I’ve been reflecting lately upon spiritual protectors and guardians, and have translated some of these musings into jewels...I do believe that, much like a prayers, wearing jewels that portray our spiritual icons can bring us strength and inspiration. From Angels, to Buddhas to Goddesses, check out Dominion of Light Jewels latest Spark Presentation!

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Koi Fish in the Sky with Diamonds . . .
At a pond with immense Koi fish in Walnut Creek yesterday. The sun shone golden . . . reflected in and sparkling on the water and illuminating the fish so that in the photos they looked like jewels swimming in the perfect blue sky!

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On Sunday, during Marlene Aron's fab birthday bash at her studio in San Francisco, I took a wander upstairs and was blown away by the beauty of the light coming through the windows. So here’s a few from the series of photos I took. “Illuminated Windows” . . .

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“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything,“ said William Shakespeare. I heartily agree; Spring is my most favorite season! Longer, warmer days, birdsong and flowers blooming. Well actually, it’s raining and cool in Emeryville, but I’m happy for the rain!
Anyway, who can resist Spring’s exuberance?
In keeping with the spirit, I’ve created a special Springy, April Spark Presentation for Dominion of Light Jewels! It’s filled with delicious color, light and beautiful things. Check it out!

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Hurray! Tomorrow's the day -- Tea & Earrings. An afternoon ladies tea in the grand tradition! Check out this beautiful Spark Presentation for deets. If you're in the neighborhood, aren't my list but would like to join us, please RSVP as soon as you can.

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Next Sunday, I’m giving a tea party! Tea & Earrings! During which friends and Dominion of Light Jewels lovers will come for an afternoon of fun and frivolity “dressed to the nines” in hats, gloves and other glorious Tea Party-ish attire. I’m so looking forward to it!
But . . . then I began to wonder. Hmm . . . what are the origins of the tea-party?
To paraphrase a short history I found online (Mental Floss): The modern tea party began in England about 20 years before the... publication of Alice in Wonderland. Although there are scattered references to fashionable ladies drinking tea mid-afternoon in the 17th century, most sources trace the tradition back to the 1840s and the Duchess of Bedford, a lifelong friend of Queen Victoria's. The Duchess complained of getting a “sinkful feeling” during the long, snack-less gap between breakfast and the customary 8:00 dinner. So she got into the habit of taking a pot of tea and some light treats in her boudoir around 4 p.m.
Soon thereafter, taking tea in the afternoon became a trend with high society types, (although the pastime happily moved from the boudoir) with the middle classes following suit before too long. One thing led to another, with “high tea” at places like the Ritz, and elegant afternoon Tea Parties. The pleasure of these social events has endured!
If you’d like to attend our afternoon tea and aren’t on the list, you can find the details on this beautiful Spark Presentation. And don’t forget to *RSVP!

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Angels, faeries, flowers, pearls, semi-precious stones in shades of ruby-red, amethyst and sapphire, and mais oui, always elegant sophistication . . . beautiful new things and many pieces on sale! Just 2 more days until Dominion of Light Jewels Valentines Day Studio Show! Check out our last Spark Presentation for this show . . .

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Yikes, time flies! Valentines Day is just around the corner and Dominion of Light Jewels Valentines Day Studio Show is even sooner: Saturday, February 10th. I've done lovely Spark Presentation with pix of some of the jewels available and details about the show. Check it out!

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Valentines Day, coming up soon, is one of my favorite days — after all, it's a day devoted to the pursuit of love, and to loving, not only our partners but other special people in our lives. So I decided to have a Dominion of Light Jewels Studio Show as, in my humble opinion, what could be better than jewels as gifts for Valentines Day?! It was fun to put together this Spark Presentation for the show. Check it out, the images are gorgeous, and if you’re in the area and would like to come, the details are all there!

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A magnificent cloud over the empty field in Emeryville. So beautiful and full of light!

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A glorious sunset at the Emeryville Marina!

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Wishing you and yours the merriest, happiest Christmas! May the light of the holiday season fill your days!

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Happy Christmas Eve!

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A Spark Presentation of beautiful Earrings for you! Available now for holiday gifts. Check it out!

If you’re an artist, musician, or jewelry designer like me, these Spark Presentations that Adobe makes possible are a fabulous way to showcase your work.

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Hurray! This gorgeous holiday wreathe has been installed in our doorway here at the Emeryville Warehouse Lofts. Just in time for Dominion of Light Jewels Holiday Studio Show! Come by if you're in the area for the loveliest gifts, for those you love, and for yourself! Info on address and time and images of some of the jewels can be found on the beautiful Holiday Show Presentation posted on my timeline yesterday!

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Take a peek! Go here for a cool way to see some of the jewels you will find this Saturday, plus info on time and place!

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Join us for an afternoon of enchanting jewels at Dominion of Light Jewels' Holiday Studio Show. For gifts...and for you! Contact Kate for details of time and place.

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