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Ireen Razali
· April 19, 2018
Dear Dominos Kelana Jaya, Icon City is a fully operated building with offices and residential.. why can't you send your pizza at the office lobby instead of saying to the customer to pick up at one! Icon has 5 towers and you expect us to walk and collect our pizza at the other tower?! This is soooo unreasonable! Pizza has to be delivered at the door step unless you cannot enter the office barricade which means the office lobby.. but to ask customer to go down from office to meet at the 7E which is away from Tower 5 office is sooooo not appropriate! Hence, we only ask you to send it to the lobby not in front of our office door... please reconsider regarding your delivery method...thanks.. and no such thing as we cannot go up and deliver...if other delivery services can serve the meaning of delivery why can't you? Your pizza is good but your delivery bounderies please upgrade! See More
Tan Ling Sun
· April 14, 2018
Terrible and lousy delivery service. The customer service sucks!!! I am extremely disappointed by domino service. Placed an online order at 7.27pm just now and the promised delivery time is 8.27pm the order is confirmed. Waited until 9.30pm still haven't received my pizza. Called customer service to cancel my order and the person answered my call said the person in charge of that particular store will call to follow up. Waited until now, 11.10pm still no call from domino. If you are not planning to deliver my pizza, at least please call to inform me so that I can make earlier arrangement. We are starving for more than 1 hour and forced to have late dinner because of this. Overall, very bad customer experience. See More
Atiey Khairudin
· April 13, 2018
Saw a lot of 1-star and 2-star reviews so I thought what the heck I should leave one too. I love ordering online and the deliveries were 99% on time. The online system is good, I find it very easy to ...use. The pizzas are delicious, love love the new samyeang series. Even my mom who dislikes Korean food loves the samyeang pizza, especially the chicken one. Haven't tried samyeang tuna though. Will do soon! Never had a burnt pizza from you guys, the crust is always crispy and delicious. Of course we cannot compare you guys with artisanal pizzas but for a fast food restaurant you guys are good � See More
Abigail Mohammad Meriales
· April 9, 2018
I just ordered a few minutes ago,and i was really disappointed as the person who pick up my call is kinda rude and sarcastic...i thunk they need to be trained... She ask me to hold the call for few mi...nutes and came back with a sarcatistic attitude... I guess they shiuldnt be working if they are not happy to recieve a call.. I ask her politely if she can put a note that our thin crust must be crispy as the always deliver it not fully cooked... Staff needs to be trained... See More
Justin Yip
· April 8, 2018
So I have been ordering Dominos for the longest time, it has always been on time and the most reliable food delivery. So of course I had to get the VIP card for the first time this year. and i tried t...o register the card to my account but it said its been registered to another account. I bought the card for a reason. I facebook msged and also emailed them and said they will get back to me that was 12 days ago.

I am very sure you guys will get back to me sometime this year before the card expires right.
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Muhammad Asrul Nawawi
· April 4, 2018
I am the ex staff of dominos pizza jerantut pahang.i just bought a set of large and regular pizza + 1 breadstix + 1 bottle of soft drink at dominos pizza at 13/28 shah alam....but when i ask for a cup... of ice for soft drink the staff just tell me that 'we don't have ice...'with a very rude style....shame of u team.... See More
Badariah Hadi
· 21 hours ago
i have tried your samyang tuna pizza and its so good make me craving more of your samyang.. last night i order samyang beef & also ayam haseyo.. once open the box, i feel like being cheat.. the visual... look is totally out from your ads.. pizza topping �and your ayam taste like smoke chicken dip in soy sauce..where is samyang??? totally dissapointed.. See More
Helena Dunham
· April 15, 2018
Don't bother to add Cheese Burst Crust guys.
They'll send you an empty crust with a very little cheese at the side to cover their shit.
Second time ordered and still gets this.
So long Dominos.

**Update 17/4/18

Domino's MY take my complaint seriously and really showed an effort to make a change by crediting back my previous orders with extra length by adding Extra Cheese on top of it.

Hopefully this matter will not happen in the future.

Thank you Domino's MY.
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Yen Ying
· April 15, 2018
Very bad delivery service,when we call and order the pizza, the staff told us that if longer than half an hour they will free us 1 more pizza, but we wait longer than 1 hour,nothing received!! Really ...very disappointed with this kind of service� We are hungry and we hope that we can get the food we ordered ASAP, we do not want any free pizza from You! Really Lousy���� See More
Rui Fang
· April 19, 2018
Bad service.
I've called to make delivery order at 6.30pm , until now 8.50pm I still havent receive it.
I know its busy hour now but to wait 2.30 hour++?...

Not to mention I have called customer service for so many times and all they said is the driver is on the way now. They even said will look into this matter and call back to me but they dint!

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Azura Zacx
· April 8, 2018
I've ordered pizzas for delivery from domino's setia alam but they stated in your website that the store were busy n cud not do the delivery at 9pm tonight. Later i went to pick my order up n found ou...t the store is almost empty with 4 the delivery bike outside. Can u give me a valid reason what is your store busy status is all abouttt? I even have snapped a photo of it. See More
Fadhil Aminudin
· April 8, 2018
bad... almost 2 hours order was placed but still not delivered.. call customer service 5 times but the answer 5 min call back never call back hmm what happen if you can make it in 30min at first plac...e you must inform ur customer so we will decide or not to buy.. See More
Vijayan Subramaniam
· April 15, 2018
Pls don't claim yourself pizza delivery expert!! Ur delivery service is sucks even in non peak hours! Order 10x, only 1x can deliver on time. When asked, the delivery guy will compromise with free coupon which is not worth. Come on guys... we need a good service, not a lousy one with the dummy coupons!!! See More
Leon Lai
· April 13, 2018
Damn "good serive" hotline customer service, this is how you treat customer? Hang the call if unhappy to attend the call? Last chance for you. I want your complaint unit to contact me. Or else i gonna... share to public the call record showing how rude you all are by hanging call from customer See More
Deena Marie Ferns
· April 20, 2018
I am really upset with Dimino's...
1. I placed an order on 31st March, the 1st time I paid through fpx, the page returned transaction unsuccessful, but 5 mins later an email comes in stating that mon...ey has been deducted.
2. Unfortunately by that time i had already tried paying again usinh my Maybank card. This time page shows unsuccessful, no email but if you open bank transaction details there were two deductions.
3. When i called customer service they said they had no order captured both times... i was annoyed and got them to dig further... they said they will call back in 10 mins... no calls came... i by then gave up and ordered mcdonalds and then called dominos... after 30 mins... these idiots then confirmed that i placed TWO orders. I said forget it. Pls cancel and refund... i dont want anything.... they said okay you will receive and email for refund info.
4. I had to call every day for almost 2 weeks before i got an email to state refund info. And that also by finally just staying on the line and ensuring cust serv works with refunds... finally on the 11th an email as to which i immediately responded and cleared.
5. Today is 21st apr.... only one refund of 221 came through because I called and made noise and said i want my money back... stop taking a month
Domino's you thief, liar and full of lazy ppl.... you still owe me another refund.... your serv sucks... your cust serv says they will do one thing only not to do anything... which means a department full of liars and you take my money and i have to keep calling and never get it back... you are thiefs!!! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!
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Kenneth Lim
· April 15, 2018
Had to wait for 2 hour and my order still wasn’t made had to called back to remind them but still told me to wait another hour, very bad delivery service and customer service is also crap, uninformed ...and left on hold for 20 mins for a simple question utterly useless See More
Amy Teo Jiun Ping
· April 20, 2018
I know you need to save cost but your new plastic that carry the pizza box is too thin. Handle break just few minutes carrying it and the box is poking holes on the plastic bag too. Never that disappo...inted with dominos as this. See More
Mobasher Raza
· April 17, 2018
hopeless delivery service! Placed an order at 7:15 pm and was advised delivery time of 8:15 pm. When I called at 8:30, to follow up my order, was told that it will take another 45 minute to deliver... due to overbooking.
2 hours to deliver couple off Pizzas within Month Kiara - only displays the careless and unprofessional conduct of Domino Staff.
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WanHao Chern
· April 15, 2018
Super lousy delivery service������We wait almost 1 and the half hour still didn't receive any food yet. We call the customer service they also don't care at all. Hope all the customers think twice bef...ore you order from Domino Pizza� See More
Atlas Tan
· April 5, 2018
walk in order and paid. People behind finished eat, I still waiting for my pizza. Just one personal pizza, very disappointed. 6.49pm order, target pick up time 7.04pm. Wait until 7.35pm still waiting.
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