust in Whitburn, I must say, we left very disappointed. we were welcomed by a very pleasant young woman who went through out paperwork and asked all relevant question...s. we too alignment our 2 year old daughter as advised.

on going to the centre, we were given the chance to walk around and see all dogs available. 2 dogs out of 20 were allowed to be home with kids. now I around me all for the safety of kids and animals but come on!! everyone is always advised to rescue instead of buying puppies but none are available for families.

we finally came across a cross breed huskie type (a puppy who could be homes with kids) GREAT we thought. . how wrong were we.

went to speak 2 hr girl but we had been passed onto onto a gentle man with very broken English who failed to answer many questions we had and kept saying that because our garden wasn't enclosed fully, we were unable to take any dog unless it was a mini dog.

we have have a huge garden, however, that is where my daughter plays and no dog would be going to the toilet where she plays. our dog would be walked accordingly. this wasn't good enough for dogs trust. they want you to have a garden where your dog can just 'go of their own accord'

I asked what could we do in terms of fencing so that we can be reviewed again. basically nothing. a full 6ft fence around all garden areas.

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Sarah Jane Starbuck
· November 16, 2017
My 76 year old friend, who has donated monthly to Dog's Trust for the last 8 or so years, adopted two older dogs who, we were told, had no health issues. We specifically asked because one's teeth were... chattering constantly on a walk round the centre, and he was shaking quite a lot, but the staff (two different ones) told us it was an affectation. This continued after adoption and he seemed to have no energy and struggled for breath when walking from day one. On taking him to the vets we were told he has STAGE 4 heart disease, one stage away from needing to be put down. The shaking and teeth chattering are classic signs impossible to mistake. His palliative care (medication) will cost well over £100 a month. On contacting Bridgend to express surprise that they had not picked up such advanced heart disease and ask that they provide his medication, they told us to take him to their vet - Maes Glas - for examination. We did, they said the problem had occurred after adoption (he had been at her home for a month) and my 76 year old pensioner friend would have to fund it (out of her £300 a month income). Clearly it did not happen after adoption - he displayed all the classic signs whilst in the shelter. I'm sure the fact that Bridgend Dogs Trust put a huge amount of business Maes Glas's way had nothing to do with their reaching that conclusion. And if they were the vet that missed his heart disease when he was in the centre, I'm sure that had nothing to do with it either. So now my friend will have no option but to return the dogs (father and daughter, cannot be separated) because she simply cannot afford his medication. Nice one Dog's Trust. Way to put animal welfare at the fore front of your work, and a really wonderful way to treat a vulnerable OAP, you bunch of crooks. I've put the collection tin I have for you in my shop in the bin and my friend has cancelled her direct debit. And Maes Glas is well and truly off our Christmas card list. See More
Steph Schofield
· January 16, 2018
So disappointed that Dogs Trust Loughborough do not do the right thing with Opie the St Bernard.The decision not to return him to his breeder and worst of all to neuter him at 13 months of age show they have no knowledge of this breed and the health issues that can occur with early neutering .
The decision not to return or involve the breeders is diabolical.They also choose not to accept the help of St Bernard Trust ,who are experts in rehoming this breed .
Please reconsider and do the right thing for Opie and his caring breeders .
It is clear that Dogs Trust are in no way acting in the best interests of Opie and they should be ashamed of the way they are handling this .Do the right thing and return him to his breeders .
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Anna O'Loughlin
· January 14, 2018
I am writing about a Saint Bernard, one of your centres are keeping. That centre is Loughborough. I am disgusted that you are refusing to return him to his breeders, who might I add is will to pay t...he adoption fee to get him back, also might I add again all his papers are in the McDonald's name, they are still registered owners of this dog. Karen and Mark are outstanding Saint Bernard Breeders in England who wants the best for their breed. They keep in regular contact with the owners who bought dogs from them and have a contract stating that if for any reason a person is not able to keep or look after a dog they will take it back no judgement and no questions asked, thats what a good dog breeder does.
Dogs Trust are suppose to have the best interest for an animal, however this does not seem to be the case in this situation where a 13 month old Saint Bernard (Giant Breed) is going to be neutered, which will have terrible consequences to this animal. This just shows how little you know about Giant Breed Dogs, he has not fully grown and also raises the question of other breeds you have in your centres and if the best interest of the dog is being looked after.
Opie needs to be given back to his breeders where he will have the best care and will be looked after properly by people who have great knowledge of the breed. I am pleading to you to do the right thing for this beautiful dog and give him back to the rightful owners.
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Charmian Marie Hume
· January 16, 2018
It deeply sadden with your choice of not returning the st bernard to his breeder and also considering castration a giant at a young age. This will cause more issue in long term. Clearly keeping him all for your status and donation. Its never nice to use a dog for human gain. See More
Lizy Barbrooke
· January 16, 2018
Im am absolutley disgusted and upset over the "opie the saint Bernard " story , where he has been put in your Loughborough kennels through someone not sticking by the contract they had between the bre...eders and themselves , and the breeders have contacted the Loughborough branch to get opie back home with Mr and Mrs McDonald where opie belongs and they are being told NO even though the breeders are still his owner on KC papers and microchip !! You should be ashamed of your staff at this said branch for not thinking of the baby's best interest and to get him back with his owner .
On another note if you have any experience in Saint Bernards you would know never to neuter him at such a young age !!! This whole thing is ludicrous .
Shame on you dogs trust !
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Will Murray
· January 15, 2018
The handling of the Opie case has been truly dreadful and appallingly dealt with. The Dogs Trust as an organisation has lost all my support with this isolated case.

I do apprecaite the hard, jobs the staff carry out but, the DT has it's moral compass pointed in the wrong direction.

Poor Opie must be returned to his breeder who has Opie' s chip registered to them.

Truly shocking.
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Ffion Dts
· January 14, 2018
OPIE the Saint Bernard

I'm appalled by how dogs trust have handled this situation! All puppies from Karen MacDonald come with a contract that has a reuturn to breeder clause included!!!! It's disgra...ceful and down right cruel of this charity NOT doing the right thing by the puppy and sending him home to the breeder!!!! I will not be giving any donations or shares for Dogs trust ever again because this is borderline illegal, Opie is contractually obliged to be returned to Karen (the breeder). It's cruel not sending him home where he belongs. Karen deserves to know where her baby is going and to be able to keep in touch with Opie and his new family! Her help and advice is invaluable and needed for most of us who buy pups and Opies new owners could really do with Karen on the other end if the phone for help and advice should they need it! See More
Claire Stoter
· January 16, 2018
I had a lot of respect for the dogs Trust, but not now after the treatment of Opie the St. Bernard’s breeders! They are the right full owners of this dog and need him home! Its absolutely disgusting t...hat you are ignoring the contact the breeders have,
Opie need to be back with them so he’s looked after correctly and to even contemplate castration of a dog this young just show you have no idea what you are doing with this breed!
Please do the right thing and return him to His breeders!!
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