Angels, faeries, flowers, pearls, semi-precious stones in shades of ruby-red, amethyst and sapphire, and mais oui, always elegant sophistication . . . beautiful new things and many pieces on sale! Just 2 more days until Dominion of Light Jewels Valentines Day Studio Show! Check out our last Spark Presentation for this show . . .

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Yikes, time flies! Valentines Day is just around the corner and Dominion of Light Jewels Valentines Day Studio Show is even sooner: Saturday, February 10th. I've done lovely Spark Presentation with pix of some of the jewels available and details about the show. Check it out!

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Valentines Day, coming up soon, is one of my favorite days — after all, it's a day devoted to the pursuit of love, and to loving, not only our partners but other special people in our lives. So I decided to have a Dominion of Light Jewels Studio Show as, in my humble opinion, what could be better than jewels as gifts for Valentines Day?! It was fun to put together this Spark Presentation for the show. Check it out, the images are gorgeous, and if you’re in the area and would like to come, the details are all there!

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A magnificent cloud over the empty field in Emeryville. So beautiful and full of light!

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A glorious sunset at the Emeryville Marina!

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Wishing you and yours the merriest, happiest Christmas! May the light of the holiday season fill your days!

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Happy Christmas Eve!

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A Spark Presentation of beautiful Earrings for you! Available now for holiday gifts. Check it out!

If you’re an artist, musician, or jewelry designer like me, these Spark Presentations that Adobe makes possible are a fabulous way to showcase your work.

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Hurray! This gorgeous holiday wreathe has been installed in our doorway here at the Emeryville Warehouse Lofts. Just in time for Dominion of Light Jewels Holiday Studio Show! Come by if you're in the area for the loveliest gifts, for those you love, and for yourself! Info on address and time and images of some of the jewels can be found on the beautiful Holiday Show Presentation posted on my timeline yesterday!

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Take a peek! Go here for a cool way to see some of the jewels you will find this Saturday, plus info on time and place!

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Join us for an afternoon of enchanting jewels at Dominion of Light Jewels' Holiday Studio Show. For gifts...and for you! Contact Kate for details of time and place.

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I've been totally immersed in emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue and deep amethyst the last few months, and love the idea of wearing rich colors in the midst of winter! With the leaves gone from the trees and the earth dormant, deep rich color lifts our spirits!
This "Circlet" of emerald Czech glass, and other jewels in marvelous colors will be available on December 9th at our Holiday Studio Show! Message me for details and an invitation!

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Sautoirs! Long necklaces, usually made with beads and chain, with a dramatic drop or tassel. Absolutely necessary for Flappers and before the Flappers, every elegant Edwardian lady, think Downton Abbey, and the Forsythe Saga.
Today, of course, we don’t often dress for dinner as did the women of the early 20th Century and go to the Moulin Rouge for dancing and shows. But . . . that doesn’t mean we can’t revel in the wearing of a Sautoir. Sautoirs are total pleasure, and oh so ...gorgeous for our bodies. They have an artful way of making us appear taller and thinner. I love making them, and even more, love wearing them, and have put together a number of Sautoirs for the Dominion of Light Winter Collections.

This particular is made with a lovely golden bronze textured chain, amethyst and clear faceted Czech glass crystal beads and an early 20th Century French metallic tassel--

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Love these old Thanksgiving cards! May your day be filled with love, light and grace--

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I've in love with these necklaces! “Against All Odds,” and “Bee Yourself,” (the words are etched on the back of the pendant).

The message "Against All Odds," is to me, very fitting for us as women. Especially in these times. The progress we've made has been an uphill battle; but with heart and grit, we've persevered, and against all odds have succeeded in all walks of life. In the arts, in business, in medicine, and technology, women excel and are finally being recognized. An...d now we’re fighting back against the abuse that men have been perpetrating for decades and by which they have held their power. We must continue the fight, and against all odds, we will prevail and create a better world.

I don’t usually make more than one, one-of-a-kind pieces, but I can do a few more of these. They’ve been flying off my shelves, so if you’d like one, message me for more info. Ditto for the “Bee Yourself” necklace . . .

Oh and one more cool thing, on the back of the Against All Odds pendant, are two crossed arrows, the tips pointing up. An ancient symbol of winning the fight!

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The sun turns the frond-like leaves of this tree to lace on a Berkeley street.

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This antique filigree butterfly with glowing Czech glass jewels could be fluttering around your neck!

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