This weather driving you crazy? Going mad? Us too.. But don't worry, we have the cure at the Dominion of Terror. In just one month from tomorrow - we present TERROR IN APRIL!

An encore show of October's house - come get your scares one last time before we tear it down to begin again. Best yet it's on Friday the 13th! First 250 customers thru the door get a free limited-edition key chain! Tickets just $10! Doors open 7-10pm!

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Raising money for OUR community, one scare at a time!

Sheboygan Jaycees added 11 new photos from December 16, 2017 to the album: Spend With A Friend - Dec. 16, 2017 — with Travis Midnightdrops and 6 others.

We used profits from our Dominion of Terror haunted house to host our "Spend With A Friend" project on December 16. The Jaycees take kids shopping for Christmas... presents for their families and a special one for themselves. We have a wrapping and pizza party after! Fun time for all, both kids and volunteers. The Dominion of Terror is raising money for OUR community one scare at a time!

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Justin Mason
· October 7, 2017
Incredible. For the 15$ admission this place does it all. It's a slow building burn to an awesome haunted house. You start in the movie theatre and work your way through to a haunted dinner party p...ast a garden and so much more. I was thoroughly impressed. Worth the drive to Sheboygan. Also, whoever does the work in the movie theatre, the guy who tells you the're the best. See More
Heather Reinemann
· October 29, 2017
We enjoyed it! Good set and makeup! They definitely put a lot of work into it. We just happened to come 15 min before the cast break and ended up waiting in line a long time, 45 min. I would recommen...d paying for the fast pass to avoid the line/shorter line and get there early before the cast break. See More
Nate Keeler
· October 7, 2017
Great event. The building is perfect for a haunted attraction and the overall length of it was impressive, one of the longest I've been too. The wait to get in seemed unusually long for the amount of ...people waiting to go in (45 minutes with maybe 35-40 people in front of us.) Indoor waiting was nice but extremely hot and had nothing to entertain you. If they had a timed or ticket call system it would easily be a 5 star. See More
Samantha Ann Dassler
· October 8, 2017
I volunteer here doing makeup, Even knowing what actor is in which room when I go through they can get me pretty good. The rooms are very detailed and well thought out with lighting and music.��
Amanda Lynn
· October 29, 2017
Been going for years and its great everytime.. Halloween is our favorite holiday and they never disappoint!
Stephanie King
· October 19, 2017
Great haunted house this year! My favorite since we've been going the last several years! There were some new unique rooms/hallways. I did a lot of screaming!
Matthew Brulla
· October 28, 2016
First, let me start this off with a very clear message.

This is NOT a jump scare only house where the actors are merely trying to startle you with a scream and scary face. The DOT, which is run by th...e Sheboygan Jaycees as one of their primary fundraisers, is much more thematic than that. There are most certainly jump scares, but they're not the focus. Don't just walk through the house and expect it to be scary...the key here is interaction. The characters can, and will, interact with you on a personal level. Converse with them and the fear will increase (as will the laughs, which is a huge treat). The little girl in her bedroom, the mental patient and the hillbilly especially were both incredibly adept at improv'ing along with the groups, which completely sold the scenes. Have fun with them and they'll have fun with you, which makes evening more enjoyable for everyone (a happy actor/monster is an effective one). The rules room, which is normally neglected, to be honest, was actually really nicely done (the actor was effectively complacent about us making it out alive - "don't care if you do.." kind of thing. It was a nice change from the "ooooo, we're spooky and you'll die" style that so many do - again, creative from the get-go).

There's crawling/ducking, so mind your head/step and be honest with yourself about your physical limitations.

Little to no masks here, what you see are high quality prosthetic makeup appliances which, if you get nice and close, are spectacularly detailed. The rooms themselves are incredibly detailed (and adequately lit), so as long as the group behind you isn't coming up on you fast, take your time and appreciate all the work that went into them - this is one of the things that impressed me most about the house, the room detail.

Some complain that it's not scream inducing, and they may be right for some...but this is much more aimed at creeping you out and leaving a lasting impression rather than simply yelling at you for 2 seconds and sending you on your way, both of which they succeed in.

My one complaint, and it's not something anyone else likely cares much about, was the music volume - in many rooms I could hear it at all.. Possibly my favorite part of haunted houses (both as a guest and a monster in the past) is the music, so I missed that being a component...but it's not necessary in any way and won't detract from your enjoyment...I just personally wish it'd been there/more prevalent.

Well done yet again, DOT!

TL;DR - Not a jump scare house, but creepy character interaction and tons of creatively designed rooms makes it more than worth the trip/nominal cost.
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Jake West
· October 30, 2016
I had a great time! From the very start with the clown taunting is in line to crawling around. My only complaint was the group behind us caught up to us, but that's mostly because the scare actors to pick on me and make me freeze in my tracks often and my friends had to grab me and pull me away.

The rooms were also beautiful. I was amazed with the detail work. I was ready to get back in line and go again. I'm sad I went so late in the season and won't get to run through again. Well worth the ticket price and the wait in line. I can't wait to check out the escape room when the extended season fires up.
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Christopher Chevrier
· December 12, 2017
This place is a traditional haunt. Almost every room is hand made yearly. Great job goes out to all the actors
Monica Castillo
· October 8, 2016
This place was awesome!!! It was very interactive and each room had its own theme and I knew every one of them! Just waiting in line it self was pretty fun.. and scary � this was in April of this year... when they had the one weekend open though. (I was coming out of the haunted house and a man with a Chainsaw popped up next to me and i fell in the mud, I couldn't be mad I LMAO) Definitely plan on attending this Month as well! Can't wait to try out the escape room! See More
Lorrie Kulinski
· October 23, 2016
A great haunted house, but if you want to be really scared, this isn't for you unless you're the teenage girls who scream, cry, and freak out at everything. A fairly lengthy haunted house which is nic...e. Very detailed rooms. Has one of the best vortex rooms in my opinion. Any haunted house with one of those makes it well worth it for me. Love the speed pass, I suggest it so you can check out other houses in the area. See More
Karin Connors Wille
· October 30, 2015
I didn't go in, but just sitting outside waiting for my kids to come out I am a bit scared. A creepy guy with a chainsaw is terrorizing those waiting to go in. Other creepy people are lurking about as... well. One of the cast just chased a kid down the sidewalk! Everyone who is walking past my car as they exit is smiling and laughing as they rehash how scared they were or various things that happened inside. I am not brave enough to experience it firsthand but my kids love it and by the looks of things so do the vast majority of attendees. See More
Manda Mae
· October 15, 2016
You Wait inside which is nice. Many rooms to go through. They had different scenes and interacted with you, however, it wasn't scary, and I'm a jumper and I didn't. My husband referred to it as more o...f a "haunted carnival". It was a little longer than most and you have to go up a few flights of stairs, crawl at spots, and then down.

I wouldn't do it again as driving 1.5 hours is not worth it imo. If you are from the area check it out, at least once.
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Tammy Blevons
· October 20, 2017
So much fun! Our group of four adults had a great time. Thank you
Andrea Helmer
· October 21, 2017
Scenes/settings were my favorite. SO much detail! 5 star all around.
Josh Lucas
· April 28, 2015
Went on April 25 , 2015 and what a great show they put on . The passion to instill fear in to you is there . Most characters were on their A game I was very impressed with my overall experience . And ...I would recommend Dominion Of Terror for any one looking for a creepy haunt with a old school feel that still stands up there with the top haunts that I have experienced around the country . Looking forward to a visit in October Thanks guys ~ Josh Set Designer , Dungeon Of Doom . Zion,IL See More
Sheri Lindman Fischer
· October 20, 2017
Amazing dinner party!! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Fun night!!
Tina Levendoski
· September 17, 2017
It's for sure not a waste of money!! Loved every minute of it�
Kayla Pieper
· October 30, 2015
Terrible waste of money. Too close to the group in front of us which we ran into. Also the nail in the clowns face hit my teeth hard when he came at me. The concept is great but not scary at all, basi...cally you walk through rooms and ppl scream in your ears. See More
Hailey Kohls
· April 30, 2017
Every Jaycee involved in the DOT shows their creativity by how they decorate their rooms. It was a pleasure to work with the Jaycees and being able to help bring the house alive with advanced makeup a...nd goofing around.
My only complaint was not being able to eat white powdered donuts while wearing ALL BLACK in the Blackout room (the one with the eyes)
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Tonight's line.. already full of screams.

The Dominion of Terror was the proud host of Brian's special surprise for his girlfriend, Mandie this October. Brian, along with help from their friends and DOT staff, proposed to Mandie in the last room of our haunted house. And SHE SAID YES! Congrats to you both! So glad we could be part of this special occasion!

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Make the Dominion of Terror a Halloween must stop tonight! Show our ticketbooth that you "LIKE" our Facebook page to get $1 off your ticket price!!

Doors open 7-10pm! Don't miss the best theatrical house around on our last night open for the season!

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The look he gives you when he wants to DOT and chill.... come on down for Monday Night Mayhem at the Dominion of Terror. Doors open 7-10pm tonight and tickets are just $15!

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HEY! Have a Sunday Funday at the Dominion of Terror! We are open tonight from 7-10pm! Tickets are just $15! Come down and spend time with ussssssssss.. See? He's excited...

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HELL WEEK IS UPON US.. and screaming won't help you.
Come and get it! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.. 6 nights of the best theatrical haunt around..

Don't miss out! Doors open 7-10pm, Tickets $15!

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Just reached 3,000 likes! Thanks to all of our fans! Couldn't do it without all your support!

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Can't wait to see you all there today!! Doors open at 2pm! We got Jean the Balloon Lady, the Sheboygan Fire Department, and Frankenberry the Friendly Monster all excited to be there today too! See you soon!!

Sat 2:00 PM CDTDominion of TerrorSheboygan, WI
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Dominion of Terror is feeling scary.

Add us on the Snapchat to use our special Geofilter this weekend!!! It only works if you're here! Come check us out! BONUS! Tickets are just $10! Doors open tonight 7-10pm!

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