Domain Hostmaster no longer carries the portfolio of new "ICANN Era" gTLD name extensions offered by Uniregistry due to repetitive price increase issues. Most new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) already carry a hefty price tag and come with a significant maintenance (registration and renewal) cost over the cost of traditional .com, .net, .org and the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) extensions (ie: .US).

Although all current Domain Hostmaster new gTLD names from the U...niregistry names registry catalog will not be available for registration, though we will continue to support all Uniregistry domain name renewals at right in your familiar domain manager.

The following domain name extensions are affected:


I actually don't believe many DH customers are affected, as these domain name extensions barely sold. But Uniregistry's constant price increases make them an inappropriate offering when we stand for affordable, discount prices to our online professional customer community.

There are exceptions, though. The new gTLD .company is an exceptional value. It's just a bit long to type. Also note that .com domains still demand the highest resale cost in the premium domain name aftermarket (.net and country code TLD domains are usually 10% the value of a premium .com domain name).

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Australian domain name extensions are new! I just finished marking down, & $4.00 to $25.98 USD.

Domain Hostmaster shared a link.
July 28
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New Era gTLD (nTLD) Registries with Glitches:


You can still register these domain name extensions (provided you find an available name you want with a particular extension registry), however, I am having trouble reducing the prices on these particular new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) to our world famous low prices because of a pricing glitch.

The problem has been reported and the issue is being addressed. I will update the news post concerning this glitch at:

...when rectified.

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New Era gTLD (nTLD) Registries with Glitches:


You can still register these domain name extensions (provided you find an available name you want with a particular extension registry), however, I am having trouble reducing the prices on these particular new gTLDs (generaic Top Level Domains) to our world famous low prices because of a pricing glitch.

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I just updated the news log at

Having a glitch with several domain extensions that doesn't allow me to discount the registration, renewal, or transfer prices.

Luckily, all of the other gTLD prices are discounted as far as they can go.


I'll update the post once the glitch is addressed, fixed and the affected registry extensions have been discounted.

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Still the lowest prices around (even for hosting), and we're adding the new gTLD registry extensions often (I need to update the offered gTLD extension names list).

Dedicated support team 24/7.
Phone & web ticket support.

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I just changed the phone number back this past week and now it is showing the tech support number again.

+1 (605) 251-8973

The number I want and expect to be displayed is for sales, and I can even provide tech support to get anyone going.


If @Facebook dares change it to anything other than that number once I get on my computer and change it back once again this morning, I think I have a pretty darn good case to sue Facebook for false representation of my business and brand.

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I am getting angry with Facebook. On all of my Facebook Pages, Facebook is constantly changing my sales & contact telephone number to the technical support phone number without asking, without permission.

To contact Domain Hostmaster, please call:


Or write an email to:
hostmaster (atsign)

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Once again, Facebook is messing with my pages. It keeps changing my phone number from...

(605) 251-8973 some other number for a contracted third party phone support bank that doesn't understand anything but technical support questions.


Please call # +1.605.251.8973 to get ahold of me, the office, or sales.

It seems that Facebook is intentionally screwing with all the phone numbers that I have personally entered as the owner for each and every single Facebook page I manage, and this sort of diabolical ruthlessness playing God with no care for my businesses and brands is not only a liability for its own service and product, it is an obstacle to capitalism as well as a challenge to individuality and my right to free speech.

I find it incredible that Facebook won't even allow me to correct their mistake right now, as well.

Quit this, Facebook! You are infringing on the integrity and convenience of my brand with deceptive information and won't even allow me to correct your mistakes!

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Why is it @Facebook always sends you to strange places when visiting your own Facebook pages? I suppose because it is always selling ads, which makes it one of the greatest creators of web spam ever known.

Thing is, It should be paying attention to how its users use it and make the UX easier for them, not a damn riddle. If I am accessing my page to update my status each time, that's where I should land. Certainly, not on an ad performance page when I have so few followers and no ads running!

Presently busy working on a website update. All the content is ready, just trying to pin down the design. I will announce the new site update when it's ready.

Over the past 9 days or so, I have spent considerable time going through all of the gTLD name extensions and reducing those prices to their minimum for each (if they haven't already been reduced to their mininum retail sale price).

I have succesfully checked or reduced the price of the following domain names to their minimum price point allowable:


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ICANN generic/global Top Level Domain (gTLD) Name Extension Registries Lists:

ICANN "New Era" gTLDs:
.academy :: recruit new students with .academy
.accountant :: calculate success with .accountant...

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All ICANN New Era TLD issues have been rectified quite some time ago, I have been busy so I haven't been able to keep up with all the updates and social sites.

I am currently working on trying to get my taxes done before the deadline and am trying to get a few projects buttoned-up in order to do so.

Once I am all caught-up and taxes are done, I'll be posting some new features that are already available at Domain Hostmaster.

There is presently an issue with some of the new ICANN Era domain name extensions at Domain Hostmaster. While we are working on the issue, just know that if a domain name extension doesn't display a per year registration fee price, then it is currently not working.

If you do register the domain name, don't select any extensions that do not display a registration price, because when you do continue on to the cart, the domain extension without the price will produce an error a...nd your cart will be emptied.

This is a known issue that Special Domain Services is looking to rectify. We hope to have it corrected within the next 2 or 3 days time. Thanks for your understanding.

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