To make it easier for those of you who'd like to discuss Don's stories etc., I've just created an official FB group hosted by this page. If you just want to receive Rosa news and don't care about interaction with other fans, there's no need to join, all news will still be posted here on this page only. The group is more like a message board for fans to talk about general Rosa topics like stories, motifs and whatnot, i.e. talk to *each other*, which isn't really possible on... a standard "news post" site with just a comment section. So feel free to join if you'd like to discuss Don topics with other Rosa fans. To prevent spam and trolling, I'm manually approving and monitoring all activity, but after you click on join, I should usually be able to activate your group membership within a couple minutes (or hours during sleep times ). -- Jano

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Canada fans: Remember Don will be attending Toronto Comicon from today through Sunday. You'll reach him at his booth all day long on all three days. Enjoy! -- Jano

Here's the first of the short video clips Frank Stajano took during his visit to Don's place. This one is Frank catching Don midway through a session of singing Christmas Carols with his flock. -- Jano
Live drawing right now. -- Jano
Working on some stuff ...