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Molly Pedder-jones
· January 29, 2018
Food was good but like every other time we order here something is wrong!!
Payed for a large coke no coke (this was at 2:30pm) we told the delivery driver that he’d forgotten the coke and he said he’d... be back at in 20 minutes.
2 hours later no news, so we ring up and get offered a £5 voucher (which is useless as they never work!!!) and instead asked for the coke we payed for to get delivered again.
Rung again at 7:30 got told 15 minutes the delivery driver then ditches a bottle of Fanta at the door and runs off it’s now 20:26 in the evening and dominos still fail to deliver a bloody coke!!
Normally wouldn’t care this much for a coke but every single time we order here something goes wrong.
Staff are rude.
Don’t order here is a disgrace.
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Becki Lou Hanlon
· February 23, 2018
Treated myself to a Dominos tonight from Taw Hill as am home alone. When pizza arrived it wasn’t correct. Wrong stuffed crust- asked for chilli cheese- got cheese and herb. Had also ordered extra pepp...eroni and extra cheese- there was barely any cheese there and over 3 inch diameter all the way round was just bare dough! I rang straight away and reported the error. I even apologised for ringing to complain!Was told that they definitely had my order written down correctly but I had to reiterate that I had indeed not received what I had ordered. Was told that a replacement would be on it’s way ASAP- that was 1hour 40 minutes ago! Do I call again? Really poor customer service- no apology was given- except by me as I hate complaining! Totally ruined my ‘treat’ to myself- think it’s safe to assume my replacement pizza isn’t coming!
Don’t customers matter any more?
Rubbish experience!! 🤬
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Sarah Day
· December 1, 2017
Ordered from west Swindon, 3rd order in a couple of months and 3rd order wrong again. Rang in to complain and was offered a refund. Not full just two thirds of the bill. Had to argue for a cash refund... to be delivered by driver as paid for by cash.
This has put a dampener on the evening as ordering with visitors round for a pizza takeaway.
I will never order from them again. I’ve tried ordering from old town and taw hill but told this area won’t deliver to my address.
Pizza Hut from now on it is then.
Ps was told 15 minutes for refund to be delivered. After 45 minutes rang in to be told another 10 minutes.
How do companies like this survive with such appalling customer service.
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Sam Sprules
· December 18, 2017
Absolutely disgusted!
Ordered pizza on Saturday night from Taw Hill when arrived could not lift out of box as no dough in the middle, both pizzas were clearly not cooked through either!!
Rang to comp...lain to be told It would be cooked, no apology whatsoever and I would have to wait over an hour as busy for a replacement and offered £10 off next order.
Told them an hour is ridiculous and would not be ordering again and would like a refund, disgustingly have to wait 3-5 days for this!!!
Just had an email and they have only refunded me £10
Shame on you dominoes!
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Rebecca Mckenzie
· November 29, 2017
Ordered pizzas as needed something quick, got a text to say pizza was on its way! I only live 5 mins for the shop, 25 mins after the text I checked the pizza tracker and it said delivered! So I then p...anicked thinking I'd entered the wrong address, rang taw hill shop who said it was a mistake and pizza was on its way , 15 mins later still no pizza. When it finally arrived we took it back and requested a refund, I have asked twice since then for the refund no still haven't had one !! Staff are rude and promises not kept, almost a month later and still no refund !! � See More
Dean Kershaw-Evans
· November 11, 2017
High Street Outlet - My last 3 orders have arrived with some of the order missing albeit the driver returning to the outlet to collect the rest of my order each time. 3 times this has happened now and... yesterday I called to say my Coke Zero was missing along with Coleslaw. The Coleslaw was sent the second time and the coke was the form of Coca Cola not Cola Zero. An apology was given but this is happening too many times, it's just words. I've given a 'good' star rating because I am overall happy with the quality of the food but the staff need to pay more attention when taking orders and communicating with in-store staff a little more to get customers orders right first time. See More
Jay Loveday
· December 19, 2017
Ordered a pizza last night at 2.30 am, from Old town, paying over the phone with a total of £12.68, was told payment has gone through. Got a call back with no apology informing me that they had accide...ntally charged £114 pounds and that my card was needed in store to swipe my card to process a refund, the man on the phone even said he could refund me cash from his personal account which I thought sounded extremely dodgy!

This overcharge lead me into my overdraft with charges to my name.

I suggested putting my card details in manually in which they have stated a refund has gone through and that it would go through straight away.
To my horror, I was still charged for the pizza and the delivery man started asking me to prove bank overdraft charges and that they wont be that much. This offended me as it seemed the whole situation was trying to be minimalized.

He also got me to sign two sets of receipts which I felt was very unsettling and he couldn't give me a reliable reason as to why they needed to be signed.

This morning, my bank told me there was no pending refund - only a pending charge from dominos and that refunds usually take 3-5 working days to come through - meaning I had been misinformed previously.
Calling dominos back this morning to check on the refund - I asked to speak to a manager in which I heard said manager telling his employee what to say to me as they stated they were "really busy", meaning even at such a huge mistake the Manager wasn't willing to speak to me or even apologise. They told me they could do nothing in store and gave me an email address to write too and complain - with no apologies whatsoever!. Even if this is the case, how can staff be so willing to take your money but so unwilling or apologetic and give you the time to speak to you when such a horrible mistake has been made!
Then I got a text from Dominos asking how likely I would be to recommend them to a friend?!!.
I will NEVER order from this branch again and It has upset me very much to be so overdrawn with charges, at this time of year and with no apologies!.
I have a been a loyal customer for years and can not believe the way this has been dealt with.
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David Jell
· February 7, 2018
Dominos Old Town really bring the brand name down. Useless unhelpful staff and a manager who it seems has had no customer service training or experience. Poor quality food and constantly forgetting pa...rts of orders...last night it was the drink which took an hour after the rest of the order arrived and 2 phone calls before they got anywhere near to sorting. Glad there are Pizza Hut and Papa John's to use instead because this branch has really gone downhill. See More
Rosie Smith
· November 3, 2017
I ordered my food at 11.08pm last night from the Taw Hill branch, and didn’t receive my order until about 1.15am, needless to say, this was quite annoying. When I called to check why my order hadn’t ...been delivered, I was met with a swift response and my order came about 20 minutes later. I didn’t get any sort of apology for my wait. Because of the amount of time I waited, my food was also cold. Only giving the extra star because my order was complete.

Judging by the other reviews I’ve just read, something needs to be done about this. I understand human error but this is getting beyond a joke.
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Daniel Daly
· November 8, 2017
Never go here. Even if you fancy pizza and think hmm this is close go online from another place or drive just slightly away. The manager Matt didn’t help for anything. Honestly just go to a Morrison’s... create your own large pizza for £3.50 it’s honestly so much better (the only good thing about this situation is I’ve conceived all my friends to never go) See More
Holly Amber Miles
· November 13, 2017
Because of our postcode, unfortunately Taw Hill is our 'nearest' store, although Stratton is much closer! We have resorted to ringing up Stratton or Old Town's store to collect our order due to much b...etter quality pizza. Pizzas made at Taw HIll are shocking! I ordered a cheese and tomato pizza and there was barely any cheese. The other times previously have been just as bad. I love the Double Decadence base but after the last one I had, I'll never order that again. The bases had absolutely no cheese and herb sauce in between whatsoever!!! The outside was also burnt. It was so dry but I was hungry and ate what I could. Dominos... you NEED to sort your Taw Hill store out!! Look how any people are disgusted with the quality and service they're receiving!! See More
Joanna Pickles
· January 12, 2018
Vile service. Paid for a pizza that wasn't delivered. Rang up, they said there was a mistake and it is on urgent delivery. Half hour later rang back, they have no record of our order but our pizza was... delivered to a different address so they can't give us a pizza for free. ��� What!? But I've paid. Jokers. Banks involved. Dirty fraudsters. See More
Sally Wright
· November 20, 2017
So I ordered a full vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, olives and pineapple and they have ground beef on it. Clearly a contamination problem. They said I couldn’t have a refund because I’d started eatin...g it and realised there was meat on it and more by the slice. If I didn’t eat meat for my religion/beliefs I’d be pretty pissed right now See More
Jane Deeley
· October 1, 2017
Ordered a delivery from West Swindon for 6pm this evening when we knew we would be home. Message left on our answerphone at 5.50pm saying they had tried to deliver and had taken back to store. Rang an...d arranged a replacement, and we have now been waiting over an hour and 45 minutes and still no sign. We've rung the store twice in the last hour and been told 'it's on the way'. Hopeless customer service - was asked 3 times by the same member of staff for my phone number, and they tried to re-order an old delivery instead of current one. See More
Hayley Bod
· September 10, 2017
Awful customer service!!
Only half of our food was delivered and when we called to tell the staff our problem we were passed around to three different members of staff who didn't know what was going o...n (because of poor communication in the shop) and then, finally, onto the manager who was extremely rude and swore at us over the phone.
This is the second complaint filed with Dominos Taw Hill in two weeks, last week our pizza was delivered with unwanted toppings, a lot of very long hair.
Appalling customer service, will not be ordering from here again and formal complaint has been filed with head office.
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Sarah Hayes
· October 7, 2017
Just waited over an hour for my pizza to be delivered because the driver couldn’t find my address. (Why are you delivering to places you don’t know?) it can be easily found on google maps. Received ab...solutely appalling attitude from the manager offering no compensation and was quite rude on the phone, put on hold numerous times. He suggested we waited outside in the cold?! The pizza was obviously cold when it arrived, disgusted with the service tonight! See More
Bex Sainsbury
· November 15, 2017
Always enjoyable but alot of the times it's not cut properly and the half and halfs are definitely not half and half! I'm currently writing this with 6 slices of one type and 4 slices of another in fr...ont of me. How it got ok'd at quality check is beyond me......... See More
Tia Maria Heenan
· January 7, 2018
Didnt even want to rate 1 star! Waiting well over 45 mins for our food to get here and when checking pizza tracka our food was on quality check well over 10 minutes we rang up dominos to see where our... food was only then did they send it out the delivery driver took ages to get here and it's only down the road he rang my mobile and seemed like he couldn't be bothered to come to our door so my fella had to walk down the lane to him pizza was over cooked and all our food was cold orderd a large pizza and got medium � so rang up to get a refund only for the manager to tell us and I quote "our drivers had a bad day he wasn't meant to be working" they agreed to a refund took ages for driver to come back again! Rang his number and he had switched off his phone rude af! so rang dominos back only for them to hang up on us not happy at all terrible customer service will not be recommending to anyone and will defitnetly not be ordering from Swindon West dominos again we gave the food to our dog not even she wanted it. See More
Paige Kinch
· September 1, 2017
Disgusting had mushrooms on my pizza and I'm allergic to them rang them up all they offered was a free pizza which wasn't even good enough in my eyes after having an allergic reaction to the mushrooms... however they said they would log the complaint and next time we order the one large pizza would be free so when ringing up to redeem the free large pizza they say that the complaint hasn't been logged and that there is nothing they can do about it and the women on the phone was rude which doesn't help the situation disgusting service disgusting food so angry !!!!!!!! See More
Katie George
· November 24, 2017
On 24/11/2017 my partner ordered dinner with your branch in Old Town Swindon at approximately 9.50pm. My partner was told that our food order would arrive within 30 minutes, but when it finally arrive...d at 10.45pm, items were missing from our food order and the food was cold!! As you could imagine we were already very annoyed and frustrated by this point.
We then decided to phone the branch to complain about not only the wait, but the missing items and the coldness of the food. When we spoke to one of the staff members we was met by rudeness and no apology was given. We then asked to speak to the manager. When the manager was speaking to us we was met with the same attitude and if that wasnt bad enough, he said that we wasnt waiting that long and that the food wasnt cold (basically calling us liars!) we are now currently waiting another 30 minutes for a new order to arrive.
It wouldnt surprise me if we were met with the same attitude on our door step.
Its safe to say that we will not be returning to dominos and we are very frustrated and angry with the lack of service and respect that we shouldve been given!! The standards in the branch has deffinately gone down hill and we will not be recommending dominos to anyone in the future.
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