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Margie Vicknair-Pray
· January 18, 2018
Oil & gas play dirty! (in so many ways) Instead of promoting solar and other alternatives so that oil and gas will last longer, they're all about greed and making the money now. To that end they work... to destroy solar incentives and use their lobbying power to manipulate legislation and governmental agencies to do their dirty work. See More
Lonnie Gaudet
· January 27, 2018
I had to fight to get my credit from Louisiana and now being attacked by Entergy for Net Metering that I use. So much for clean energy, guess it's not good for the billion dollar corporation's bottom ...line, screw the public. See More

We need rules that promote competition and protect consumers over utility monopolies!

Louisiana’s energy freedom is under attack again as the Louisiana Public Service Commissioners are being asked to end solar Net Metering (NEM) for Louisiana residents​.

The proposed new rule eliminates the 1-for-1 credit that people with solar panels get from their utility company for producing clean energy and delivering it to the grid. Without the credit, utilities can take the energy gene...rated on private property, at below market value, and re-sell it for a profit. They can also charge additional fees, allowing costs to vary widely by utility, leaving customers and businesses with no statewide standard to rely on.

The LPSC wants to protect citizens, call your Commissioner and express your concerns! ​Ask them to protect your right to solar and energy independence through Net Metering.

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