Canada fans! Remember that Don will be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo from Thursday through Sunday. Come by, say hi and get a sketch if you're in the area! -- Jano

Don Rosa shared their photo.

I've been getting quite a few messages lately asking about commissions and whether it's still possible to get any from Don. The answer is: Yes! All details mentioned in this old post are still current, so feel free to shoot Stefan a message at the email address given there. -- Jano

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Don Rosa

COMMISSION LIST ANNOUNCEMENT: I often get asked about possibly ordering commissions from Don (i.e. extensive full-body drawings done to your personal request.) ...While I had to reject those questions in the past, Don has in fact started doing commissions again after a break of about 20 years or so just last fall. He's done a few here and there, and now it's indeed possible to get on his commission list (but it can take a couple of months for him to finish a piece). Usually, these are mail-order commissions, but it's also possible to have one done for a specific show where you can pick it up in person.

Prices start at 500 EUR (plus shipping if it's not picked up in person) for a full-body black and white figure and 700 for a full-body full-color one. Additional characters are the same price, so if you want, for instance, Scrooge and Donald, that'd be 1400 EUR.

Extensive backgrounds like in former times aren't possible, but some background elements can be done and range from free to an additional 300 EUR, depending on complexity.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please contact Don's "art agent" Stefan at telling him you're coming from me (Jano). Just tell him exactly what you want and he will then give you a final quote on the price and all payment details.

Please make sure that you describe *exactly* what you want, though. Don does NOT comply to any "as you like, you're the artist" comments. He ONLY does EXACTLY what the customer wants from him since they're the one paying for it and who will have to live with that later on (while Don will never see the drawing again). So it's vital to tell him exactly what you would like, otherwise he won't do it. 😉

Here's a sample pic so you can see what a commission might look like (this particular one would be about 2000 EUR due to the amount of detail on the characters and extensiveness of the background). -- Jano/Team DR

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Here's the first of the short video clips Frank Stajano took during his visit to Don's place. This one is Frank catching Don midway through a session of singing Christmas Carols with his flock. -- Jano
Live drawing right now. -- Jano
Working on some stuff ...