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Oh baby boy. I need to remember to tell you how much I love you more often. You fitted into our family so well that we forget you haven’t always been here. Sometimes I worry that you don’t get as much attention as Archie used too. Life gets so busy and you’re not one for ever sitting still so it’s hard to just sit and be with you, and for that I’m sorry. The funny thing is you need us more than Archie ever did. You’re not happy in your own company, only when you have us all around you are you truly content. You might not get every bit of our attention little one but you got 3 times the love and that seems to be ok with you...

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This exact time last year I sat under this tree, completely covered in blossom with a 2 and a half year old Archie and a 7 month Elliot bump. The snow has put a bit of a hold on Spring, so far from a tree of blossom it’s still a giant twig but I can’t wait for Spring days to finally be here and enjoy them with my boys. Less than 2 weeks until the clocks go forward! 🎉 are you a Spring🌸/Summer☀️ or Autumn🍂/Winter❄️ lover?

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. My first with Elliot ❤️ I am so, so lucky to have these boys in my life, they run me ragged but I love being their Mummy. A huge Happy Mother’s Day to my own Mum, Nan, & Mum in-law. All amazing Mum’s that I feel so blessed to have in my life and the best Nan’s these boys could wish for! And to all my friends and family who became Mummy’s this year and who are about too. I’m also thinking about those that find this day really tough, who don’t have their Mum’s or their babies to celebrate with in person, so much love and strength to you today ❤️

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There’s a lot I wish I could tell this little girl. Advice that would have helped her through some tough times. Not to spend the next 20 odd years worrying about every, tiny little thing that could go wrong, about what other people think of her, her skin, her looks, her personality. Not to be so hard on herself for not being like everyone else. When I was 11 years old a doctor who was helping me with my anxiety asked me what I saw my future looking like, and I remember her I didn’t think I had a future. How sad is that coming from an 11 year olds mouth? If only she knew back then how wrong she was and the amazing things that her future held. #internationalwomensday felt like the perfect time to celebrate what I and so many other girls have been able to achieve and overcome. Because we are strong, confident and can do anything we put our minds too.
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. Do the thing you think you cannot do - Eleanor Roosevelt

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Why is this the cutest thing I’ve ever seen? 😍😩 this little guy and lots more in tonight’s video. (I’m very egg-cited 🙊)

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It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint and some new accessories can lift your mood and change how you live day to day. I love interior design and I recently got the chance to give our dining room/playroom/office room a bit of a makeover with @Dulux, choosing their 2018 Colour of the Year, Heart Wood. If you love a good before and after reveal, then head over to my new video to see how we transformed the whole room and made it more of a cosy, family friendly space. For more #HeartWood inspiration, and to shop my room look, check out the link in my bio
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The snow seems to be melting now so here’s another snow day photo with my little baby bear before it’s gone and the warm Spring sunshine takes over (jk, we live in the U.K. 😂) He’s so heavy I can’t lift him any higher than this and even then I can do it for about a second! Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday. Archie’s having a tantrum because we won’t let him get the paddling pool out so I think he’s ready for some sun too!

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Happy World Book Day! I hope you didn’t spend too long on a costume for it to be cancelled by the snow! I’ve got it all to look forward to next year when Archie at big school 🤭. Yesterday we had a few exciting appointments, followed by a cosy afternoon making our very own books with @HPEurope Mini Big Books. Archie loved being the hero of his own story and we ended up making loads to read at bedtime! It’s all over on my new video which has just gone live. Link in my bio or swipe up on my stories to watch! ad #MiniBigBooks #HPENVYPrinter #WorldBookDay

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I’m not going to lie, Rik’s snow and weather updates every 15 minutes for the last week have very nearly driven me insane and I’ve contemplated selling him or perhaps trading him for a one way ticket to anywhere warm and sunny. But when the snow FINALLY came down enough for him to stop staring out of the window longingly like a kid waiting for Father Christmas, and I could see how happy he was just to be able to take the boys out in it, have a snowball fight with Archie at 7:00am this morning and build a snowman (although a pretty tiny one) it just reminded me how much I love him. I wish snow could make me that happy. I need to be more Rikki 😂 #bemorerikki #snowday

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Sunday snuggles with my boy. I really need to get on and clean upstairs whilst he watches Toy Story and has lunch in our bed which he’s very excited about as that’s much more fun than sitting at the table! I haven’t been about as much on social media the last week or so and I hate when that happens but it doesn’t mean I’m not working, lots isn’t going on behind the scenes, I just need more hours in the day! But just for this afternoon I’m going to stop and cuddle this boy before before he does anymore growing up! 😫❤️😍

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This was from Valentine’s day but how could I let this cracker of a photo go to waste? 😘 Argh I just love them so much my heart hurts. #kissesformyboys💋💋💋

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I managed to go out & get a few outfit shots last week which I’m hoping to do lots more this year! Loving being able to shop and find my style again and 8 months after having Elliot I’m finally starting to feel a bit more like me! I did an asos haul a few days ago which is up on my channel now. (You can swipe up on my YouTube highlight to go straight to my channel if you want to watch!) And don’t forget there’s only a few more hours to enter my £150 ASOS voucher giveaway with @channelmum the link’s in my bio so GO AND ENTER!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️💋🌹I couldn’t feel more lucky to have these 3 handsome boys in my life! They are everything

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Good morning! This little whirlwind is off to nursery and Elliot had a slightly better nights sleep (I think he only had us up 3 times, and I can see his top two teeth about to come through so I think they might be the culprit!) I’m feeling so much better than yesterday when I honestly felt like an extra from The Walking Dead after being up every hour. Come on Monday, let’s do this! 💪

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Winter strolls with my littlest boy ❤️ Hope you’re all having a lovely start to the weekend, are you up to anything fun?

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Nothing feels better than fresh, new hair! It’s feels so swishy! 😍 Thank you so much @sallys_stylingx I’ve already bought the tongs and brush you recommended 🙊 #newhair #hairinspo

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