Potato chip bag technology has not advanced for 50 years. This deserves a serious damn discussion. It lies within.…/what-happens-when-you-die-do…/

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We. Are. Back.

A new Dorktown with a Disneyland list, a keyboard, the worst Jungle Cruise ever and a Speak & Spell:…/the-12-best-things-in-disney…/

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In case you were wondering, Dorktown is on a Walkabout trying to find ourselves. We will return. Not sure what we will return to, but we will return. 🤘

No new show this week because we're having a hard time finding a reason to get out of Jacuuzz. So now is a good Of time as any to catch up on episodes!

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Bells is leaving the Internet. Listen to him before he fades away into the '80s!

A new Dorktown has all that Dorktown stuff you love to love hate love! We got an Or Game inspired by a listener. We got a new song from The Light Thieves. We got Netflix recos from Producer Becky. …

Hey. Radio Guy. Stop telling podcasters what they are doing wrong (especially when you don't listen to your own advice). #podcasting

Mikey hates it when radio guys come into the podcasting space and tell podcasters what they are doing wrong. We have audio proof. Also, some people out there don’t like “The Bells&#8221…

What happens when Producer Becky leaves during a recording? Bells and Mikey wander around confused for 30 minutes.

There’s a long-running question among podcasters: Is it better to post an episode that sucks but is still released on time, OR is it better to post nothing at all and hope the next try will …

This episode of Dorktown, we try to figure out why another random comedy podcast is so much more successful than us. Plus we break down the new Metallica song and talk about the Rogue One trailer.

Questions will be answered in this episode of Dorktown. Some of those questions: Has Bells got his precious knife back? Was Nolan Ryan at a Fresno Grizzlies game? How the hell is The C…

I think I peed my pants

Updated Version. Trailer for Star Wars: Episodes 1-7 using The Force Awakens Trailer 3 Music.

Producer Becky puts Google Bikes in their damn place, Mikey has a encounter with Gary Vanerchuk and Bells is his usual awesome self.

Have you heard of Google’s bikes? Well Producer Becky had an encounter with them and things happened. Good times. A listener submits an Or Game. Standing at rock shows gets …

Bells saw Guns N Roses in Vegas and gives us a review, we play a GNR Or Game, it's all Guns this week. Get in the ring!:

Guns and Roses. That’s what this episode is about. Guns and effing Roses. There’s an Or Game. Bells reviews the Guns and Roses Las Vegas Show as only he can. MUSIC BREAK: Guns N Roses l…

It's episode 200! *insert explosion noises here*
We play one long Or Game. That's sorta...that's it.

Yep. 200 episodes of Dorktown. It took almost 11 years but we are here. What does one do for their 200th episode? Well, we sure like to play Or Games, so why not have the whole episode an Or Game? …

WE. ARE. BACK. A new Dorktown today! Bells yells at Mikey, we review Star Wars: The Force Awakens (yep, even Becky went) and we talk about some of our favorite podcasts last year.

Our winter podcasting break is finally over! We begin 2016 with our review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Quite possibly the latest review of TFA on the Internet. Don't worry, if you're trying to...

Get Off My Podcast, our Harrison Ford podcast, has a new episode up this morning, breaking down The Force Awakens trailer. Let it in.

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Friday surprise with a new Dorktown! There's a new game and Mikey may just be too big of a Van Halen dork.

We have a new game to play this week...ok, so we kinda stole it from our game "For It Or AgainIt" but still it's, like, new. Over It or Into It gets debut! Plus, Mikey makes some people feel very u...

Tomorrow morning we begin International Podcast Day with Flowing and post podcasts throughout the day!

Dammit we do love podcasts around here. A little too much, I'm afraid (Ever take the long way home to finish listening to a episode?). So, of course we are all over International Podcast Day. This ...

More TV theme testing, a bathroom save from Bells, Metalachi and we play some Light Thieves! New Dorktown.

Time for a yell-and-listen show again. That is, you will be yelling at the lack of TV theme song recall Mikey and Becky have. Bells puts everyone through it again as we also start and new segment "...