Here’s why Florida Representative Darryl Rouson is against Ame...
Here’s why Florida Representative Darryl Rouson is against Ame...

"Infection with the pathogens we found in medical marijuana could lead to serious illness and even death," Joseph Tuscano, a professor of internal medicine at UC Davis, said in a statement.…/marijuana-is-not-safe-to-smoke-re…

There's something so dangerous in marijuana that UC Davis researches say they can't recommend smoking it.
In uneasy news for medical marijuana users, UC Davis researchers have identified potentially lethal bacteria and mold on samples from 20 Northern California pot dispensaries, leading them to warn patients with weakened immune systems to avoid smoking, vaping or inhaling aerosolized cannabis.
LAKELAND — Arguments for caution convinced the City Commission to embrace a temporary ban on medical marijuana dispensaries opening in the city.The
Governor says other states should learn from Colorado’s example, noting that state initially failed to regulate edibles strongly enough
The Jacksonville Beach City Council voted Monday evening to approve an ordinance to impose a temporary moratorium on now legal medical marijuana.
Recently two Polk County communities conducted debates about the future of marijuana within their jurisdictions. The city of Lakeland garnered the most
A 30-year-old cannabis smoker, for example, has the biological age of a 33-year-old, the University of West Australia researchers claim.

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Florida:

As Florida sheriffs we have taken an oath to serve and protect the citizens of this great state and are obligated to warn you of the dangers of Amendment 2. Our desire is not to debate the validity of marijuana as a medicine, but to inform you that Amendment 2 is still a wolf in sheep's clothing riddled with loopholes large enough to float a battleship through. Amendment 2 is a slippery slope toward full legalization of marijuana.


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