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Corn fungicide trial sprayed this morning in Reevesville at J&C Farms. First pass was control- no fungicide. Second pass, fungicide was applied. Stay tuned for results this fall!
Another video from the corn fungicide trial.
Cantelope planting in Dorchester county
SANTEE, S.C. — Clemson Cooperative Extension, South Carolina Department of Agriculture, South Carolina Farm Bureau and South Carolina Soybean Board will host the South Carolina Corn...
Clemson Extension agents will present information to help farmers through the application process for S.C. Farm Aid. SCDA is taking applications July 1 through August 15, 2016 from farmers who experienced a collective 40% loss of agricultural commodities as a result of the 2015 flood. Topics for dis...

Track Southern Rust being reported and see how close it is to your corn field by using this map. Many growers will surpress Southern Rust in corn with aerial fungicide applications, but it's best to wait to apply until it's as close as possible. Call the extension office if you think you've found Southern Rust 843-563-0135....

Be on the look out for Northern Corn Leaf Blight in your corn.....this is from a field near Reevesville.

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Agricultural engineers at Clemson University have developed technology to tell farmers exactly where to apply fertilizers to their hay fields and how much to use to maximize profits.

Powdery mildew was found today on seedless watermelon at the Coastal Research and Education Center in Charleston, SC. Symptoms of yellow and brown spots looked similar to those in the attached photo. White mildew growth and short chains of clear powdery mildew spores were visible on the leaf underside.

Because powdery mildew can reduce yields of watermelon, and it is still early in the growing season with plenty of time for powdery mildew to develop until harvest, all waterme...lon growers in South Carolina should apply a fungicide with specific activity against powdery mildew. The research field had been sprayed with Switch on 04/04, Bravo on 05/04, and Switch on 05/11. I recommend using fungicides such as Luna Experience, Quintec, or Torino that were rated as better than Switch in recent fungicide trials on powdery mildew on watermelon (…/clemson-research-improves-wa…).

More information on fungicide options are in the following resources: (Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crop Handbook 2016)

Anthony P. (Tony) Keinath, Ph.D.

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South Carolina timber growers can learn from experts how to grow more profitable crops at a May 4 meeting at T and S Farm in Leesville.
The optimal seeding rate and plant population for cotton varies from field to field and is dependent on many factors. As seed costs are considerable, there is an incentive to reduce seeding rates as low as possible without encountering yield penalties. In recent years, several growers have inquire…

Check out this research: Managing Thrips in Cotton: Research in the Southeast Region!…/ENTO-182NP/ENTO-182NP%20L…
At Summers Corner, we like to think of every day as Earth Day. Parks, gardens, water, and woods are at the center of our neighborhood vision and so we welcome any opportunity to take in what nature has to display. Join us as we celebrate our first Earth Day with expert gardening personalities from…

There is a Horticulture Extension Agent position open for Orangeburg, Calhoun, and Dorchester counties- focusing on small vegetables and fruits. If you are interested, check out the position by clicking on External Applicant Job Board and searching Job ID 100248.

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Only one more corn plant emerged over the weekend - yellow flag was emergence on Day 3....emergence was pretty uniform with almost all plants coming up on the first or second day. There were a few skips. We will see how these plants mature over the season!

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It's wet out here, but the corn emergence demonstration is well underway! Orange flags are first day emergence, green flags are second day. Stay tuned to see how many seeds emerge over the weekend!

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"It puts pressure on your chest like you're having a heart attack just looking at it," Perrow recalled. "You just wonder, is this ever going to end?"